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Toad Town Auction - Week 12 - Sunday the 5th of January

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Alexander of ATL., Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Alexander of ATL.

    Alexander of ATL. Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 20, 2010
    Likes Received:
    I Welcome everyone to attend Toad Town's Auction house this Sunday at 5PM Eastern Standard Time. The Auction house is located on the Atlantic Shard outside the Luna north gate, then go east from there. Please be sure to read and follow the 'Rules and Need-to-knows for this Auction House. I wish everyone the most of luck!​

    Here are the Items that will be Auctioned:

    1) Grass Tiles (x26)​
    2) Halloween Deco Package​
    3) Reforged Tunic Package​
    4) Practice Weapon Package​
    5) Box of Mythology Whispering Roses​
    6) 10% Splintering Minax Katana​
    7) An Obsidian Statue of a Troubled Poet​
    8) 20 Splintering Warfork (brittle)​
    9) Eight Piece Agapite Luck Suit​
    10) Double Bladed Staff​
    11) 35 SSI Katana​
    12) Brightblade​
    13) Ruined Jukan Tome​
    14) CLEAN Imbued shame Ring - Sword +15, STR 8, DCI 15, FCR 3, SSI 5​
    15) CLEAN Greater Artifact Plate Gloves - Poison Eater 3%, Intel 2, HPI 7, HPR 1, Luck -100, LRC 10 Resist: 10/18/22/18/17​
    16) CLEAN Lesser Artifact Plate Ams - Cold Eater 12%, SR 1, MR 3, Luck -100, LMC 8, LRC 10, Mage Armor Resist: 20/18/7/18/2​
    17) CLEAN vicious ring - Stamina 4, HCI 10, SDI 15​
    18) Shard of the Shattered Honor Moongate (Atlantic EM Event Item)​
    19) Old Firecracker Package (Bottled Version)​
    20) Old School Chests: Wooden Chest with Luck and Bracketed Exceptional Wooden Box​
    21) Bracers Of Alchemical Devestation [Replica]​
    22) Three sets of 16th Anny Gifts with 3 rare Orange Horses, 1 neon and white flytrap and 1 neon red maple tree​
    23) Double Blessed Deer Mask​
    24) Guildstone Deed - "Barbarian Army of Britain"​
    25) Old Rare Gems​
    26) Three Old School 'made by' Weapons and Double Exceptional Tag​
    27) Double Slayer Katana​
    28) Double Slayer Long Sword​
    29) Red Angel Gift Box​
    30) Clean up Dye Package​
    31) Package of 120 Powerscrolls​
    32) Universe In A Bottle (Great Lakes EM Event Item)​
    33) Voodoo Doll (Great Lakes EM Event Item)​
    34) Armageddon's Flame - Awaiting The Return Of Zog (Great Lakes EM Event Item)​
    35) CLEAN Legendary Shame Hammer - 20% Splintering, HML 32%, Intel 5, MI 2, MR 6, Luck -100, HCI 20, LMC 5, DI 50​
    36) CLEAN Major Magic Bardiche - 20% Splinter, SC, Mage Weapon -20, Intel 4, HCI 15, FC -1​
    37) CLEAN/Enhanced Major Artifact Orc Helm - Intel 4, MI 10, MR 1, Luck -100, LMC 10, LRC 10 Resist: 21/18/21/6/25​
    38) Old Guildstone - "Doom Raiders of Britain"​
    39) PrePatched Deed Package (deeds are blessed)​
    40) Misc. Item Package​
    41) Virtue Tile Set​
    42) Famous Crafted by Kryss (Jack the Ripper)​
    43) Pre-Patched Paintings​
    44) Misc. Rubble Package​
    45) Dragon Easter Egg Package​
    46) Obsidian Statue Package (x25)​
    47) Holiday Bell Package (x21)​
    48) Invasion Event Spellbook - MR 3, SDI 29, LRC 10​
    *LOTTERY* - 500 Pieces of Tangle Cloth​
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