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Testing the waters..... [Story]

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Cadsuane Sedai, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. Cadsuane Sedai

    Cadsuane Sedai Journeyman
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    Dec 16, 2002
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    *Anya looked around at the gather gypsies and then frowned at the campfire*
    " our people have suffered at the hands of the coward king far too long. Too many of our people have been burned on the pyres or law broken in our healers care." *She looked around at the gathered women nodding their agreement* "It is time we took action." *Anya removed the rolled cloth from her sack unrolling it on the ground in front of her* All the ingredients were present. *The matrons nodded their approval* Seeing the ingredients, they knew her plan.

    " We are all agreed then, it begins tonight." A few things would be tested against this would be king. The gypsies sorrow and anger fed the curse as they worked the selected ingredients into a powder. *Anya placed the black leather bags to the side of the cloth* Her anger was hot and fresh as the news her brother had yet to be found. *When he was located the ones responsible for his where a bouts would pay dearly. Not unlike the so called prophet she thought* The curse was a simple one Casca would find no rest or solace. His food would turn to ash in his mouth. No drink would quench his thirst. No sleep would refresh him. he would be walking misery.

    Only after they finished the bags were filled with the mixed powders, imbued stones and the herbs entwined around twigs from a reaper. When the bags were tied with the intestines of a boar and layed back on the cloth did the nightingale sing once more.
    *Anya took the little bags and put them into her sack nodding to the rest she saddled her llama and mounted* " I shall take them myself and bury them where they will serve our purpose." One of the old ones stood. "Are you sure little Mashiara? Some of the others could do it.." *Anya looked annoyed at the old woman* "Don't call me that!.." Her glare disappeared and a look of defiance took it's place. " I will risk no one else." The old woman's hands went to her hips. " Listen here young one like it or not you are your fathers daughter! It is you and your brothers path to lead and we to follow. With Velkin missing you are even more precious... and not to big to escape my switch." The old woman sighed and her anger was replaced with frustration. " Be careful little one. Damn that mothers spirit if it wern't for her memory i'd tan yer hide! Now off wit ye, and return as soon as you can!"

    Anya smiles at the gathering and whispered to her mount. They raced across the wilderness to the nearest moongate and headed for brittain. Once there she crept to the castle and burried the bags in many locations. They were tuned to Casca so that none other would suffer but him. She buried the last one behind the storage building that housed casca's private stores. Admiring a job well done she snuck from the castle and back to the camp as fast as the little llama could go.

    It was up to the spirits now....
  2. VERAL

    VERAL Adventurer
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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Very nice, I hope caca, feels it for years...(name spelled wrong on prupose)