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The Jhelom Campaign

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Guardsmen Militia, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. With the complacency of peace-time slowly rotting away at the efficiency and readiness of the allied war machine it quickly became apparent that steps would have to be taken to reverse the trend.
    When the next enemy rose up to face the loose coalition of Trinsic, Skara Brae, Yew, Cove and Templewood, the allies could ill afford to suffer the stinging early losses that had blighted its most recent conflicts.
    This time they would be painstakingly prepared.
    Emissaries had visited Jhelom to obtain her permission for a live campaign to be staged within her borders, any resistance or opposition had quickly been swept away by bribes and promises of future trade.

    Introductory exchanges


    The initial clashes of the 'Jhelom Campaign' were chaotic and bloody as a trio of major powers converged on the city, fighting a three-way war for supremacy.
    The Covian Army appeared to have the upper hand in these early stages, harnessing the power of their arcanists as they claimed a position of strength and were able to dictate the course of the next stage of the campaign.


    End of week 1


    With the Covian Army in the throes of heavily fortifying the Jhelom Pits, the Guardsmen of Yew saw the opportunity to make their close-quarters prowess pay dividends. The enclosed space of the fighting pits would prove to be the Covian Army's undoing as they simply lacked the range to bring their arcanists to bear and were swiftly and methodically hunted down by the rampaging Guardsmen.


    End of week 2


    With the Guardsmen in command of the Jhelom Pits, they set their sights upon the southern island of Jhelom.
    Fortifying the Performing Arts Centre, the Guardsmen swatted aside any attempts to enter the building, before sallying forth into the rattled Covian lines which swiftly crumbled in the face of the Yewish assault.

  2. End of week 3


    With news that the Guardsmen of Yew intended to claim Jhelom's northernmost island, the Covian Army, the Knights Templar and Skara Brae moved to check Yew's advances. However with Cove only able to field a selection of inexperienced recruits alongside the offerings of Templewood and Skara Brae the battle deteriorated into one of numerical superiority versus battlefield experience.

  3. Covian Report:
  4. Letter from the Knights Templar: