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Recent Mass Bannings?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Connor_Graham, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. A friend of mine told me yesterday that we'd recently had another round of mass bannings of script miners. I hadn't seen anything regarding this and wondered if either it just went right over my head or if anyone else had heard about it?
  2. I seems like it for me, I used to get lots of ingots off of scripters in fel but i haven't seen many since the release of SA. Maybe i'm lookin in the wrong places.
  3. Sarsmi

    Sarsmi Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 25, 2001
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    I've seen a few houses fall at weird times, which would indicate them either being condemned by the owner or the account being banned. There may be some stealth banning going on. One house in Fel Baja that is most likely a script miner is still up as of yesterday (did my idoc scouting then). The last couple times I was in Heartwood I didn't see anyone, but that's not so unusual for Baja maybe.
  4. onthefifty

    onthefifty Guest

    sa is out. halloween over, 12 th anniversary items done, thanksgiving in progress. next up is xmas. cheating is definately next on the agenda imho.

    the dev's have said it more than once. to be more effective i dont' think you will see it coming. it will most likely be a clandestine operation that will have the most effect.

    point is, i wouldn't be doing anything un ethical moving forward. the player base has had ample notice on this.
  5. Prince Erik

    Prince Erik Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 18, 2008
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    In my search for turkey nests on Chessy I did run across a house out in the middle of the jungle burning with a traitor effigy hanging in the rubble. That could have been from the last round though.

  6. Mitzlplik_SP

    Mitzlplik_SP Guest

    Ohhh goody goody! :stir: *waits for cries of innocence to flood Uhall*

    I hope they did start kickin some scripter assets. :flame:
  7. There are still a few recalling around on Origin. =/ They just might not be in their normal locations everywhere else.
  8. Nails

    Nails Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 15, 2004
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    false- I bet it was a particular group of pagers on a particular shard that were responsible.
  9. Busters

    Busters Guest

    The chances of people getting perma-banned for script mining now is pretty low from what i have seen, maybe a 24 hour ban or so, but the population of uo players is down, so with all the layoffs of workers for ea recently, they don't want to throw away money by banning peoples accounts
  10. Wrong. As of the latest information from the producer, the population is up.

    Also wrong about them not banning accounts for monetary reasons. They usually don't get paid for scripter accounts to begin with, so they're not really losing anything by banning them. Also, there would be quite a few ex-players that would return if the use of 3rd party programs was removed.
  11. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
    VIP Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Campaign Benefactor Alumni

    Oct 21, 2008
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    Well, the price of POF has certainly skyrocketed on Atlantic - it sells for nearly three times what it did pre-SA. Could be a sign.
  12. Nails

    Nails Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 15, 2004
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    That is because of imbuing and only because of imbuing., u need to powder up items before imbuing to get max life out of them.

    I hate to say it but I really do not believe more players will come back to uo than will leave. I just don't see that. I think it is a dream everyone in here holds on to.

    I know people are going to yell and disagree and that is fine but it just won't happen.

  13. And the world is flat.
  14. Viper09

    Viper09 Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
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    How do you know this? Or is this just a wild guess?

    But if more mass bannings are going on, awesome. Less scripters the better. :D
  15. Malador

    Malador Guest

    you are confused. free accounts have limits now specifically so scripters cannot use them effectivly. THey are probably paying for them with stolen game time coupons
  16. jbfortune

    jbfortune Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 3, 2008
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    Yeah, scripters must be thieves too!

    Just like people who use a speed hack are probably super quick terrorists.
  17. Yellow Beard

    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 30, 2009
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    Very cool!
  18. aarons6

    aarons6 Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
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    the scripters help this game out, if it wasnt for them you wouldnt beable to do anything.

    they way they have resources is a JOKE.
    want to make something that takes white pearls, go fish for a whole day to maybe get 3 or 4.
    want to make something that takes blue diamonds, go mine for a whole day to maybe get 3 or 4.
    want to make something that is made out of frostwood? heh, my lumberjacker has 12 boards :(

    i was trying to make a certain slayer spell book and i had to buy blank scrolls from the scripters... you cant even go purchase blank scrolls from npc vendors in a speedy fashion.

    if they ban all the scripters this game will be done in a month.

    plus not all recalling miners/jackers are scripting.. i have a nice EC macro that i made that recalls off certain runes, mines a few times and recalls somewhere else.. i just gotta push play and watch it run out. it even repeats 10 times..

    they surly cant ban everyone for using a client that they made..
  19. Nystul

    Nystul Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
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    All 4 of mine are still running around the clock.
  20. Tjalle

    Tjalle Grand Inquisitor
    Governor Stratics Veteran Campaign Supporter Gilfane

    May 12, 2008
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    DonĀ“t believe everything you read on the internet???

  21. ACB1961

    ACB1961 Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 8, 2008
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    I'd pass this by but its just not correct.

    Ok, it sucks to gain resources. Thats true enough...

    You can gain many more than 3-5 of the things you mentioned by actually playing all day.

    I've got a bunch a frostwood, but for me its useless. The trees are rare and the move around but you can find it. Also, when you find it log it til it goes away.

    There's a trick to buying scrolls. I have 110k-150k of them all the time. Sometimes I like to scribe. I NEVER buy stuff like that from anyone. You just have to get the scroll sellers to selling large amounts. It takes time that's all.
  22. Drawde2

    Drawde2 Guest

    Actually, some of the cheaters HAVE been proven to steal. Sony had a huge fine for the chargebacks on the stolen creditcards the platsellers in EQ used.

    And many of those were from the creditcards the buyers used to buy items from them.
  23. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    That's not cheaters they are called scammers. You know make a fake web site and get people information or sell things that don't exist.
    Dupers are not scripters. Scammers are not dupers, Honest people lie,Liers tell the truth, Not all jaywalkers kill, Honest players curse, Anti-cheaters cheat to catch cheaters, Not all killers rob, Not all robbers kill, Not all gang members are bad, Not all police is good, Church goers commit more sins than non church goers.

    Anyway point is nothing is black and white. A Scammer is completely different than a scripter and a scripter is completely different than a duper and a gold seller is completely different than all of them and a cheater is a very general category with many different levels of bad and good just like non cheater category will consider griefting a good thing even though it's against the rules or some in that category won't grief but will break every single language word not allowed in uo anyway.
  24. Drawde2

    Drawde2 Guest

    Many of the times the scripters are the sellers though. They script resources to get sell them for real money, or sell them for gold which they sell for real money.

    As for the scammers stealing creditcards, their companies are based outside of the U.S. where our laws can't get them. Multi-game companies that do provide what they offer, but still use illegal tactics, both in and out of game.
  25. Harlequin

    Harlequin Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008
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    Not jumping on you, but this part isn't true. I gather all my resources myself. I'm sure lots of other players do too. And without scripters supplying the market, most players will just turn to gathering the resources themselves.

    Granted, there'll be no more instant-gratification unless players stock up on resources when they have a chance.

    Yes, I can understand why people would prefer to play rather than spend time gathering resources. (I myself actually find mining and lumberjacking fulfilling) However, I think the devs realizes this issue and have begun to make improvements to this. Thus far, they have added alternate means of gathering alot of the resources.

    From the ones you listed:
    Blue diamonds and white pearls are made available from the pottery/tattered fragments/tome museum turn-ins. So players can spend their time hunting instead of gathering resources.

    Frostwood can be gathered from the tree stump reward.

    While neither are perfect yet since it's limited to either folks with SA or vets, it's a good beginning. Also, these methods might be less effective than actual
    gathering so as not to nerf that play-style.

    I would think a good improvement would be to increase the frequency/ease of gathering these resources, for both the traditional and alternate methods. It's a bit low imho.

    That's because you are looking for instant gratification from 1 single vendor. Unless you don't need time to search for a player vendor that stocks blank scrolls, the time you spent searching for a player vendor can be better used recalling around to buy from NPCs.

    I have several rune books to npc scroll vendors. Mages (several in each mage shop, top north corner of Luna has 3 more, trinsic hidden valley, ish gypsies), scribes (in libraries), architects (carpenter shops) all sell scrolls. First pass, recall to each to buy the first 20 scrolls, by the time you are done, you would have at least 500 scrolls and the vendors would have respawned with doubled to 40 scrolls.

    Do this a few more times, and you just need to stick with the first few that got their stock bumped to 999 (in fact, you'd be hard pressed to keep every vendor at 999).

    No need to use the forced spawn trick by selling a certain amount of scrolls to the NPCs.

    Firstly, there are far more legit players than scripters. If everyone scripted, who'd be buying resources from the scripters?

    Secondly, as I mentioned above, most players will turn to harvesting resources themselves.

    The folks most likely to quit will be the scripters.

    They definitely won't ban folks for using EC.

    However, being able to repeat something 10 times in the EC is not the same as being able to auto harvest resources infinitely. And more importantly, it doesn't excuse someone from being AFK when a GM shows up to ask questions.

    That feature in EC is a way to reduce the painful task of having to click numerous times to do a certain task. Abusing this feature to do AFK macroing requires specific intention (and other means, including paper-weight on keyboard) on the part of the player to achieve.
  26. UOKaiser

    UOKaiser Guest

    I can't argue with that though what I've seen most scripters arent sellers for cash. Most scripters just play the game and sell there wares to other players at a discount or on venders. Though the ones who do sell for money and actually make money from it usually do not even have a single scripter of there own.
    I'll explain.
    They do the basic of things it's simple anybody can do it.
    First use gold to buy all the resources they see at cheaper prices and make deals with many individual scripters and players and guilds that just sell there goods for gold. This is pure gold transaction no real money yet. Then when they have reliable sources and supply sell everything at real money value. Now as you can see from most working sites the real life money is about a dollar per mil. If they have enough customers to buy resources or gold at that price they have it made cause all they need to do is take the real money from those sales and buy gold at 50-40 cents per mil from individual players who are just trying to pay there subscriptions and upgrades or next month dsl-cable bill then use that same gold to buy more resources at gold prices then turn around and sell it at the dollar amount as well as selling any excess gold at dollar amounts. Rinse and reapeat.
    As you can see the goods for real money sellers never ever need to have not 1 scripter of there own let alone even play the game just enough to go in buy,trade,advertise and leave.
    Basic marketing. Hell if the dev don't get paid enough which there have being some in the past and gm's in cohoots they made a killing a long-long time ago during the golden days well thats the whisperes that were around. Have no idea now but well you know.