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Vesper Overrun By Ophidians...4:45pCentral

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by AustinRules, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. AustinRules

    AustinRules Guest

    Seems only invasion I found was in Vesper. A bunch of ophidians with those npcs for falsehood all around. No one here that I could see....get out the word...Vesper.
  2. AustinRules

    AustinRules Guest

    Seems to be in northside of town. Maybe we can hold them there and not let them spread south. Only three people here.
  3. AustinRules

    AustinRules Guest

    If you kill the white npcs(falsehood) that rob from you then you lose karma. Not sure the purpose of that since they stole from you first. And you can't dispel EVs inside the city limits, often killing even more of those white npcs.
  4. AustinRules

    AustinRules Guest

    A couple warriors were here but have disappeared. The invasion has most of Vesper now since we weren't able to hold them up north....5:45pCentral.