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[Price Check] "Unknown" Repair deed

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Godra, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Godra

    Godra Guest

    I have a bunch on the "Unknown" deeds. But I do have only one that is titled "Unknown"; crafted by Lord Vonlunatic; with "exceptional" under crafter name & then the weight under that. It is a brown deed, like a repair contract. Any idea of a price on Atlantic shard?
  2. I also have 2 such brown Unknown dees. If my memory serves, these are sold on vendor for like 500k 2 or 3 years ago. Its, for me, rather difficult to find one.

    These are bugged reapair deed, so that they havent shown their own title nor crafters name neither. Moreover, couldnt be locked down.
    Now that the bugs have been fixed, it might be worth a few mil, especially for deed collectors, I think.
  3. Godra

    Godra Guest

    Ah, well. Mine has the crafters name and says exceptional. Maybe its not a repair contract. It someone tells me how to take screen shot and psot it here, I will. But it says "unknown" in yellow letters like a title would to a deed, then says "crafted by Lord VonLunatic", then "exceptional" then "weight: 1 Stone".

    so like this:

    Crafted by Lord VonLunatic
    Weight: 1 Stone

    I do have others that look like normal add-on deeds (like white bank checks, of water trough) that say

    Weight: 1 Stone

    But the first one seems to be unique. I have never seen any others. Yes to the later I posted, But with crafters name and exceptional I have not. That is the one I would love to put a price tag on.