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Shame to Love and Hate

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Green Mouser, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Green Mouser

    Green Mouser Guest

    Love, having to fight the Troll to pass to next areas.

    Hate, I rezz'd another player but they couldnt get to their body until I killed the Troll to open access for him. SO it really sux if you die solo.

    Love, More importance for Sacrifice Virtue (because of the above)

    Tip: If you don't have a Elemental Slayer, get one!

    Love the Gazer Upgrade!

    Love and Hate the item possibilities

    Will hate Griefers dragging and invizing. These critters lock on and want to go home with you

    Love the Evil Mages upgrade....you will respect their authority!

    What do you love or hate about the new Shame?
  2. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    what did they do to Gazers?
  3. pgib

    pgib Guest

    They built a new gazer that is, well a 7k gazer with more than legendary skill and very high resistances, something like a paragon elder gazer on steroids.

    A kind of "warning" set on the passage from level 3 to level 4 (where the big troubles are).
  4. Trebr Drab

    Trebr Drab Guest

    Hate: Industry standard level grind and set-in-stone run the course game play.

    How long before this gets old?

    Love: UO lore and story that we don't get to play.

    Hate: Game developers
    Love: World developers (if you can find any these days).
  5. Green Mouser

    Green Mouser Guest

    Sorry, Eternal Gazer definitely a step up from Elder
  6. pgib

    pgib Guest

    This is a total tangent but i was thinking exactly the same last night: where did the lore go? And i'm not talking about a big shard-wide story, just the "little things" than in a land vast as our should happen. How's cove going, with that nasty orc fort so close to it? What are the lizardmen of humility doing there? Where are the people that used to dwell in the now desert northern part of Nujelm? It's a big empty box, how sad.
  7. Trebr Drab

    Trebr Drab Guest

    Yep. I'll be checking our Shame to see if anything is hidden content for meaningful mysteries, whatever. But I don't expect to find anything. And really, the only reason I'm still here is because every other game is worse. And I guess there's always that "hope" thing floating around.

    But jeeze, there is sooo much that could be done to make this world interesting and exciting in an on-running way, about "story" and mystery.
  8. Sevin0oo0

    Sevin0oo0 Guest

    Thanks Green Mouser. because I seriously doubt I'll be going past 2 anymore, what's Blood's like now?
    did they spam the mobs or is that part still normal?
    So no more recall in to lower levels?
  9. pgib

    pgib Guest

    I just checked and you can both mark and recall throughout the dungeon. A nice thing because if you're on foot (tamer anyone) getting past all the mobs to reach the lowest levels would be a total pain.