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Score system off a bit...

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by sapphirediablo11, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. It was strange, TB just lost another town (boo!) and so TB tried to take it back from CoM, but there was only two people on for both sides :| on each side 0 score member, and (i) 15 score, and whatever the other guy was, (he ran away so not really part of this) So the new guy charged in foolishly, and luckily they didn't plan any defense :| so i helped out, and we killed the other new player who was 3 screens ahead of his buddy that ran away. I didn't get a point, but the new guy's Punkte and had 3 :| this just a glitch or something or has things changed or am i going mad :|

    (side story)
    after we had stable control of the area, i rezed the guy, and asked him to show score or i would kill him. (i never rez kill but it scares people :|) and he had 0, so we let him run off, and SL came over with 9 people and destroyed us :(

    Sorry about... bad grammar, and jumpyness just quickly typing to get back to game faster :\
  2. Sir Kenga

    Sir Kenga Guest

    How did u rezz other faction guy?
  3. That good sir is a mistake on my part, for not adding that (woops) (alsohow i found out about our stone gone hehe), Stealther on second acct. stealth.hidin.heal.anat.ninjitsu.detectHiden.tracking, usefully useless :| but helpful for seeing things, yea popped out (realizing now, i could have easily died then now... but i didn't :D but did when i was on later :( ) Rezed hid, switch acct. all was good except the guy's (i think hes a she, but they've never said anything and don't have vent so its he, as a shorter word) point was 3 not 1, or 0 :| hrmmm hrmmm but now its 0 again, :| must ov' been a glitch X|