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where has the COM gone?

Discussion in 'UO Factions' started by Uncle Talbo, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Uncle Talbo

    Uncle Talbo Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 11, 2008
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    Well as most of you have read in my only few posts that I have had I am new to factions. I live and play CHESE, I only joined COM with a thief because it wasnt a popular guild and my warrior which joined a small guild was switched over to COM. a few weeks ago at least I would see a couple of COM on in a day although not usually at the same time ( with the exepition of a few of the officers). I have not had a good communication base with any of the other factioneers, it just seemed like if I wasnt in "Your" guild then I didnt matter, Even though I am a member of your faction.

    What I really want to know is Where has all the COM factioneers gone? It seems to me that I am the only COM on chessy looking to get some sigs.

    Now this other guy a "C" Shadow lord char named "TOM" ( great name BTW I mean WOW!) running with a guy named "Taka" SL and some non factioneer blue caster they use to field up the SL stronghold with all that help couldnt catch or stop me from stealing thier Sigs so he calls me a Noob and gets all teary eyed about me stealing his sigs and how I had better stop. Please Forgive me but I thought that was the purpose of haveing other factions, to have some challenge. Now look I know that Im just a thorn in his side, I cant beat him in PVP but thats not what that char is for now is it? I dont brag about how I can steal more than him so he shouldnt brag about being able to kill me more, just a thought.

    It seems to me that the COM base is the hardest to defend. Also with the least ammount of factioneers it should be the easiest to defeat in battle because we dont have the depth of soldiers as others do. Hell we dont even communicate with eachother unless your part of the the "guild" so given that playing COM is the most challenging, why dont some more "Kick a$$ PVPers" come over to the cause?
    I mean was there a memo that went out that I didnt get?

    Dont take this as just a rant ( I am frustrated that it seems like possibley the worst PVPer in the game, thats me, is up against the largest obsticles, without useing My "blue" non faction buddies, and Im the "NooB") I really want to know where have all the CoM factioneers gone?

    Untill I see you later sporting my stat loss robe, Peace
  2. Uncle Talbo

    Uncle Talbo Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Nov 11, 2008
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    BTW since that post the beatings have been non stop, I see him every 15 min after my stat loss and he stops me from even getting into the sigil room anymore. Just a beat down. This guy has talked to me about my problem though, so for those that might not be in the loop like me heres the skinny,

    For the most part the Com and TB have had talks and since they were split against a larger faction it was time to link up. I have to say that the descision on changeing over to SL was a great idea from a defensive standpoint based on the several sets of chokepoints, plus if you have been fighting with guys and developed bonds with them out of mutual respect then that is a great asset for you because you can anticipate what their actions will be in cetian situations in which you are to support them.

    So if you went to sleep as a member of COM or TB and woke up with no one in your faction thats the deal.:scholar:

    Fight the good fight and I'll see you in next world.
  3. mdscan

    mdscan Guest

    Hi, I am on Chessy in TB. I joined the faction a little over 2 weeks ago. The first weekend I spent learning and was quite successful at stealing all the sigils. Then I realized that I was spoiling all the invasion fun so I took a break last weekend and just worked on the invasions and skill gains. I have noticed that there was a lot of SL activity but I don't mind because they spawn the invasions so I have not tried to take the sigils and disrupt things.

    I also noticed that there seemed to be fewer people in the TB faction, but I didn't know why. Anyway, I plan to continue what I am doing for a bit longer and then I will be more active in getting the sigils.

    This Tom character that you refer to is just a kid with some social issues. I have some friends that started killing him so often, he finally begged them to stop and offer them silver to do so.
    Anyway, that is my 2 cents.
    a rat :)
  4. Sephy

    Sephy Guest

    im from chessy in minax (guess what guild lol) they all left com because of the good and evil aspect of factions, they are all SL now because when they die they dont loose as many skill points.

    basicly, they suck at pvp and cry all the time and only fight u with 5 + people and dismounters....

    there kids with no skill so they had to leave com

    hope that answers ur question
  5. Nastia Cross

    Nastia Cross Guest

    I thought they left because of the glaring hole in security we figured out at their base...
  6. Sephy

    Sephy Guest

    lol thats one of the reasons ^^ I personally think its due to kill points over all tbh, they die alot more than other faction members because other faction members are actually good, there only good when they group fight you on your own.

    I was fighting SL at yew yesterday, they had 1 necro mage, 2 dexxers, 1 disarm archer and 2 stealth dismount archers. I was running alot ( I would be stupid not to? ) managed to kill 2 of them before I died, and yet they all spammed saying how much I suck and blah blah ^^ funny really

    The kids are a joke, there the guild that chase you with 5 people, but 1v1 they run back to the group. Don't bother even trying to reason with them..

    I was fighting one guy today on my dexxer, he was in house of course, I attacked him (he was a dp dexxer) he ran out with his 120 parry ( I have 0 parry ) didnt disarm for the fight, soon as he was low, he would run back into the house where as I was stood still the whole time, this went on 5 times in a row untill I told a guildie to come get the kill shot, he missed due to his parry and the SL dude was like OMG 2V1 BLAH BLAH, then attempted to trap me inbetween houses with doors and try and kill me, yet failed.... he did die eventually..

    Thing is, these kids are bad, granted there better than most, but there still bad compared to the guys who have been the best of the best for years ( yes me and some of the guys I run with )

    They needed to leave COM, and join SL for a reason, and it has to be the kill point issue, the only members with high kill points they have are the stealth archers, and the guys who hide in a house all day and run out for the kill shot when your low health. They lose there points to fast other wise and wont be able to wear there faction gear.

    Long post I know, I just got back from the pub waiting for food to cook and for a bath, so I have the time to tell whats really going on.

    Guys can talk trash all they want, some of them get better with each day, some of them stay sucky, but they have yet to grasp the consept of pvp but there trying, so props to them.