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(Player News) Re-elect Ivy as Governor of Vesper!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Riyana, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Riyana

    Riyana Operations
    Administrator Moderator Professional Governor Wiki Moderator Campaign Patron

    Sep 14, 2012
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    Fellow citizens of the realm,

    I am pleased to announce my candidacy for re-election as the Governor of Vesper!

    The past three months have been both entertaining and educational for me. I have learned a great deal and I have made many new friends. I have enjoyed my tenure as Governor and I hope that I have met the expectations of my constituents.

    In my original campaign I made several promises, and I've found that some of them have been difficult to keep. There seemed to be almost no interest from the citizenry in voting on a trade agreement, so our contract with the Guild of Arcane Arts (+5% spell damage increase) remains in effect until and unless the citizens of Vesper indicate they would like it changed. Due to private donations, I have been able to keep this agreement in effect continuously. There similarly seemed to be little interest in town meetings, and I found that I did not have enough to report each week to justify weekly meetings at this time. There was also no real need to appoint emissaries to other cities.

    As promised, I negotiated a mutual defense pact with our neighboring city of Minoc. The full text of this agreement can be found on my desk in my governor's office (just over the western bridge from the Vesper bank) and in a publicly-accessible bookshelf in the Vesper Community Center, which a couple screens north of the Vesper Cemetery along the road. Vesper and Minoc have collaborated on nearly all of both of our events.

    On that topic, I have, as promised, conducted several events in Vesper (usually with the assistance of Governor Victor II of Minoc or whomever he sends in his stead). Notably, to date I have held two fishing contests, a robbery/murder solving event, and have been the driving force behind the establishment of the Vesper Auction (held the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 9pm EST). I plan to continue the fishing contests and hold a prisoner transfer event for the culprit from the robbery/murder, as well as continue the auction. The auction has, by far, been the most successful of these events.

    I petitioned King Blackthorn for a stable and town decorations in Vesper at the first Council Meeting. At the second Council Meeting the King stated that his architects were arguing over the stable, so that is still up in the air. However he also stated that he was sending royal gardeners out to Vesper and the other loyalty cities for beautification efforts. I had also requested a cleanup officer and a trash can by the bank, and the King seemed puzzled as to why they had not arrived, expressing concern that the officer may have gotten lost on the way.

    The King also indicated that each loyalty city would be building a governor's office in town, and we have turned in all the necessary supplies so we will have that to look for as well. (Until such time, I shall remain in the governor's office that I built myself.) I have not seen any improvements to the town yet but according to the King they are on their way!

    The King DID send Dockmaster Vincent, a somewhat rough but apparently quite competent fellow, to tow away the abandoned boats on the north and west sides of the Vesper docks. Local traders and fishers will be pleased to know that there is now a great deal more room to dock their vessels now.

    In summary, Vesper has been quite busy, and although I haven't been able to do everything I had hoped I think that I have contributed positively to the city and hope to continue doing so. If I am re-elected I pledge to continue petitioning the King for improvements to Vesper and to continue holding events to bring traffic and attention to our fine city. As always, I can be contacted via my mailbox or message board (at my governor's office), on ICQ at 123498286, or at [email protected].

    Thank you and see you at the polls!

    -Governor Ivy of Vesper
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  2. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit Stratics Legend
    Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter PITMUCK

    Dec 18, 2003
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  3. Sean

    Sean Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 10, 2003
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    You have my vote Governor Ivy, you've done a fantastic job and I will continue to support you.

    Se'an Silverfoot
    Marquis of Vesper
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  4. whiterabbit

    whiterabbit Stratics Legend
    Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Supporter Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter PITMUCK

    Dec 18, 2003
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