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Too close to the edge

Discussion in 'Roleplay Storylines' started by Ado the Theif, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Last eve Ado and Takara we're walking through the village when they reached the Iron Bandit Inn. What they found on the rooftop of the Inn was an angry monk who was staring down at the bottom ready to jump.


    Ado watched in amusement untill Takara nudged her elbow into his rib cage and ordered him to get the monk down. reasoning another death in his tavern would'nt look very good to the public. Ado sighed and started reasoning with the destraught monk. Ado found out his name was Razeal and he was angered over the Blue Light Tavern's closing. Saying it was the last pure estableshment in the village. Without some source of light the village would turn to true evil. After reasoning with the monk for a good twenty minutes he persuaded him to come down to see for himself that the Iron Bandit Inn was not a bad place and he could also have an ale on the house. Once inside Razeal found himself quite at home. The Iron Bandit Inn has found yet another happy paying customor.