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Selling IRS CC HOM & More Arties Plus Bulk Boards & Ingots! Must C!!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior Trade' started by Flats, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Flats

    Flats Guest

    Hiyas Im Selling The Following:

    IRs 28M
    CC Blessed 16.5M
    HOM 13M
    Midnight Bracers 2.7
    Ring Of Ele 900K
    Braclet Of Health 500K
    Tome Of Enlightment 500K
    Vesper Choas Shield 1/2 Casting 2.5M x2
    Cursed Orny 700K
    60K Boards @ 1M x7 Deeds
    60K Bronze Ingots @ 1.2M
    Golden Robe 800K
    Spell Woven Britches 800K
    Peerless Ingredients
    115 PS
    110 PS

    Q Me @ 247995651
    Or PM Me Here With Ur Q #!