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Sosarian New Years' Bash 01-07-12

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic Events' started by Lucky Jack of Spades, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. It's that time of year again with family, friends, and the coming of Christmas and the New Years. We will be closed during the Holidays and will reopen 01-07-12 and welcome the New Years, with a great big party at The Golden Fang. This Bash will include the Grand Opening of The Golden Fang's Night Club and Museum. We will also be Giving away 45 million in gold raffles and prizes. Grand Prize 10 million gold, 2nd prize 5 million gold, 3rd place 3.5 million in gold and 10 more winning raffles at 1 million gold each. There will also be a Super Grand Prize for those who stick around at Midnight to celebrate the countdown. It is a mystery what this prize will be, but is rumored at being worth over 15 million gold. All the people who walk in door will receive a Mirnova Fireworks Wand and a raffle book. Only 40 of these books will be given out and their will be 14 raffle winners. Very good odds indeed. The Night Club will also be performing a 30 minute show in the Medusa Room stage. What a way to break in the New Year. So come on down to the Golden Fang for a New Years Bash to remember.

    Golden Fang Nightclub Preview!
    The first floor features a museum of rares that are sure to impress any collector. Also a House Teleporter to the Casino.
    The Bar offers fine dining and a wide drink selection. Also ask about our limited edition collectables that come with every meal. You can also see Ace's office filled with yet another collection of priceless rares.
    The Nightclub features a stage full of entertaining acts and comedy. Seating and dance floor are offered for a relaxing evening. Ever get the message "you are overweight and cannot move"? Then dropping some items in one of our fully functional bathrooms.
    The High Roller Garden Features the statues of high rollers when space is limited in The High Roller Room at the casino.


    The Golden Fang Casino will be closed for the Holiday break to give our dealers time to spend with their families. We hope you too have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. The Slots will be open 24/7 so you can still get your gambling fix on.

    Casino Holiday Hours:
    17 Dec 11 - Closed
    24 Dec 11 - Closed
    31 Dec 11 - Closed
    07 Jan 12 - OPEN (New Years Bash!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.