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Template Whining

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Stealth Caster, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. As I stated in my previous thread I would discuss templates and the whining asscociated with them. I notice that it seems at least once a week there is a fight between KOC and someone and then you will find posts out here about someone (usually) KOC whining about how this group of people plays this style with this type of template and how they are so inferior because of it. What a joke!

    The way I see it is that Siege is a war zone. You have to watch your back at all times. So if it is a war zone then almost anything goes. I definitely don't see any rules of engagement being followed by anyone. So with that said in a "War Zone" you are always trying to gain an advantage on your enemy (KOC Forever!) If that means playing as a Stealth Tamer, or ninja or archer then so be it. If that is a strong template to play then I guess you need to figure out a way around it. I mean KOC usually will win most battles by there numbers and the fact they seem to be very well organized (Yea I hate giving them a compliment but it seems to be true).

    So it is ridiculous to whine about this style or that style or you are better because you play with this style. It is a War Zone! Hell if I could build a nuclear bomb I would and destroy all of KOC domiciles. Who cares as long as you win the war right?

    Now I feel like the best template to start off with is with a tamer/stealther so that is what I did. And in 1 week I will have my cu bonded and I will be able to do some battling I feel. Now I do think that a cu is a great PvM pet but not so good at Pking, I will learn. Actually I have been working on numerous templates this is just the 1st one I am completing for battle.

    So just build your template and play the game and somedays you will be the best and others you will not. Just good luck and have fun.
  2. I remember when I first came to siege years ago. I was always a pvper on atl but i was really impressed with the pvpers on siege. Not with there abilities but the mind set. They really just want to fight against the best out there. They want to be challenged. After all why practice day in and day out to fight someone who cant heal thru a simple mana dump. Well this simple mindset has managed to stick with us thru the years and frankly thats why they complain about the stealth dismount tamer. Sure its a great template to up and smoke someone but its not PvP. If we wanted to fight you AND your pets, well frankly thats more PvM if you ask me. People will talk about respect and earning or giving respect but none will ever be given to someone who is to afraid to stand on a field in plain sight and is willing to take the shot and test themselves. So I hope in your list of templates your considering making one that can earn you a name for yourself and not the kind of name earned by being a cowardly stealth tamer. just my 2cents
  3. In fact I do. But if you just want to see who is the best by being in plain sight and yada yada yada. Why not just create a noob character, we have the same skills and everything and fight? If you want to see who is the best that would say I guess who the best pvper is I suppose. But what do you want to see who is the best at? Creating a template and playing that template well? That is what I think it is. I guess if you create a template that cannot defend against pets then your template has weaknessess that are exposed.

    If that was the case lets all just be warriors and see who can hack em the best.
  4. Weakness no no, it doesnt take much to occupy a pet, para field, trap it on the corner of a house, EV, or heck why not a slayer talisman and just merc it. My favorite is when are mages run Music/Peace.The trouble with your template is when you up and run the hell away when this happens because without your pets you have how did you say a weakness. And again this situation becomes PvM not PvP. If i wanted to drop pets i would continue to farm leather.
  5. Lorddog

    Lorddog Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 25, 2004
    Likes Received:
    It's not this style or that style that is better...

    Be like water, my friend. go with the flow.

    ~Bruce Lee
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    As annoying as it is to be dismount-pet ganked, it is something that can be defended against. I've now got my discord/peace tamer almost fully trained and seem to be on several tamer's "target first" list!

    I'm also joining the crowd by making yet another dismounter.

    So, we are, indeed, adapting - in spite of the noise on these rather raucous boards
  7. Lord_Puffy

    Lord_Puffy Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 9, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Ninjitsu 57.2 57.2 +( 1.2)

    my tamers done in 5 days [​IMG] pets ar4e trained...

    count in daniel nym and kage [​IMG] well be playing stealth tamers in luna goodluck...
  8. Noc

    Noc Guest


    Ninjitsu 57.2 57.2 +( 1.2)

    my tamers done in 5 days [​IMG] pets ar4e trained...

    count in daniel nym and kage [​IMG] well be playing stealth tamers in luna goodluck...

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Cool, then I should be safe in Umbra.... [​IMG]
  9. Verum Julos

    Verum Julos Visitor

    Nov 15, 2007
    Likes Received:
    so thats kinda like an infantry man looking at the tank going no im not gona fight that i wana solo fist fight this guy over here in the middle of a battle field you mind if the tank sits there and doesnt help.

    funny that a new person can figure this all out while the veterans sit around and pancake about it hoping a developer is listening

    when we all know the developers could give two squirts a piss about this game or any of us .

    and as ive said in the past pets are a tactic to be used just like tanks and artillery are used on the battle field to win a war .

    its kinda like in the movie "a few good soldiers "remember when the infantry unit gets stranded and they call the artilley in to shell the enemy lines so they can stay alive
    i dont remember thier enemy going hey could you stop the artilley its not fair and over powered we dont like it it kills us to quick and we dont get a chance to fight

    of course im sure they probably would have if they werent in a thousand pieces across the jungle but thats beside the point

    everyone runs , everyone dies , no one is immune to it

    just remember this is siege perilous. what are the definitions of those two words? if you dont know by now then you need to leave the shard .
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yup mine is almost done 2 days tops it will be playable
  11. <blockquote><hr>

    yup mine is almost done 2 days tops it will be playable

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Hey ... I already got my two tanks skilled out... just waiting for orders General Puffy...
  12. Now that is some funny stuff. Nice one Verum.
  13. Sir Ha-ward

    Sir Ha-ward Guest

    Whats even funnier is that tomorrow hell be pancakes about templates
  14. So you koc are really gonna run a bunch of stealth tamers?
  15. it... says.. dante and storm.. in the sig.
  16. I know what it sais, Now who are you?
    that i need to answer anything from you?
    Im asking somebody else something, not you. Make a new post if you want any info about anything...
    Now like i said who are You?---nobody!

    Cupcake Out!
  17. Sorry caster, not trying to get your post spammmed by useless and mindless info, i was still curious, what guild your in and if your new to Siege and who your allied with,
    Sry lets try this again!

    Curious Cupcakes 4 U!
  18. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest


    just remember this is siege perilous. what are the definitions of those two words? if you dont know by now then you need to leave the shard .

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Seems you have a little difficulty remembering the definition of those words everytime you die and log out on the spot! lmao Thanks for the laughs! [​IMG]
  19. <blockquote><hr>


    just remember this is siege perilous. what are the definitions of those two words? if you dont know by now then you need to leave the shard .

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Seems you have a little difficulty remembering the definition of those words everytime you die and log out on the spot! lmao Thanks for the laughs! [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    All I know is I cringe everytime I hear someone talk about someone else needing to leave the shard... for what ever reason...

    We are in too bad of shape to have this kind of talk... Go ahead and pancake/whine... wuahhaha... about what you all don't like but everyone stay so we can still have game...
  20. Sir Ha-ward

    Sir Ha-ward Guest


    no haha sorry your wrong again as usual figured you would be used to that by now

    see i wasnt ever pancakes about beetles or dismounters

    that was you guys that complained like you all needed tampons

    beetles are over powered i think everyone knows that , thats why everyone uses them .

    ohh but hey the tamers you were pancakes about so much who were they ohh thats right i remember that "dyno" and "beowulf" was it ? yea they use DRAGONS

    i was simply showing all of you just like vmp showed us what works best as a group to kill people that never stop running or that can somehow run faster than everyone on the shard .

    use the beetles and dismounters so everyone can cry about you , here ill make it easier .

    we wont interfere with you and tna fighting go at it i wana see the boards after your two groups gets done fighting

    youll all be calling for the devs to remove stealth,taming,vet,lore,archery,tactics,ninjitsu,bushido,detect,swords,macing,
    hiding, and whatever else i forgot to mention becouse its just to overpowered and you dont get a chance to fight

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I dunno there buddy, seems like every post you make you got a lil bit of sand in your vaggy, ah well. Just curious though can you see anywhere where i ever complained about a template? ah i didnt think so, though you will prolly find where i repeatedly called your guild cowards lol, but hey its whatever you guys wanna play though right? Without you losers there would be no winners.
  21. Oh and my in game name is Snoop Dog.
  22. Who are u allied with and running with right now/
    U dont mind me asking, or you guys just running as a solo guild?
  23. Yea we are looking to ally with someone just dont know yet as to who. Who are you associated with?
  24. Just ask anyone on Siege and they will tell ya......LOL

    Cupcakes 4 U BaBy!
  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    He is in fellowship of Vengance (FOV) as am I. My in game name is as on here Dr.House, we are not officially in any alliances yet but in the works. As far as who that is I will share when it is official to do so now could possibly lead to incorrect information.
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