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10th Annual Fall-o-ween Deco Tour & Contest Winners

By Drakelord, Nov 5, 2016 | |
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    There was only two Entries for the contest. And two for the tour only. Since there was only the two that enter the contest the judges decided that both would win the top prize of twenty five million gold on Sonoma for the effort they put in. However the true winners were those that went on this tour of the four locations that were visited last night.

    These pictures may be the only way for some of you to see as there was talk of a deco contest for December and the wheels were turning for those home owners with plans for getting ready for that contest/tour. I do know that the owner of the guard tower will be seeking a larger location for the next project, some place where there is snow, snow, snow.


    The Caerleon Guard Outpost is sitting along the Britain-Vesper road. In the township of Caerleon, map coordinates are 42o 32‘N 43o 22‘E.
    Deco Tour.jpg Deco Tour1.jpg Deco Tour2.jpg

    The Haunted Maze is on the island of New Magincia (Trammel side), map coordinates are 53o 20‘S 164o 2‘E.
    Deco Tour3.jpg Deco Tour4.jpg Deco Tour5.jpg Deco Tour6.jpg Deco Tour7.jpg Deco Tour8.jpg

    To reach the two Castles, the faster way is to go to Luna (map coordinates are 102o 2‘N 20o 27W. There are two telly tiles to both castles at this well know vendor house in Luna. Nedie’s General Store.

    The Trinsic Castle is located just south across the bay from the wall city of Trinsic. Map coordinates are 132o 11‘S 56o 57‘E. A truly lovely setting for the fall. The colors all say time to set those clocks back (A little hint for most folks this weekend). All I can say I love this Castle.
    Deco Tour Castle.jpg Deco Tour Castle1.jpg Deco Tour Castle2.jpg Deco Tour Castle3.jpg

    The other Castle is in the Grove of Love. A haunting has taken place here, this place should be called the Grove of Horror now. Map coordinates are 13o 41‘N 35o 55‘W.
    Deco Tour Castle4.jpg Deco Tour Castle5.jpg Deco Tour Castle6.jpg Deco Tour Castle7.jpg Deco Tour Castle8.jpg

    That concludes the tour folks, if you can be quick and rush over to peek, steal ideas for decor etc.. Before they change everything for the next event.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    PROS - Wonderful decorations
    thank you, for posting these fantastic houses and castles. It would have been a shame to lose all records of them. My hat's off to the creative designers. So much planning and work went into them. :)
      Drakelord likes this.