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The Baronship Of Cove Is Recruiting

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by davehibb, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    *A poster flutters in the wind...*

    Greetings to you! Looking for a life filled with action, adventure, danger, glory, and riches? Well read on, for the Baronship of Cove is looking for men and women to settle the harsh lands around its kingdom!

    Will you join the mysterious band of warriors known as "The Company" that has been formed by the remnants of the Grand Covian Army?

    Perhaps you are better suited to life in the citizenry crafting and selling your wares. Or do you have a darker side and wish to lead the life of a criminal in one of Cove's notorious gangs such as "The Hats".

    Does the simple life of an Avatarian churchman appeal to you or the evil ways of the orc and undead?

    OOC: The Baronship of Cove is one of the oldest and largest roleplaying guilds on the Europa shard, featuring numerous positions to meet everyone's style of roleplay and experience level! Whether you're a roleplay veteran, or a first timer, everyone is invited to join the experience that is BoC!

    Want to know more? Visit our tome at The Baronship Of Cove

    Or contact:
    205754768 - Raiden Morana, Commander
    236058634 - Hoagie, Mercenary Sergeant
    AIM: XxWarbringerxX - Linaeus, Gang Boss
    284852959 - Marcus Kobra, Officer Cadet
    322174899 - Kelly Valentine, Mercenary Sergeant
    284429275 - Octiovus, Baron

    Read on for further information regarding the Company, the Citizenry, the Criminals, the Church and the Evil Races that make up the Baronship of Cove.

    Let the Adventure begin...
  2. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    The Company.

    The Company is a highly trained, highly disciplined, specialised mercenary unit made up from the remnants of the Grand Covian Army and those warriors from around the lands who seek to leave their pasts behind.

    The Company performs a variety of duties, including bounty hunting, training local militias, assassinations, raids, kidnapping, patrolling and honour guarding. Whether the employer is an individual, organisation or town, as long as the money is there, chances are The Company is up for the job.

    However The Company fights with honour and bravery, it is not a collection of brigands and sell-swords. If you have a problem with roaming orcs, bandits or undead, or perhaps that bully who covets your daughter or unscrupulous landlord looking to turf your family out onto the streets, we're for hire, for the right price.

    Though if you think you can send us on a suicide mission or trick us into attacking a peaceful settlement then think again. You might just wake up dead yourself.


    The Company is fiercely loyal to it's Commander and each member treats their fellows as a brother irrespective or personal likes or dislikes. The Company's patron is Baron Octiovus and the free town of Cove is it's home. When not away on jobs The Company's mercenaries can be seen patrolling or posting sentries around the town to keep it's inhabitants free from harm or training to hone their skills and teamwork.

    When off duty the mercenaries are usually shooting dice and relaxing in the Memorial Square or blowing off some steam at the Green Goblin tavern. The Company works hard but likes to play hard too.

    Company members come in all shapes and sizes, from the hard nosed to the mysterious. Although the typical mercenary is indifferent to fighting, he or she is not evil. They'll gladly fight and defend their employer but will not actively seek a conflict to become involved in.

    The Company will not ally itself with any dark powers or evil races (Undead or orcs, etc.). Cove is an Avatarian town after all. The Company's mercenaries will fight for gold, but not when it's obvious that they are being employed by a darker power. They won't fight for evil... But they may fight for the lesser of two evils. The Company will also never accept a contract against it's patron Baron Octiovus or one that would threaten their home town of Cove.

    It is expected that rank structure be respected at all times, any mercenaries who step out of line are often harshly dealt with. A lack of discipline can place the entire Company in danger and will not be tolerated. Those wishing to join The Company must complete any "unfinished business" before joining. Anyone bringing their "troubles" with them to The Company's door may find themselves expelled or worse.
  3. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    The Citizenry.

    Cove's citizens are hardy souls. They work all day long whether it be felling trees, mining ore or serving in the Green Goblin tavern. They supply The Company with it's armour, weapons and clothing sell their wares at regular markets.


    Through much hard work and toil some townsfolk climb the social ladder to become burghers, shopkeepers and merchants. A few even amass enough wealth to purchase their own lands and live the life of a noble.

    Cove's townfolk are the lifeblood of the bustling seafaring town.
  4. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    The Church.

    Cove is an Avatarian town and home to the Northern Chapter of the Avatarian Church. Cove church mass is attended regularly by The Company and townsfolk who the churchmen educate in the ways of Avatar.


    There are regular confessionals, pilgrimages and crusades, but beware the Templars and the Inquisitors lest you find yourself receiving lashes, being branded or worse.

    Deus vult!
  5. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    The Criminals.

    Like all towns, Cove suffers from crime, both petty and organised. There are rumoured to be several gangs running in Cove, but perhaps the most infamous is the Haberdashes or "Hats" as they are more commonly known.


    It's claimed the Hats run protection rackets, smuggle black market goods into Cove and are responsible for most muggings that take place in the Baronship.
  6. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    The Evil Side Of Cove.

    Cove stands in the shadow of the stinking orc fort and from time to time the more daring inhabitants raid into the Baronship. Cove was liberated from orc occupation several years ago as the Covian Militia defeated the gathered orcish tribes but still the greenskins venture forth.


    The Company and Church work tirelessly to supress the orc hordes and have also repelled the Vanguard invaders, pirates and undead armies that have all coveted Cove. Though it seems the greenskins numbers grow daily.
  7. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    Elves In Cove.

    ML Elves Accepted Into The Company.

    Although BoC has allowed ML elves into the citizenry for some time it has now been decided to allow them into The Company, Cove's military element. Previously for reasons of uniformity ML elves were not accepted into the army although members could still roleplay elves using the pre ML human model.

    However we have now decided to offer the chance to participate in the 'Covian experience' to a wider range of RPers by allowing ML elves into The Company provided the following criteria are met:

    ~ ML elves should have a sensible haircut and shade of skin (see below), and should otherwise adhere to the standard recruitment policy (no unacceptable names, capital letters, etc)
    ~ ML elves will assume a position at the end of the line at parades and lineups to minimize their impact on uniformity.
    ~ ML elves will wear a shadow hued circlet at parades and ceremonial functions rather than the Covian Cap.
    ~ ML elves, like all elves accepted into the Baronship of Cove should have a plausible name.

    Skin colour.


    Hair colour.


    ML Elf plate helm.


    ML Elf circlet.


    The acceptance of ML elves into The Company will be for an indefinite trial period. Any existing members who roleplay elves may make the transition to ML elves but may be asked to revert back to the human model if the trial proves to be unsuccessful.

    Also please note that many Covians are still wary and sceptical of elves and many treat elves as second class citizens in Cove, especially the Church.

    If you have any queries or questions please direct them to the Command team via the contact details at the begining of this thread.

    Thank you.

    Raiden, Commander.
  8. Lucy of Kenton

    Lucy of Kenton Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 16, 2008
    Likes Received:
    IMHO the appeal of BoC is certainly there but very restrictive. as a mage you are very much restricted in what you can cast and are generally shunned. there is no involvement in any current storyline. when evil forced invaded cove recently it was very noticeable that only one BoC appeared, name of valentine if memory serves me right. a new recruit wishing to advance themselves are encouraged to a certain point whereby they will progress no further.
    it also appears that the command level will approve another army to go to cove and slaughter everyone as part of a storyline whether the rank and file approve or not.
    lets hope new blood improves the covians.
  9. Escaflowne

    Escaflowne Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
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    I think you'll find that the restrictions on mages is the same throughout every guild in the RP community, some guilds do not even accept mages.

    It may be easy for you stand at the sidelines and from the outside judging BoC in what it does, but i can assure you it has reasons for what it does and doesnt do. If you joined BoC you would find out how much of a great guild they are.

    After roleplaying and interacting with BoC for the past 6 years, being part of its neighbouring city and even having characters within BoC myself; i can tell you that it is a wonderful active guild, full of great,helpful and kind people, good roleplayers and lovely storylines and events. They have a great family going on over there.
  10. Slayvite

    Slayvite Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 13, 2005
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    Hold on, ain't you a Vesperian?
    Thought that was against the rules to be in 2 RP guilds, conflict of intrests and all that :lick:
  11. Escaflowne

    Escaflowne Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Aye i am a Vesparian :p, nah its not really against the rules. I have characters in 4 different RP guilds. But having them in the guild and getting to actually play them is two different things :p. I spend 90% of my time playing Esca in -V-, but sometimes its nice to have a little break when i can and play another character :)
  12. davehibb

    davehibb Guest

    As you can probably tell from the lateness of this response I don't get the time to check back here as often as I would like. One of the curses of being a GM and one of the blessings of having a young family. :D

    I'd like to thank Esca' for his kind words. It's certainly been a pleasure working with him and the other GM's in the community over the last twelve months or so.

    In BoC we try to offer a wide range of roleplaying opportunities to our members and to people looking to join an RP guild on Europa. We try to deliver diverse roleplay within a low fantasy environment, catering for those new to RP or the experienced roleplayer alike.

    It's true some classes and skills are restricted within the Europa RP community as a whole and within individual guilds also and a low fantasy environment may not be for everyone but thankfully there are other guilds within the community that cater for more high fantasy roleplay.

    If you'd like to find out more please send me a message 205754768 or visit our website and forums.

    Thank you.