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(RP) Transcript: Meeting with Jack Passer 2:12:12

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Zurhet Pebblethief, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Zurhet Pebblethief

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    Jack's Map of Trinsic: Catskills

    Captain Jack Passer: What the hell is this mess.
    Wynnleif: Hey Doddz
    House Maggot: hail
    Wolfang: it stinks !!
    physlyrial: ya shoulda been here when they were alive
    Laeldril Do'ghym: Seems someone took offence to your gathering
    Captain Jack Passer: Nay worry.
    Rasesar Wej: Chicken lizard assassination attempt
    Captain Jack Passer: We have a plan to make tonight.
    physlyrial: they all gone now
    physlyrial: mostly
    Dayton: ouch
    Captain Jack Passer: Apologies.
    Captain Jack Passer: You fell under the seat.
    Dayton: no worries
    Ash: apparently
    Captain Jack Passer: We have a few things to decide tonight, and quite honestly, Id prefer to make it with you.
    Captain Jack Passer: What we decide tonight we will then put into work on Wednesday.
    Captain Jack Passer: So as you know Trinsic is under a curse
    Captain Jack Passer: And has been for a while
    Captain Jack Passer: I was there this morning and it has spread, badly.
    Captain Jack Passer: I have the suggestion that we shut Trinsic down.
    Wolfang: what are the effects of the curse onto the population in Trinsic ?
    Captain Jack Passer: But I would like to hear any other suggestions you may have.
    Captain Jack Passer: The curse seems to be in a form of a green ooze.
    Captain Jack Passer: Which when it touches the soil causes the dead to rise.
    Jayla Quince: How long would we need to shut it down?
    Captain Jack Passer: As we have seen consistently over the past month
    Wolfang: indeed an evil curse
    Reacher: How about the docks?...surely they will need food still delivered
    Wolfang: I think the Town should be quarantined
    Captain Jack Passer: This task has been made harder by the citizens rioting.
    Jayla Quince: We can kill them?
    Captain Jack Passer: That might be a good option.
    Wolfang: if you enter town you risk the curse
    Jayla Quince: OK
    Captain Jack Passer: We dont know if they are dieased and could pass it to other citizens.
    Wolfang: we need scouts
    Aedon Durreah: a curse is not a desease
    Wolfang: someone to test it out
    Captain Jack Passer: Now I absolutely think we need to control the city, but I just don't think its a solution
    Captain Jack Passer: in the long term.
    Captain Jack Passer: Well dieasese may be the wrong word sir
    Aedon Durreah: It is indeed
    Reacher: Do we know who initiated this curse?
    Captain Jack Passer: But this green ooze spreads over land, it could be on their persons.
    Wolfang: I have a concern Capt'n
    Captain Jack Passer: And they could take it to other towns unwillingly.
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes sir?
    Jayla Quince: How does the green ooze react to fire
    Wolfang: that Trinsic might need a sea blockade to stop the curse from spreading tom other towns
    Captain Jack Passer: I havent personally tried to set the ooze on fire.
    Captain Jack Passer: And yes, the sea is a big issue.
    Captain Jack Passer: Where the ooze is now, it is very close to the coastline.
    Reacher: The fishermans guild will not be happy
    Wolfang: we should put up a fleet for a blockading
    Captain Jack Passer: If it spreads into the sea, currents could take it anywhere.
    Aedon Durreah: May be too late, it may come from the sea itself.
    Captain Jack Passer: All of you living on the shoreline could be in danger
    House Maggot: hmm what might happen if it reaches the sea
    Captain Jack Passer: This is another unknown, We havent had it reach water
    Wolfang: this is going to be a lot of trouble I smell it
    Captain Jack Passer: The source of the curse appeared to be the digging caused by the mayor of Trinsic.
    Wynnleif: is there no way to lift the curse?
    Captain Jack Passer: Which dug into a sacred burial site.
    Captain Jack Passer: When we first investigated we did read about a curse, some sort of dust.
    Captain Jack Passer: But recently we haven't heard anything more.
    Captain Jack Passer: We read about a cure for the curse sorry.
    Captain Jack Passer: We need to decide together what we will do on Wednesday when the full army is here.
    Wolfang: so the plan is to enter town in 3 days to investigate ?
    Laeldril Do'ghym: Has any research been done to find out more about a cure?
    Captain Jack Passer: I think we are done investigating sir.
    Captain Jack Passer: Its time to put some steps into work to save our cities.
    Captain Jack Passer: And if that means shutting Trinsic down, I think its a good option.
    Aedon Durreah: Steps?
    Aedon Durreah: As in the suggested killing the population?
    Wolfang: well, unless we stop the curse from spreading I see no other way to save trinsic citizens
    Reacher: A quarantine around trinsic then..till more is discovered*
    Captain Jack Passer: And I do not want to kill the citizens.
    Ryan Zothlyrd: i beleave that we do need to make a ship block but also somone needs to go into the grave to see where it could be coming from
    Wolfang: yes a quarantine is the best solution I think
    House Maggot: evacuate or quaratine?
    Aedon Durreah: I should think they do not fancy that either.
    Captain Jack Passer: But if they get in our way from defending Britannia we should have no question but to use force.
    Reacher: how about dock deliveries?...are these to be discontinued?
    Aedon Durreah: force
    Aedon Durreah: Always comes to that
    Captain Jack Passer: Thankfully the city is rather large
    Wolfang: by the way, to se need to expect unusual forced and strength from these "cursed" foes ?
    Captain Jack Passer: We could possibly shut down just a section, leaving the docks open.
    Captain Jack Passer: We have fought with infected undead
    Captain Jack Passer: And they are very tough.
    Captain Jack Passer: As are the citizens who are deciding to raid.
    Wolfang: we need to be carefull when dealing with them ?
    Wolfang: like stay ranged and not close quarter ?
    Captain Jack Passer: We havent noticed any effects of being close to them, or atleast I haven't.
    House Maggot: i feel the mayor may know more
    Reacher: I shall alert my ship captains to drop thier orders and do not tarry in port
    Wolfang: yes, perhaps we should arrest the Mayor and question him
    Captain Jack Passer: The Mayor is an issue
    Rand: hmm
    Captain Jack Passer: We were banished from the city by him after he said his guards would control it.
    Captain Jack Passer: And now what? The citizens and guards are rioting.
    Wolfang: it might be the effect of the curse on the Mayor, made him crazy
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Was anything removed from the dig site?
    Captain Jack Passer: Possibly
    Reacher: There seems to be rioting all over the land....related?...hmmm
    Aedon Durreah: A good question
    Captain Jack Passer: There were bones that were dug up.
    Captain Jack Passer: I havent seen them in a while.
    Jayla Quince: where did you see them last?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Would the mayor have taken them?
    Captain Jack Passer: And yes cities all over have riots, leadership is none-existant in some.
    Wolfang: well, bones are a main ingredient for alchemists, if some crazy alchemist has been working on them
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Perhaps locked away in some sectin of the town?
    A Pirate Recruit: I nay know where.
    Captain Jack Passer: We could perform a search when we go there
    Captain Jack Passer: So shall we have a vote?
    Wolfang: Recruit you know where ?
    Jayla Quince: Aye
    House Maggot: what about tomb we need to know more
    Aedon Durreah: May be good to find them and place them back in the tomb
    A Pirate Recruit: You'll find the entrance at Jhelom Docks, but you need the Password.
    Captain Jack Passer: I think the options are a full city closure or to just close the cursed section.
    Captain Jack Passer: Any other ideas?
    Jayla Quince: lets start with the cursed section
    Laeldril Do'ghym: A quarrantine of the cursed is essencial
    Wolfang: and what would the password be ?
    Jayla Quince: Keep an eye on it and the people
    Aedon Durreah: aye
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay if you think we should just close the cursed section for now, raise your hand.
    Reacher: yes...lets not be rash..just the cursed to start
    Dayton: cursed part

    Wynnleif: *raises hand*
    House Maggot: raises hand
    Ariel Mystika: *raises hand*
    Laeldril Do'ghym: *raises her hand*
    Jayla Quince: *raises Hand*
    Aedon Durreah: *raises hand*
    Odd Job: *raises hand*
    PIT: *hand up*
    Captain Jack Passer: *nods*
    Reacher: *hand up*

    Wynnleif: and then
    Ryan Zothlyrd: i beleave both should be done
    Wolfang: Recruit what would be the password be to enter from the Jhelom docks ?
    Captain Jack Passer: Hmm?
    Ryan Zothlyrd: because if it does pass then we could have a back up
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay and raise your hand if the entire city should be closed.

    Wolfang: *raises hand*
    Brew: *hand*
    Irulia D'Arkaith: *raises hand*
    Reacher: *shakes his head in disagreement*
    Sabrina: *raises hand*
    Doddz: *raises hand*

    Captain Jack Passer: Okay so for now the plan is to close the cursed section.
    Captain Jack Passer: However if we arrive there and its spread further..
    House Maggot: i didnt figure out why the mayor kicked us out
    Wolfang: Recruit what would be the password be to enter from the Jhelom docks ?
    Captain Jack Passer: I havent seen him since his stage blew up.
    House Maggot: and will the mayor axccept this closing dowbn of areas
    Captain Jack Passer: If the Mayor refuses, we do what has been suggested.
    Captain Jack Passer: We will arrest him and place him in my jail cell.
    Reacher: It would be prudent if we had a team trying to figure out a remedy for this curse while the quarantine is in effect
    Captain Jack Passer: Thats a very good plan.
    Captain Jack Passer: Thorpe runs an investigation team, I shall make sure he works overtime.
    Captain Jack Passer: For Wednesday
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Shouldn't anyone entering the cursed area also be subject to the quarantine?
    Captain Jack Passer: We need some boats to try contain any ocean ooze spillage.
    Wolfang: needing a password
    Irulia D'Arkaith: What's to stop someone from entering the zone with the intent of carrying out a sample of
    Irulia D'Arkaith: the ooze for their own nefarious purposes?
    Captain Jack Passer: Well this is the next question
    Aedon Durreah: Post guards
    Captain Jack Passer: Do we simply have a check point or do we build a wall.
    Jayla Quince: wall
    Captain Jack Passer: We have had a guard checkpoint at the west gate of Trinsic for some time now.
    Captain Jack Passer: It hasn't helped.
    Wolfang: a check point with tough security I think
    Wynnleif: Build a wall and install a no-teleport zone within the confines of the wall
    Irulia D'Arkaith: guards can be bribed
    Trina Duval: A wall may be necessary
    Captain Jack Passer: The curse started in Paladin isle
    Laeldril Do'ghym: You may need to enforce a blockade of the streets leading into the area
    Captain Jack Passer: Its spread to the Barracks.
    Wolfang: we need the power of Magic to blockout recalling out of Trinsic
    Captain Jack Passer: Looking at this map
    Captain Jack Passer: We could blow the bridge up to Paladin isle
    Captain Jack Passer: And use the existing town wall around the barracks, and seal up the entrance.
    Jayla Quince: Good idea
    Reacher: not a bad idea
    Jayla Quince: Thats a plan
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Do you not fear that word of your plans will reach Trinsic before Wednesday?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Anyone that wants out now could freely leave
    House Maggot: walls will not stop the ooze, under ground
    Wolfang: this is why we are having a secret meeting here
    Wolfang: no word needs to leave this room
    Captain Jack Passer: Good point House
    Captain Jack Passer: This is to keep the citizens out.
    Captain Jack Passer: We arent going to build this wall then walk away.
    Captain Jack Passer: This is the first step, We need to stop this curse.
    Wolfang: if it spreads to all Sosaria it is going to be a disaster
    Jayla Quince: I have a bunch of green apples if that will help
    Reacher: It must have a weakness..most usually do
    Wolfang: usually fire should be a weakness to ooze
    Captain Jack Passer: Fire.
    Reacher: typical oooze then
    Captain Jack Passer: Well we do not know.
    Captain Jack Passer: But it is worht trying when we get there.
    You have left the 'RP Community' channel.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Or burning it might turn it into an air born virus
    Wolfang: but, maybe alchohol could also help
    Captain Jack Passer: The rum?
    Wolfang: like trat the ozze with some distilled bottles of alchohol ?
    Reacher: It might have its own special properties...
    House Maggot: maybe there life form that will feed on the ooze
    Wynnleif: perhaps we could bottle it and destroy it in a volcano
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay this map is done.
    Captain Jack Passer: Take a look at it.
    Wynnleif: any active volcanos?
    Captain Jack Passer: (Catskills.uoem.net)
    Reacher: Hate to waste good rum...
    Captain Jack Passer: I think this is a good first step.
    Wolfang: at what time and what meeting point will action begin ?
    Jayla Quince: has the ooze gotten off the island?
    Wynnleif: how fitting - humility
    Captain Jack Passer: The ooze is mostly located at the Barracks.
    Captain Jack Passer: But the curse originated on Paladin Isle in a garden.
    Captain Jack Passer: So as far as Im concerned both sites are off limits.
    Reacher: So shall I tell the fishing fleet it's business as usual until further notice?
    House Maggot: is that underneath tomb?
    Captain Jack Passer: For now please tell the fishing fleet its normal, but be on the look out for any green floating ooz
    Captain Jack Passer: If it reaches the water then we will have to shut down the shipping lane.
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes the tomb.
    Captain Jack Passer: I suspect this was there before the city
    Reacher: Ill have them on the lookout then
    Aedon Durreah: dig a trench before the water or surrounbding the effected area
    Captain Jack Passer: But the Ooze has been coming from an underground tomb, possibly what the city dug into
    Wolfang: I still think we need to summon the power of Magic and block all recalling in and out of Trinsic
    Captain Jack Passer: The entire city?
    Captain Jack Passer: And yes, a trench is an idea but Im not sure if we have the man power.
    Jayla Quince: should we build a mote around the island to give us warning if it can cross water?
    Wolfang: well, the areas interested for sure
    Aedon Durreah: Has anyone dug up that garden to see if the bones were moved to there?
    Reacher: lets isolate the cursed areas for noqw
    Captain Jack Passer: Thats a very good idea Jayla
    Reacher: no sense having a bigger panic then already exists
    Aedon Durreah: The mote I am speaking up should not befilled with water
    Captain Jack Passer: Its possible this curse does not move over water
    Reacher: no sign of it in the water so far
    Captain Jack Passer: I see what you mean, a dry moat to stop it reaching the water?
    Captain Jack Passer: But then, this ooze could just fill the moat
    Wolfang: we do not know though if at contact with water the ooze might evolve into something else
    Laeldril Do'ghym: Can 't it be contained?
    Aedon Durreah: You could see then if anything was attempting to move across
    Reacher: or it might not like water
    Captain Jack Passer: When the ooze touches land it brings up the undead.
    Captain Jack Passer: It would be my thought, when it touches water it will bring up the undead of the sea.
    Aedon Durreah: Then fix what was disturbed.
    Captain Jack Passer: That is just what I think
    Wolfang: there is powerfull beastrs in the sea to be worried about
    Aedon Durreah: find the bones and resela that tomb
    Jayla Quince: the mote will have no undead
    Laeldril Do'ghym: if its in the ground already, how is it not touching the ground?
    Reacher: a lot of drowned souls down there..among ..other things...
    Captain Jack Passer: Laeldril could you explain?
    Jayla Quince: the mote will have no undead
    Laeldril Do'ghym: If they dug it out of the ground, is it contained in something to prevent undead from spawning
    Laeldril Do'ghym: until it touches the ground?
    Ariel Mystika: can the ooze be contained in barrels ?
    Captain Jack Passer: Right now the ooze is in puddles already touching the ground.
    Aedon Durreah: Aye, that makes little sense
    Reacher: it's more and more obvious we need a tean to study how these things operate
    Aedon Durreah: Unless the tomb was sealed with magics
    Captain Jack Passer: We havent had the men available to monitor the ooze
    House Maggot: we need the mayor, find out what he did exactly
    Captain Jack Passer: So we do not know how these undead 'form'
    Jayla Quince: getting wet and swimming are 2 diff things
    Ariel Mystika: can the ooZ be bottled ?
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes we do House.
    Captain Jack Passer: The Mayor is keeping information from us.
    Captain Jack Passer: He has to ne.
    Aedon Durreah: Then arrest the mayor
    Captain Jack Passer: He has a city of rioting citizens and no one has seen anything happen when the ooze spreads?
    Aedon Durreah: And beat it out of him
    Reacher: maybe they dont like salt water...
    Wynnleif: Then arresting the mayor and taking him to custody for questioning should be part of the plan.
    Captain Jack Passer: Does it happen over time, is it happening now? Or does it spread all at once randomly.
    House Maggot: i say bring him back down to tomb
    Laeldril Do'ghym: There are Mages in Moonglow experts in Science Obscurae who might be able to research the ooze
    Wolfang: are the whereabouts of the Mayor known ? is he in the contained barracks ?
    Jayla Quince: I have been working on some new truth potion we can try it on the mayor
    Captain Jack Passer: I will writer that down.
    Captain Jack Passer: The Mayor hasnt been seen since his speech
    Captain Jack Passer: Where he banished the Royal Guard
    Aedon Durreah: Does he still live?
    Captain Jack Passer: I nay know
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Can we confirm he's still in Trinsic?
    Wolfang: hard to arrest him then
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes it is
    Aedon Durreah: Where are Trinsic's Guardians?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: or might he have fled already?
    Captain Jack Passer: I will have Thorpe start an investigation into him tomorrow
    Captain Jack Passer: I havent heard anything from the Guardians, If you mean the Purple ones Aedon.
    Captain Jack Passer: I sent them a letter a few weeks ago with the latest news.
    Captain Jack Passer: Im going to have a heavily guarded cell built for the Mayor elsewhere.
    Jayla Quince: I can tell you we had issues with the mayor in Skara as well, we had to toss her in jail.
    Captain Jack Passer: This town is the closest to Trinsic
    Captain Jack Passer: So Im not risking placing it here
    Wolfang: Captain, to meet the new challenge, do we need to prepare in a special way ?
    Captain Jack Passer: Is this Skara Mayor still in Jail?
    Captain Jack Passer: Where is she held?
    Jayla Quince: they did let her out
    Jayla Quince: but I had to put her back
    Jayla Quince: then a new one came
    Captain Jack Passer: The jails are overflowing with rioters so I think it best to build this Mayor his own cell.
    Captain Jack Passer: That way we get privacy to... 'talk' with him.
    Wynnleif: how hard would it be to activate Maribel's old cell?
    Jayla Quince: agreed
    Captain Jack Passer: Is that near Trinsic?
    Wolfang: The Prisons in Yew might have a good cell readied
    Laeldril Do'ghym: Rioters are overflowing there also
    Wynnleif: My stealther has a rune to it I believe.
    Captain Jack Passer: I will contact Yew, they have the largest but who knows if its overflowing also.
    Captain Jack Passer: It is?
    Aedon Durreah: Yew is quiet
    Captain Jack Passer: Well if you can make a copy of that rune.
    Laeldril Do'ghym: I know of a Elven Guild thats been arresting rioters
    Laeldril Do'ghym: daily
    Captain Jack Passer: I will check it out
    Wynnleif: I will find it and bring it to you here.
    Jayla Quince: We can lock him up in my home, I can have a secure room set up in no time
    Aedon Durreah: There are some sells deep with in the Yew stockades
    Captain Jack Passer: Where do you live Jayla?
    Aedon Durreah: One of those may serve well
    Captain Jack Passer: The Yew Crypts Aedon?
    Jayla Quince: I live on horseshoe island
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Ays, cause no one has ever escaped the prisons in Yew
    Aedon Durreah: no
    Aedon Durreah: That would be a bad place
    Wolfang: do I remember right or there is a cell in Lord BlackThorn's Castle ?
    Aedon Durreah: near teh Court of Truth
    Captain Jack Passer: Im not aware of one in Blackthorns.
    Wolfang: it should be a place defendable if anyone wants to free the Major
    Captain Jack Passer: But British yes
    Captain Jack Passer: Is Britain the securest city of them all?
    Captain Jack Passer: It has raids also.
    Jayla Quince: Horshoe Island is very private
    Wolfang: I expect the Mayor to try escape
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes it is, But its also at sea.
    Aedon Durreah: May need to also set up a sea watch, being that the cells are close to the water
    Wolfang: or his minions try to liberate him
    Captain Jack Passer: I do not want to take the risk of this curse spreading.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Seems is you move the Mayor to a new town, that town is going to inherit a ne wproblem
    Jayla Quince: understood
    Captain Jack Passer: We need the middle of nowhere, inland.
    Captain Jack Passer: So no one will find him
    Wynnleif: I believe Malabelle's cell is near Dupre's old camp in Fel.
    Aedon Durreah: Build a cell on fire island.
    Trina Duval: Malas?
    Ryan Zothlyrd: i beleave we need to make his jail in the middle on the ocean were no one can help him and it would be hard to leave with out a ship
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Pirates could reach him, and they would work for anyone with the gold to pay
    Captain Jack Passer: That is another option, but again, The curse may disolve quickly if it touches water.
    Captain Jack Passer: And then we'd have an issue
    Captain Jack Passer: I know of a place on Fire Island.
    Captain Jack Passer: Its called, Rock Ridge.
    Dayton: my house
    Jayla Quince: Sounds good
    Captain Jack Passer: We can have a cell built there.
    Aedon Durreah: That is a sound idea
    Captain Jack Passer: If this Maribella cell is not up to the correct security.
    Ariel Mystika: take him to the bottom of a dungeon
    House Maggot: lets bringhim to tomb see hoew he reacts nd he can show what he did/or removed from tomb
    Wolfang: how about the old Lighthouse in Ilshenar ?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: What of the catacombs underneath this very town?
    Wolfang: it is a far a way place
    Captain Jack Passer: Hmm Ilshenar is an idea.
    House Maggot: shame? lol
    Jayla Quince: Build a cell out in the quicksand
    Captain Jack Passer: The Bucs Tunnels are very dangerous
    Captain Jack Passer: They are moist, damp and full of puddles that could easily be infected.
    Captain Jack Passer: I can tell you know, if this curse reaches the water we'll be meeting elsewhere.
    Captain Jack Passer: Im not taking any risks.
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay any other ideas before we wrap up?
    Laeldril Do'ghym: Some kind of extraction and containment of the ooze needs to be found
    Jayla Quince: Build a cell out in the quicksand. It would be harder to escape
    Aedon Durreah: Start folks researching the cure
    Captain Jack Passer: We need an alchemist, perhaps a small guild of them.
    Aedon Durreah: find the bones, restore and seal that tomb
    Captain Jack Passer: To research this ooze.
    Captain Jack Passer: We need to find the bones on Wednesday if we can, as well as blow up a bridge and build a wall.
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Wouldn't we need a sample in order to research it?
    Reacher: should they be brought samples..or come to trinsic?
    Captain Jack Passer: I will speak with Thorpe the Investigator tomorrow
    Irulia D'Arkaith: The samples should remain in Trinsic
    Reacher: might be hazardous to bring samples out
    Irulia D'Arkaith: To risky to remove it
    Reacher: agreed
    Captain Jack Passer: That is a good plan
    Jayla Quince: All samples and work should be done in the city
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay let me make this clear.
    Captain Jack Passer: Do you know where Thorpes office is?
    Captain Jack Passer: The investigator.
    Wynnleif: my stealther does
    Dayton: aye
    Jayla Quince: no
    Reacher: Nay
    Captain Jack Passer: He is located in Castle British in Britain
    Laeldril Do'ghym: In the castle?
    Captain Jack Passer: In the North East corner of the walls
    Captain Jack Passer: Not in the castle itself, in the surrounding wall
    Captain Jack Passer: He is next to the tailor shop, He has a full office.
    Dayton: i wish to secure this
    Jayla Quince: cool
    Captain Jack Passer: I will place a rune to his office outside the Emmisarys office in Britain
    Reacher: *folds the parchment and puts it in his vest*
    Captain Jack Passer: (EM Office)
    Captain Jack Passer: If you know of an alchemist
    Captain Jack Passer: Or are one
    Captain Jack Passer: Speak to Thorpe in a few days.
    Captain Jack Passer: (Ill post on the website when to)
    Jayla Quince: will do
    Captain Jack Passer: If you are a good map reader, or scout also speak to him for a mission on finding the Mayor.
    Captain Jack Passer: Again in a few days.
    Laeldril Do'ghym: I have access to the catacombs in the Old Istas Library for research
    Captain Jack Passer: Thorpe will award you well for helping him and, us.
    Captain Jack Passer: And if you wish to help us with Trinsic
    Aedon Durreah: Many old tomes are in Istas.
    Captain Jack Passer: We will meet here on Wednesday
    Captain Jack Passer: (15th February at 8pm Eastern)
    Jayla Quince: will be here
    Reacher: same time?
    Captain Jack Passer: Yes same time
    Reacher: very well
    Captain Jack Passer: Suit up
    Jayla Quince: You can count on me
    Captain Jack Passer: We will need all the men possible.
    Wolfang: one question, has the ooze been found to have effect on pets ?
    Captain Jack Passer: Also if you can, have a boat nearby. We may not need it, but we might.
    Aedon Durreah: I will have no part in the killing of citizens
    Jayla Quince: hm hm.... MEN?
    Irulia D'Arkaith: Even if they attack you?
    Captain Jack Passer: Citizens will not be harmed unless they harm us.
    Captain Jack Passer: That is quite clear I hope
    Aedon Durreah: I am not sure lass
    Captain Jack Passer: Wolf
    Wolfang: yes ?
    Captain Jack Passer: The Ooze has no more an effect on pets than us.
    Jayla Quince: I will do what I can but my dragon gets kinda frisky in crowds
    Captain Jack Passer: But that is with limited knowledge
    Wolfang: I see
    Reacher: I can have the Warship "Wodows Revenge" anchored here if you need it..
    Wolfang: it is a good information then
    Captain Jack Passer: Thank you Reacher.
    Reacher: not a problem
    Captain Jack Passer: So any other questions?
    Jayla Quince: What are you doing after this?
    Jayla Quince: lol
    Captain Jack Passer: Me?
    Wolfang: Captain, to meet the new challenge, do we need to prepare in a special way ?
    Jayla Quince: sorry just a joke
    Rand: Kal Ort Por
    Captain Jack Passer: We prepared just now Wolf.
    Reacher: if you excuse me I have a ship to catch
    Wolfang: I mean
    Wolfang: any special equipment
    Captain Jack Passer: Thank you Reacher.
    Wolfang: do we need to prepare potions
    Captain Jack Passer: They are undead.
    Wolfang: something special for wednesday ?
    Captain Jack Passer: So bring what you think is required.
    Jayla Quince: like maybe an undead slayer
    Jayla Quince: ...
    Wolfang: alright
    PIT: ok
    Jayla Quince: just a hint
    Captain Jack Passer: That would be of help, but again, This ooze is not fully documented.
    Wolfang: there will be necromancers I fear
    Captain Jack Passer: So I dont know for sure.
    Jayla Quince: no worries
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay I will go mark this rune to Thorpes office.
    Jayla Quince: I must go now
    Captain Jack Passer: Thank you all for being so helpful.
    Wynnleif: kk - I'll get you a rune to Malabelle's cell and put it in that top crate by the door
    Jayla Quince: take care and my god be with all of you
    Captain Jack Passer: Could you place the rune in the mail box?
    Captain Jack Passer: Blue sir.
    Captain Jack Passer: Lady even.
    Captain Jack Passer: *blush*
    Wynnleif: yes - by the EM hall
    Captain Jack Passer: Okay thank you again.
    Captain Jack Passer: See you Wednesday
  2. EM Adris

    EM Adris Journeyman

    Jun 8, 2011
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    Oh what a good idea, Thanks for posting.

    My 'What the hell is this mess?' was in response to this:


    See you on Wednesday.
  3. Hunters' Moon

    Hunters' Moon Grand Inquisitor
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    Oct 19, 2004
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    OK from what I read,would I be correct to think that:

    1)The Mayor of Trinsic had something to do with the ooze found near/in the small graveyard.

    2)This ooze is more of a curse than a "disease".

    3)The city will be evacuated or blockaded to prevent the spread of the curse/disease.

    Will this story line go along with what's already happening with the raiders and rioters?
  4. EM Adris

    EM Adris Journeyman

    Jun 8, 2011
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    We don't know if the Mayor is involved, and the ooze is more a result of the curse rather than being the curse itself.
  5. SinDee

    SinDee Seasoned Veteran
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    May 26, 2006
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    Adris I wanted to let you know that the two paladins that were guarding the west city gate were slan during a raid ( I had two mages chase me down and they slew the plady's)

    :( i'm sorry.
  6. EM Adris

    EM Adris Journeyman

    Jun 8, 2011
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    Atleast they died doing what they loved.
  7. SinDee

    SinDee Seasoned Veteran
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    May 26, 2006
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    Building a fort from wooden creates?
  8. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    Only because they could not find any cardboard.

    On the surface this may seem to be simply a matter of investigating the unearthing of a tomb, and the inception of a curse on the town of Trinsic. I am convinced there is a bit more behind this. Forces are at work within the town that could have a far reaching effect on the land.

    Now, where did I put those scrolls?
  9. Dayton

    Dayton Journeyman

    Dec 29, 2011
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    You should of seen it when I first got there...
    There was at least 100 chickenlizards running around inside...
    The small was horrid!!

    As for Wednesday, I will be there, will have my Flagship off shore just in case it's needed
  10. Irulia Darkaith

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    Sep 25, 2004
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    So you're admitting that you lured aggressors into the paladins and thus "killed" them while they innocently went about building their crate fort? tsk tsk, that's so low. For our next event, the trial of SinDee?
  11. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    She is so guilty. But I offer my service as attorney for the defense.
  12. Irulia Darkaith

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 25, 2004
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    Attorney? Or Devil's Advocate?

    And just a friendly bit of advice to SinDee, you might want to think twice about using an attorney who's opening argument is "She is so guilty"
  13. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    *shifts eyes*


    I work cheap?
  14. Irulia Darkaith

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 25, 2004
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    Well that's good, she can rest assured she'll get what she pays. ;)

    Just for fun can I be the voice of the people, the prosecutor? Those poor paladins and the families they have left behind. The widows, and the children! Won't someone please think of the children?!
  15. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    Can you sound like a simple country chicken, I said chicken?
  16. Irulia Darkaith

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 25, 2004
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    yes, but sometimes I mistake people for corn

    Judge Whitey: Counselor, what evidence do you offer for this new plea of insanity?
    Hyper-Chicken: Well, for one, they done hired me to represent them.
    Judge Whitey: Insanity plea is accepted.
  17. SinDee

    SinDee Seasoned Veteran
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    May 26, 2006
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    You have to drag me to yew kicking and screaming before I stood trail.
  18. Irulia Darkaith

    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 25, 2004
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    So not only will we have an event, but we'll also have a spectacle!
  19. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    I have been hen pecked for so long, I would not notice a thing.
  20. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
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    Jun 2, 2008
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    I could just try carrying you.