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Selling Lots Of Items...Quitting UO

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Trade' started by dsimpson, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. dsimpson

    dsimpson Guest

    Updates are made, check to see what has been sold!
    something is different on the list!

    Ethy clothes sold, Clainin's book sold, vet clothes sold, shields sold, dreadmare sold, cu's sold, still left are these items...always negotiable...340-493-098
    Fel 16x13 2 screens NW of Yew Gate - 75m (will take a day or so to clear the home of items/stuff!!!)

    A Jester Hat Sewn By Tommy Hilfiger (title all in yellow) - 15m

    Mage Ring +14, 20ep, 1fc, 5lmc, 8energy resist - 45m
    Dexxer - Brac - 25ep, 11hci,10dci, 17dmg - 50m
    Dexxer - ring - 25ep, 11hci, 19dmg - 30m
    Dexxer - ring - +7vet, 50ep, 9hci,9dci - 20m

    Mage Wep (with Neg) -21, spl chnling, 48 magic arrow, 60 ML, 14dci, 40dmg, ubws - 20m (leafblade)
    Archer - Composite Bow - balanced, 28lightning, 13hci, 30ssi, 40dmg - 20m
    Archer - Composite Bow - balanced, 35 velocity, 40ssi, 40dmg - 35m
    Hatchet - 48 Harm, 46hld, 13hci, 13dci, no dmg - ai/disarm not needed - 45m
    Bokuto - 42 Lightning, 40hld, 26mana leech, 5hci, 45dmg, ubws - 50m
    No-Dachi - 42 Lightning, reptile slayer, 13hci, 15dci, 30ssi, 40dmg - 75m

    Blaze Pickaxe - 13m

    Armor: - all armor is medable
    Dexxer/ Stam Suit Mempo (metal) - 8 stam inc, 7lmc, Resists are 27/21/6/23/4 - 50m
    Mage Leather Legs - 4mana inc, 2mr, 7lmc, 19lrc, resists are 7/22/7/7/10 - 20m

    All Items are negotiable, icq is 340-493-098 - very busy, so give me time to respond...usually late evenings 9pm est or later...