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Pricing spellbooks

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Philanthropist, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. 'Allo,

    I recently finally GM'ed two of my scribes, so I decided I might make a scribe-goods vendor. Now I would really like some guidelines on what (roughly) are good sellers and at what price. I binned an Arachnid spellbook I made, figuring it was just trash. Then I noticed one on a vendor for 250k. Oops.

    For example would a:
    -FCR 2/FC 1 spellbook be worth anything on a vendor? Or a
    -4 mana increase, FC 1, LMC 6%?

    Is it even worth keeping the 2 mods spellbooks?

    I hope some of you can give me some hints 'n tips.
  2. The only crafted spellbook you'll probably be able to sell are really high-end one. So Super Slayers and the better 3-mod-books. For non-slayer books people like LRC or MR combined with casting mods.
    There are just too many decent artifact spellbooks, specially scrapper's, out there for crafted books to do well. You can pick up a plain scrapper's for as little as 200k so people probably won't be willing to pay much more for a non-slayer book.

    As for pricing Super Slayers, I haven't sold any in a long time so I'm not really up-to-date with prices. But as a rough guide:
    100-250k for Undead (less even probably thanks to the haven newbie quest)
    250-400k for Repond, Arachnid, Elemental
    500-750k for Reptile
    1mil-1.5mil for Deamon