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EM Event Thirst for Revenge

Discussion in 'Arirang EM Forum' started by EM Hanarin, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. EM Hanarin

    EM Hanarin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator UO Event Moderator

    Dec 28, 2013
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    Few weeks past since the recluse and Hanzo met. Hanzo keep thinking how to escape from him but the recluse noticed his escape plan all the time and caught him. He’s almost gone mad. He couldn’t stop his rage when he thinks that those who murdered his clan still out there. The recluse knew that he was suffering for that thought but didn’t say anything. Actually he knew that he couldn’t calm him down even if he told him what is going on this facet.

    He almost mastered in ninjutsu but the problem is his mind, spirit. Ninja must be cold headed with patient and calm but he was like a fire. And if he couldn’t calm himself down, there’s no future to him.

    The recluse called him one day. His voice was so dark but also lonely and sorrow in some way.

    “Hanzo, I have taught you basic training but if you want to go further, you must overcome your limits.”

    Hanzo looks just happy that his training is done. He doesn’t care the old man’s voice and his words.

    “Hey, old man. So now can I leave here? Finally!”

    The recluse said quietly and solemn.

    “I do not care anymore even if you don’t want to continue your training, but you must finish this mission before you leave me.”

    Hanzo was enjoying freedom but suddenly froze when he heard about it.

    “What? You are harassing me to the end!”

    Old man opened a old scroll. It was a map of Tokuno Islands. He pointed a spot.

    “Go to this place and find out what happened there and why. It’s your mission.”

    Hanzo stood up and yelled.

    “It’s a piece of cake!”

    Then he disappeared. Old man knew that he has potential of ninjutsu, even if he was a successor of Ninja clan, he absorbed any knowledges like a sponge. Perhaps his rage made him to do so, or even accelerate his gift. Even so, if he couldn’t overcome this last mission….

    Old man no longer foresee his future. He picked up his set of Ninja armors and weapons from secret chest.

    “Whatever it’s going to be… this will be the last mission to me.”

    He disappeared with silence. Only a campfire left and making a noise of burning branches.

    <Event Notification>

    Date/Time: 14th September, 2014. 10:00PM (KST/JPT) – 09:00AM EST

    Meeting Place: Britain EM Hall


    We are expecting combat situation during the event so we are strongly suggest that valuable items should be remain in the Bank or your house. We do not create your missing or lost item even if there is. Event estimated time is not too long so we also strongly advice you to join this event at time.


    If you try to interrupt, making problems, spamming, harassing EMs or someone else will result warning or perhaps something more than that. This will recorded into your account. Please pay attention to EM when he start speaking. EMs are doing their best to hear your opinions. Please understand this: In some parts, however, there’s nothing they could do. If you are doing such thing, EMs will stop the event immediately till it is solved or fixed.

    <Event Channel>

    During the event, please join the channel #Arirang EM Event to notify the information and communicate with EM. EMs will not take any responsibility if you have any trouble because of this.
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  2. EM Hanarin

    EM Hanarin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator UO Event Moderator

    Dec 28, 2013
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    Event will be held at 14th September 10:00PM KST/JPT (09:00AM EST). Sorry for made you waiting for the event! We'll see you all at 14th then!