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Selling rares inside.. updated. Bidding ends in 24 hrs.

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by vindicatus, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest

    items located on sonoma.

    ICQ is 471243064

    1) "A Ship Claim Ticket" - 10m Sarsmi

    2) "Order of the Serpent Shield" - SOLD

    3) "An Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak" (Blessed) (green shroud) - SOLD

    4) "Dragon Bone Earrings" - SOLD

    5) Old strength potion (all red bottle) - 1m Techthys

    6) Iron Ingots (looks like gold bricks reversed) - 50m Sarsmi

    7) "Bottles of Ale" (4 bottle cluster) - SOLD

    8) "Wood Curls" - 20m

    9) Royal Guard Bow - SOLD

    10) Book (open) - SOLD

    11) Europa Gold Robe (with Exceptional tag) - SOLD

    12) Old necro reagent set - SOLD

    13) "Playing Cards" - SOLD
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    2) "Order of the Serpent Shield" - I sold one at the begining of the year for 40m, which could have been a fluke, but its still a unique color wearable event rare, so if I ever had another I'ld shoot for the 30-40 range again, but thats just me

    3) "An Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak" (Blessed) (green shroud) - The past few I've seen for sale have been about 250-350m, you could possibly get more as it is a unique colored shroud with a mod.

    4) "Dragon Bone Earrings" - Depending on color about 45-75m(grey lower, white higher)
  4. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest

    ok sounds good.. thought 12 seemed a little low for the shield.. maybe it is that cheap though. have a few more to add. also, the earrings are the darker gray if anyone is interested.


    Royal Guard Bow
    Wood Curls

    edit: oh okay my mistake.

    selling. icq me.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thats just what ships are named. Like, if you rename your ship to "of the damned" it will display when its mini-sized to "A ship of the damned". Tho you probably can't name something with damn in the title. But you get the point.

    Those iron ingots are tempting me. I'll have to think on it.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'll start off the bidding I suppose with the following

    Wood Curls - 10m DVI
    Oak Leaf Cloak - 100m DVI
    Iron Ingots - 5m DVI
  7. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest

    "An Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak" is in fact a shroud. it is the dark green.


    thanks for your interest.

    also guys, i am looking to sell these things asap. icq me and we can work a deal then arrange shard meeting.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    hehe yea i looked into it and realized that i got confused, thats why i deleted the content of the post, [​IMG]
  9. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest

    gonna go ahead and set some buyouts.
    gold is gold or equiv in easily sellable trades ; barbed kits, xfer tokens and such unless you give gold upfront.

    Embroidered Oak Leaf Shroud - 300m
    dragon bone earrings (light gray) - 45m
    order of the serpent shield - 30m

    offers on the rest.

    would take beard cream also as a part of trade or evil-type decor.. (skull mugs, blood tiles, etc)
  10. $ebu

    $ebu Guest

    HI i got some stuff for trade (evil-type)
    if interested icq me please or write me a pm
    155022314 (icq)

  11. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest


    will take 250 for the oak leaf and any good offers on the rest. need gold to sell off and pay some bills. thanks.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ok, I think I want those ingots, despite my need to save up for rubble. I'll offer 40m for em.
  13. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest

    post updated. please pm icq if you have an offer so i can contact you if willing to sell. thanks.
  14. wood curls 15 million--- not kidding please do not sell without me out bidding them
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I really don't know what ship claim tickets go for, so I'm just gonna offer 10m on that item.
  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'll offer 17 for wood curls
  17. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest

    Would like to end bids on these within the next 24 hrs if possible. ICQ or PM offers. thx.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    50 for iron ingots
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Is it over? Did I win the ingots and ship claim ticket then?
  20. ProZac

    ProZac Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 21, 2003
    Likes Received:
    If you're still taking bids...

    Put me down for 25 on the dragon bone earrings and 20 on the wood curls.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I will give 5 mill for the Europa Gold Robe as well
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your not responding via icq Vindicatus. 7mill on Europa Gold Robe.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    if bids are still being accepted, ild like to make the following. Thanks! [​IMG]

    4) "Dragon Bone Earrings" - 20m

    8) "Wood Curls" - 20m

    9) Royal Guard Bow - 20m

    11) Europa Gold Robe (with Exceptional tag - NOT blessed) 10m

    12) Old necro reagent set - 20m
  24. vindicatus

    vindicatus Guest


    sorry been in and out a lot today.

    items were moved to great lakes since i went there to sell some other stuff.

    will stop accepting bids in 4 hours.
  25. ProZac

    ProZac Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 21, 2003
    Likes Received:
    15 on Europa Robe! [​IMG]
  26. Techthys

    Techthys Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 27, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1 million on red strength potion!
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    11) Europa Gold Robe (with Exceptional tag - NOT blessed) 17m
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guess the auction did not close yet.