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Template Advice?

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by rock909, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. rock909

    rock909 Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    So this thief will be mainly for champ spawns and artifacts. I want maybe a little offensive but not much...

    So far:

    Hiding 100
    Stealing 100 (I need a powerscroll, cant afford it yet)
    Tracking 100
    Stealth 75.0 (Should I raise?)
    Ninjitsu 68.0 (Wow this is a pain to raise..)
    Focus 100 (just for now)

    Question for healing I am assuming the most versatile skill will be going magery?

    For a fun template do you all think I can fit maybe music and provo for a crazy fun dungeon thief?
  2. Cruxshadow

    Cruxshadow Guest

    will this be for siege or prodo? if all you plan on doing is hitting up spawns and dungeons, i would do:

    hide stealth snoop steal (if your on prodo you can gear up and save alot of skill points)
    magery (for travel, spells and mage wep)
    then if you wanted to do the dungeon thing you could throw on music and provo.
    if you save enough skill points from items, you could throw on med or eval too. (my prodo thief had like 840 skill points because of items.

    with this temp, you wont be hell on wheels or anything, but you will definitely be able to kill and afker or some noobs haha.

    also, if you are human, you can use JOAT and go into wraith form for spawns.

    i wouldnt use tracking like you planned (if your going to a spawn, the spawners probably wont be hidden if they are working spawn, unless they are stealth tamers, and even they pop out eventualy, so it would be a waste of alot of points. plus you can use JOAT tracking if you just want to keep tabs on someone running around)

    ninjistu is a ***** to raise. just jewl up to 80 and start ki attacking mirror images (or death strike, but Ki is cheaper on mana). then once you hit 80 real, drop the jewls and death/ki strike up to 105 or 110 (for reliable llama form)

    This temp should suit you pretty well for what your looking to do.
  3. rock909

    rock909 Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 17, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This will be on Atlantic. I am not human so i was using tracking for the death strike damage but I think ill drop tracking and do magery, music and provo..

    I am torn on snooping... Can you really group steal effectively? I am assuming people doing spawns will reveal or use tracking??
  4. Cruxshadow

    Cruxshadow Guest

    dont assume people are smarter than they really are. some people might do this, but usually it will not be the case. if you just do random steal, with no snooping, why even bother going to spawns? if an artifact does drop your chances of getting it without snoop is so slim. if you want to get around the spawn without being revealed, either shadow jump (but beware, they can see the poof), try wraith form to negate them bumping into you and getting the message (not sure if you can shadow in wrait, but i think you can. the downside to wraith is the speed, or lack thereof). also, when i was playin prodo, the best thing i could do to try to not be revealed, was sneak up to them from behind. Im not sure, but i think there is some kind of forward and periferal radius to passive reveal, becuase when i would sneak up behind someone, i hardley ever got revealed. usually when i was snooping someone i pretty much has a horse ass in my face the whole time. but as for snooping, i kow atleast one guy who goes without it (more for RP i think), but i have yet to hear any success stories from it.

    also, i myself prefer being a human because of the JOAT benefits. but i do know that as an elf, you are alot harder to track. but since your on prodo, i dont think anyone actually uses tracking there. (maybe factioneers.... i dunno)

    anyways, hope this helps.
  5. I go to steal something, that is all I am there to do. A thief is a poor fighter at best.

    Stealing..................120 Jeweled
    Stealth....................120 Jeweled
    Magery...................100 Mostly to cast invisibility.
    Snoop.....................100 I don't want to fail a snoop.
    Ninja.......................75 For smoke. Almost impossible to raise without a weapons skill. Use fencing and dagger then stone it off. Then dump the points.
    Chivalry....................50 When I die and get rezed. To close wound, and sacred journey.
    Focus......................50 Not for casting damage. Just for after a death.

    I am an elf to not get revealed. Even close to a detective.

    Things in the dungeons are 10 stones. To consistently take them first time. You want at least 115. No need stand next to a wolf spider and keep trying to take something.