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Returning to UO

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Godspeed1s, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Godspeed1s

    Godspeed1s Visitor

    Apr 16, 2014
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    hey guys,

    classic I've returned to UO post. Played with the game way back in the day and reactivated my account. anyways! looking for some guild info, want to hop back in it and do some fun PVE things! let met know
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  2. Captn Norrington

    Captn Norrington Stratics Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Campaign Supporter

    Nov 4, 2012
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    My guild would be happy to have you with us if you are interested, guilds name is Knights Of The Valorian Order [*VK*] PVE guild, with a small PVP section, 5 allied guilds, we are part of Trinsic for roleplay purposes. we have many veteran players that would love helping you have fun in UO again :) my ICQ is 678566021.