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6-22-16 Trade Embargo

By Drakelord, Jun 23, 2016 | |
  1. EM event 6-22-16 Trade Embargo​

    You see: Commander Cameron

    Commander Cameron: I am glad to see you all here today
    Commander Cameron: Is there any news to report?
    Commander Cameron: Is Domanos here tonight?
    Commander Cameron: Domanos step forward please
    Commander Cameron: Your report was empty
    Commander Cameron: I can’t give credit for an empty report
    Commander Cameron: Perhaps tonight we can fix that
    Commander Cameron: Is the governor of Britain here?
    Commander Cameron: It appears there is a problem we must investigate
    Commander Cameron:I have been informed that there has been a complete halt of trade between Britain and Zento
    Commander Cameron: It is unknown at this time what the cause is
    Drakelord: Pirates?
    Commander Cameron: I hope to have our higher ranked officers lead an investigation to Zento
    Commander Cameron: You will go there tonight and meet with Ricca who is the elected trade commissioner there
    Commander Cameron: She is the head of Trade and our connection from Britain to Zento
    Commander Cameron: Will you investigate this for us?

    Now did you expect any of us to say no?

    Commander Cameron: Good good I will create a gate
    Commander Cameron: I am told the gate at Zento is not safe
    Commander Cameron: but it has not been investigated yet
    Commander Cameron: I was waiting for you all
    Commander Cameron: So I am gating you a ways off from the central gate location
    Commander Cameron: If you all are ready I will send you there. Look for Ricca at the bank she will meet you all there
    Drakelord: Moongate in the city not safe?
    Commander Cameron: That is correct Drakelord

    Moving outside near the stables the Commander open a gate for all to move through, once there we all sought to locate Ricca The Trade Commissioner.
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: Greetings
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: I had hoped for more soldiers
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: *looks around*
    AeLie: they are lingering at the gate
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: Can you call them?
    Drakelord: what up with the trade goods?
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: I would like to wait for everyone
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: So I needn't repeat myself
    Drakelord: everyone come to the bank
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: please come to the bank
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: We are effectively locked in here
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: *waves hand*
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: there is quite a bit waiting to go out
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: with more on the road
    Watcher: what about sailing from the outlying islands
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: and some at the gate
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: Thank you for coming
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: Our city has been besieged with some sort of remote control creatures
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: I dare say robots?
    Drakelord: that tinker again??
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: We heard you had a rogue tinker
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: in one of your cities
    Drakelord: yes in Minoc
    Drakelord: we took care of his pets
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: I have had waves of these come through
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: I cannot get people to help
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: They are in fear for their lives
    Drakelord: is that why you have not sent the trade goods over ??
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: Yes
    Drakelord: then we need to take them out folks
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: I cannot get anyone to help carry the goods
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: I know that it is dangerous
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: But Please investigate these creatures at the gate
    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: Please PLEASE be careful
    Drakelord: OK folks check them out at the gate

    Ricca The Trade Commissioner: if you can lure them out of town
    And that was the plan to lure them from the city and on the roads just outside the city gate, here is where the guard could bring its full force to bear on these tinker toys.
    Drakelord: lure them out of town
    ZERO: All Guard Me
    Malek: what slayer is for a flesh golem?
    Leanna Lynn: skin determines the slayer, not the corpse
    Malek: so..any idea what the slayer is for this skin?
    Leanna Lynn: not sure on a vollum
    The infernal ooze scorches you, setting you and your equipment ablaze!
    I know my tailor, tinker and blacksmith will be busy tomorrow.
    As we fought the toys we got a message from one of the Royal Guard;
    Dreadnaught: a guardian by the gate is able to be attacked now
    At last it looked as if we might win this battle as so far all I had seen was death on our side, (allot) the tide had change for the better.
    Samantha Rose: The infernal ooze scorches you, setting you and your equipment ablaze!
    Drakelord: * You feel the effects of your poison resistance wearing off *
    SIDEWINDER: The infernal ooze scorches you, setting you and your equipment ablaze!
    You see: TOTO Earl of Skara Brae
    Dreadnaught: well, they lost the color and name, just normal empty tubs now heh
    Malek: anyone got any suggestions on how to not die?
    Dreadnaught: don’t stand in the pee [acid] (Very wise words this is).
    At times it was a mad house of spells, commands all around us.
    Oxie: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    honey bread: In Vas Mani - Greater Heal
    a mongbat: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    Kasey: In Por Ylem - Magic Arrow
    Charly Dont Surf: Kal Vas Flam - Flame Strike
    Briar Rose: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    Samantha Rose: An Lor Xen - Invisibility
    Hulk Hogan: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    Mr Clean: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    You see: A Music Box? (Guardian)
    Drakelord: Nyraxle - Word of Death
    Sonic: In Vas Mani - Greater Heal
    phorate: Consecrus Arma - Consecrate Weapon
    Hulk Hogan: all follow me
    Hulk Hogan: all guard me
    Longtoothz: All kill

    At one time we heard one praying to the gods for help
    Malek: EM...any chance I can get a heads up on what Slayer I should be using :)
    Malek: Im having a rough time getting looting rights
    Anguis Domitor: evil automation is yellow
    AeLie: metallic critters don’t have slayers
    Malek: thats what I was thinking but wasn’t sure
    Ogus Cake: use a flame slayer so you can melt the metal
    Dreadnaught: armor ignore all day
    An Evil Automaton: I make these automatons to help humans
    An Evil Automaton: I will help you
    An Evil Automaton: Do not destroy my creations
    An Evil Automaton: You can not stop us
    An Evil Automaton: We self create!!
    An Evil Automaton: We have no feelings
    An Evil Automaton: You cannot hurt us
    Drakelord: Corp Por - Energy Bolt
    An Evil Automaton: We are one
    An Evil Automaton: HEAR US HUMANS
    That made the Royal guard only more determined to stop this evil creature now!
    Malek: I got looting rights...Im very surprised I didn’t get the drop. As fast as it died I didn’t figure.
    Malek: many people got looting rights. Must have been
    Malek: anyone want to sell the box?
    Hulk Hogan: the boss dropped fast :(
    Dreadnaught: if it did it died too quick to use it
    EM Willow: OH ok I will ask about it tomorrow
    StinkyPinky: 0ya drakelord
    Malek: how many people got the drop?
    EM Willow: Yes this crate is the drop
    EM Willow: I requested 15
    Drakelord: k
    Malek: anyone selling it?
    EM Willow: I will place this in the reward hall
    EM Willow: Next week we will investigate further!
    Deadly Poison: I’ll trade ya, for 2 barrels I picked up at the bank
    Drakelord: so is the trade embargo over or will there be another time for it?
    EM Willow: Yea no thanks. Not sure why people want to ruin the deco but I guess have at it?
    Deadly Poison: wasn’t ruining the deco
    Deadly Poison: trying to get a piece of it :)
    EM Willow: Next week will be a little less decorated because I thought I'd be able to use it for longer than one event
    Deadly Poison: most of it is still there
    EM Willow: Anyhow next week we investigate further!
    Malek: Anyone selling EM Drop?
    EM Willow: See ya all then!
    Drakelord: good night
    (Note there was a drop of 15)
    And with that she was gone. Thus ends this report.

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