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-Y- Guild Auction - Friday 16th - 8:30pm EST

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Evlar, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    -Y- Guild Auction

    If you wish to submit an item, please contact one of the following Auction Team Members, either in-game or via ICQ:

    550 932 722 - Evlar

    349 265 313 - Avengence

    581 875 952 - Siren

    All of the above are authorized guild members and auctioneers. All will carry the -Y- guild tag. They will meet you in-game and issue you with a blue submission bag. Your item should be placed in the bag and the book completed with your name and ICQ number.

    Out auctioneer will take you to the auction house to accept your submission and will place your item in one of the gold boxes behind the counter. If they cannot do this, they are NOT one of our auctioneers.

    We've already got lots of great items up for auction and are expecting many more.

    There will also be great prizes on offer during the auction, so don't miss out!

    Books and runes are being dropped around the lands and a gater will be positioned at Luna bank prior to and during the auction.

    ATM vendors are also available at the auction house if you don't want to rush to the bank to withdraw funds.

    Upcoming Auction Dates

    Friday NOV 13th 2009
    Friday DEC 18th 2009
    Friday JAN 16th 2010
    Friday FEB 12th 2010
    Friday MAR 12th 2010

    See you all there!
  2. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    Next auction Friday NOV 13th 2009.

    Contact us if you wish to make submissions and we will provide you with a submission pack.

  3. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    With great sadness, much of the auction team from Y have left the guild. We will however be continuing the auctions at the same location on the following dates:

    Friday DEC 18th 2009
    Friday JAN 16th 2010
    Friday FEB 12th 2010
    Friday MAR 12th 2010

    We will be under the new banner of OMG! "Oh... My....God!", a new guild, formed by UO players who just want to have fun! :thumbup:

    We've redecorated the auction house to reflect our new guild colours and look forward to seeing you all at our next auction.

    Look out for more announcements nearer the next auction date of Friday DEC 18th 2009.