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Return to Vanadiel (Phoenix Server) Looking for New players

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by Zimmeth, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Zimmeth

    Zimmeth Guest

    Hi there, My wife and I just quit WoW for good, not that challenging anymore. We ran a guild there successfully for 2 yrs, upto when Burning Crusade started and ended.

    I played FFXI since the release of the PS2, but quit late 2004. Haven't played this game for 5 years now, and would like to start over again with my wife. and hopefully some new friends.

    We plan to establish a "Return to Vanadiel Boot Camp" Linkshell, where players can take their time relearning the ropes, and help each other out. Rediscover Vanadiel thru the eyes of newbie players is what we are looking for. We wish to make a linkshell where a group of new players can experience the game on their own time, no rush, and level up together until we are able to fully grasp the new FFXI.

    We invite all like minded players who wish to play again, but intimidated upon relearning the old and new stuff this game has to offer.

    We will have a website soon where we can organize our schedules, where we can do quests, party groupings, etc.

    Please send me a whisper if you are interested on joining us.

    Server: Phoenix
    Character name: Shinro
    Usually online: 10am thru 9pm EST

    Shinro (75pld/37WAR)
  2. Hoeya

    Hoeya Guest

    Howdy, I just restarted my character... I'm playing on Pheonix. Send me a message. Haume is the name.
  3. Zimmeth

    Zimmeth Guest

    Hi there, will definitely send you an invite to our small LS. I will be online during most of today (04/02). See you there. =)
  4. Zimmeth

    Zimmeth Guest

    Bump! Still looking for players, we have about 10+ people now, still going strong. Made our LS only group in Dunes and Korroloka Tunnel. Hopefully more players will join so we can make multiple LS only groups.

    Our site is now active, its only a web forum but it gets the job done. Traffic is still new since we are only barely over a week old.

    URL: http://www.return-to-vanadiel.com
  5. Zimmeth

    Zimmeth Guest

    Hi there, thank you for the interest! We are still accepting new players. However, we now have two very simple requirements before we give out a linkpearl.

    1.) Please register to our main site (http://www.return-to-vanadiel.com), and make an introductory post about yourself.

    2.) Please read the forum topic "Grouping Etiquette"

    Once those two are met, we will trade you our linkpearl.

    Look for Shinro or any of our sackholders:

    -Theophania, Tiffalea, Opodopo, Tivonna

    Thanks, and see you in-game!

    (Phoenix Server)
  6. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Cool. Nice to see people doing stuff like this on these forums. :thumbsup:

    75 NIN, 75 THF, 75 BLM, 75 RDM, 68 WHM, 63 WAR, 63 BLU, 53 PLD, every other job at 37. (Semi-retired).
  7. Onewing

    Onewing Guest

    "Usually online: 10am thru 9pm EST"

    You're usually online nearly 12 hours a day? I am amazed that you can do that.

    This whole thing sounds incredibly tempting to me. Even though I'm the ME here, I can't find more than three hours a month to play the game, so even though I've had it since 2004, I'm just as much a n00b as brand new players. Every LS I've joined disbands sometime during the weeks I go without playing. Unfortunately, I'm at a point where I need help to finish the quests (the tower on Qufim island). Maybe if I had actual scheduled times to play with other people, I'd be more successful at progressing.
  8. Diomedes Artega

    Diomedes Artega Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 9, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Yeah. That is the thing though. Well...even if you have a dedicated friend list with a few people who actually log on more than well (the time period you mentioned), you will be good to go. I completed many difficult quests and missions having just a couple dedicated friends.