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Through My Father's Eyes.

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by EM Ikaris, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. EM Ikaris

    EM Ikaris Visitor

    Nov 27, 2010
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    Through My Father's Eyes
    Location: Museum of Sosarian Antiquities, Nujelm

    *Slowly the candle wick went dim and then completely out . Aggravated Dr. Johan Higglebottom shouted to his servant, "Pablo!! Bring another candle, I must be able to see by if I am to fulfill my destiny." Pablo rushed in with a tray laden with more candles and set them around the Dr.'s desk. It had been like this for days on end. Dr. Higglebottom sat at his desk studying the recently found Map of the Ancients trying to find a clue, a lead, anything to help him understand the ancient markings. In all his years of studying history he had never seen such a primeval language. It was as though the legend to the map was missing. It would all be clear if he could just make sense of one sign, something, anything. His stomach growled and twisted. "I need food and rest" Dr. Higglebottom said to himself. "Pablo, bring something to eat. Also bring me some more of that tea you make. What do you call it?" Pablo made gestures with his hands of a sun rising over the horizon. "Ah, yes. The sunshine tea. What would I do with out it? It makes me feel alive and full of energy!" Dr. Higglebottom proclaimed. Pablo scurried off to do his masters bidding. "How long has it been since I came across Pablo on that storm filled day?" Dr Higglebottom thought to himself. Dressed in rags Pablo had approached Dr. Higglebottom at the beginning of one his expeditions to Islhlenar asking for work so that he could have something to eat that night. Not being able to speak was a hurdle but Pablo was a good servant so Dr. Higglebottom kept him and they had been together ever since. Leaning back in his chair he looked up at the portrait of his late father, Victor Higglebottom. "What I am missing father? What did you see that I do not?" Dr Higglebottom muttered to himself. Then it struck him. In the portrait his father was wearing a monocle. He remembered as a child he had asked his father about the monocle and his father laughed and then replied "It helps me to see things that others cannot."
    "Maybe, could it be possible?" Dr. Higglebottom said aloud. "Pablo!! Where are the inventory logs, the ones from when we shipped my fathers belongings?" he asked Pablo.
    Pablo hurried over to the shelf sensing his masters urgency and brought him a ledger. Frantically Dr. Higglebottom searched through the logs. "Here! The monocle was on the last shipment from my father's estate." Dr. Higglebottom exclaimed." But what is this? No! It cannot be! This last shipment was apparently attacked and looted by pirates! They made away with everything in the hold!" Collapsing on the desk, Dr. Higglebottom held his head in his hands. "How will we get that monocle back? I do not even know how to sail a boat much less fight pirates." At that moment Pablo ran up the stairs into the office making the gesture that told Dr. Higglebottom that a visitor was downstairs in the museum's main lobby." What? Send them away! I have no time for visitors Pablo! That is unless they known how to track pirates." Screamed Dr.Higglebottom. Just then Dr. Higglbottom heard a sly voice say "Capt. Henry Morgan, at your service M'Lord." and a smile came across Dr. Higglebottom's face.
  2. EM Helios

    EM Helios Journeyman
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    Oct 18, 2009
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  3. Omnius

    Omnius Crazed Zealot
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    May 27, 2008
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    I might be a bit picky but can we get more breaks in the writing. it's a bit too wall of words-ish.

    Also, is this still part of the lore for the close of Orion the Haunted event or something else?