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7/13/15 Dev Meet And Greet On Legends Transcript

This is a transcript of the Legends Dev Meet and Greet that took place on 7/13/15.
  1. This is a transcript of the Legends Dev Meet and Greet that took place on 7/13/15. The dev statements are color coded for easy reference. Thank you @Silent Singer for providing the picture accompanying this article!

    Mesanna says: Good evening everyone
    Mesanna says: shall we start
    Mesanna says: Avalon are you going to pull?

    EM Avalon says: yes Im sorry
    Lord Blue Devil says: hello
    Kyronix says: Greetings!
    Mesanna says: Hi Blue
    Lord Blue Devil says: was wondering about wrestling skill
    Lord Blue Devil says: it is a weapon skill?
    Kyronix says: Wrastlin'!
    Lord Blue Devil says: thinkin of the use of consecrate weap and such
    Lord Blue Devil says: with right amt of wrestlin?
    Mesanna says: good question
    Kyronix says: Are you asking about whether consecrate weapon works for wrestling?
    Lord Blue Devil says: y t doesnt
    Lord Blue Devil says: it is a weap skill
    Lord Blue Devil says: ?
    Lord Blue Devil says: and
    Mesanna says: I can tell you why
    Lord Blue Devil says: i remember Mesanna saying somethin bout a lgends event
    Lord Blue Devil says: last one of these i cam e to
    Mesanna says: When all this was designd it was not included
    Lord Blue Devil says: has that occured?
    Mesanna says: and we have not updated it
    Mesanna says: but I will say this

    Lord Blue Devil says: other type spells
    Lord Blue Devil says: same
    Mesanna says: after this upcoming publish we will look into it
    Lord Blue Devil says: like immolatng
    Lord Blue Devil says: necro curse weap
    Lord Blue Devil says: those types
    Mesanna says: *taking notes*
    Lord Blue Devil says: think spell weaving has the immolating
    Mesanna says: we do not have a better answer until we can look into it
    Lord Blue Devil says: thnx
    Mesanna says: you do make a good point
    Mesanna says: that's the best answer we can give you at this time
    Mesanna says: they all need to be re evaluated

    Lord Blue Devil says: fantastic
    Mesanna says: anything else
    Lord Blue Devil says: prolly be some askin same bout event thing
    Lord Blue Devil says: here
    Mesanna says: one of mine?
    Lord Blue Devil says: yeah
    Mesanna says: if so I will get with Avalon and do something evil =P
    Kyronix says: That's terrifying
    Lord Blue Devil says: not sayin EM Avalon wasnt workin hard
    EM Avalon says: we havent had one yet
    Mesanna says: I understand
    Mesanna says: I will work with her on that
    Mesanna says: anything else?

    Lord Blue Devil says: prolly but
    Lord Blue Devil says: dont want to monopolize here
    Lord Blue Devil says: thnx
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Loran says: Hail!
    Mesanna says: Hi Loren
    Kyronix says: Greetings!
    Loran says: Are there any changes planned for consumables/trapped boxes?
    Kyronix says: In what way?
    Mesanna says: umm more details
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: All Kill
    Mesanna says: ?
    Loran says: well
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: other options to avoid
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: All Kill
    Loran says: para chains
    Loran says: without the necesity
    Mesanna says: can you stop with the all kill please
    Loran says: i feel necromancy is struggling because of the power of enchanted apple at the moment
    Kyronix says: So basically another way to avoid getting para'd over and over?
    Mesanna says: are you trying to think of other ways to break paralyze
    Loran says: yes
    Kyronix says: Resisting Spells helps
    Mesanna says: Magic resist, VvsV player has potions
    Loran says: yes there are quite a few examples of what i would describe as unhealthy consumbales
    Misk says: Resisting Spells is a good way to avoid it!
    Mesanna says: ok do this for me
    Mesanna says: email us what you think about be good suggestions
    Mesanna says: I can tell you right now we are pretty tied up till after we get this publish out the door
    Mesanna says: give all the examples and any suggestions you have for imporovements

    Loran says: thank you
    Loran says: and i will
    Mesanna says: Most welcome
    Leroy Balderdash says: Hello
    Mesanna says: Hi Leroy
    Kyronix says: Salutations!
    Leroy Balderdash says: The loss of both Ches EMs was a harsh blow, especially after all the drama that led up to it...
    Leroy Balderdash says: I want to say they were really good
    Mesanna says: there was no drama that caused them to leave
    Leroy Balderdash says: When will Ches be getting new EMs?
    Mesanna says: I respect both of them alot actually
    Mesanna says: I am waiting on the contract now to get him trained

    Leroy Balderdash says: Just one?
    Mesanna says: yes to start with
    Leroy Balderdash says: Will Ches get the next global story then?
    Mesanna says: of course
    Mesanna says: they will not be left out
    Mesanna says: Anything else LEroy?
    Mesanna says: Leroy too

    Leroy Balderdash says: Well they were great, and I know there were complaints but I wanted to say otherwise
    Mesanna says: those had nothing to do with them leaving
    Leroy Balderdash says: right
    Leroy Balderdash says: I guess thats it
    Mesanna says: ok Leroy thank you
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: Greetings and welcome to Legends - winks at EM Avalon ;)
    Mesanna says: Hi Jack
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: WWe seem to be having an issue with the Light House & castles/keeps
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: when a boat decayed and went into the moving crate, we cannot access it
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: and ships are my life
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: is this a known issue?
    Mesanna says: do you have a house that is broken?
    Mesanna says: in this matter

    Lord Jack Sparrow says: a guidld mate does
    Mesanna says: I can get to my moving crate in house
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: guild*
    Mesanna says: Have your guildmate email me the location etc
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: the issue is with her castle
    Mesanna says: and I will take a look at it tomorrow
    Mesanna says: sound good?

    Lord Jack Sparrow says: yes, indeedd
    Mesanna says: you have my email address right
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: thanks
    Mesanna says: you're welcome
    Mesanna says: anything else we can help you with?

    Lord Jack Sparrow says: Damia says "We love you" and thank you for everything you do
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: no, that's it for now
    Mesanna says: *smiles* thanks
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: looking forward to news of the expansion
    Mesanna says: Have a good evening and don't forget to email me
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: thanks and enjoy your stay in Legends
    Mesanna says: make sure you are all signed up for the news letter
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: I did :)
    Mesanna says: if you are not go to uo.com and sign up
    Mesanna says: trust me you will want to

    Lord Jack Sparrow says: see you Thursday EM Avalon
    EM Avalon says: yes you will
    Lord Jack Sparrow says: you can poof me now lol
    Mesanna says: step on the teleporter
    EM Avalon says: you can step on the tile
    Mesanna says: Hi Keith
    Mesanna says: nice hat

    Keith Richard says: Hail my dear Lady
    Kyronix says: Very stylish choice in headware
    Keith Richard says: Devs
    Keith Richard says: Tis indeed for my trade
    Keith Richard says: *pages threw book*
    Keith Richard says: Might it be possible to add to runebooks
    Keith Richard says: other then 16 runes?
    Mesanna says: you mean as in make them bigger?
    Keith Richard says: yes dear Lady
    Mesanna says: we are addressing that in a future publish
    Mesanna says: stay tuned

    Keith Richard says: wonderful
    Mesanna says: yes we have the holiday season coming up
    Mesanna says: *smiles*

    Keith Richard says: Instruments of me trade
    Keith Richard says: will they be able to be held?
    Mesanna says: umm probably not
    Mesanna says: why would you want to hold it?

    EM Avalon says: cause its cool :)
    Keith Richard says: no thwaking of knaves
    Mesanna says: lol
    Keith Richard says: all the crazy groupies
    Keith Richard says: *smiles*
    Mesanna says: they are going to be a tad larger than the old ones
    Mesanna says: so don't think it would be easy to hold it

    Keith Richard says: i'll work it out....i'm preserved ye know jah?
    Mesanna says: *grins*
    Keith Richard says: thank you for thy time
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Mesanna says: have a good evening
    Mesanna says: Hi Phoenix

    Phoenix DWxC says: Good Eve Mesanna
    Phoenix DWxC says: and gentlemen
    Kyronix says: Hello!
    EM Avalon says: oh my
    Phoenix DWxC says: Long ago at one of these there was mention of a library of templates
    Phoenix DWxC says: that the Governors/EM might access in their towns
    Phoenix DWxC says: I being a kind to animal Governor
    Phoenix DWxC says: find that the meetings with the King are starting to become a bit stale
    Phoenix DWxC says: Is there still that idea floating around?
    Kyronix says: Yes it is
    Kyronix says: Originally when we started the Governorship the intent was to provide the EMs and the
    Kyronix says: Governors a way to make common sense improvements to the cities in which they governed
    Kyronix says: Unfortunately that kind of spiraled out of control and there was this expectation that
    Kyronix says: EMs in a lot of ways become the personal decorator of the Governor
    Kyronix says: That's not what they are there for

    Phoenix DWxC says: Understood
    Kyronix says: So, we decided on this idea of building a library of additions
    Phoenix DWxC says: I remember
    Kyronix says: Where the Governor's could work, within reason, with the King to make some improvements
    Kyronix says: For example on Catskills they've built a Market in Trinsic and utilized it for a shard wide
    Kyronix says: market day

    Phoenix DWxC says: Exactly
    Phoenix DWxC says: but ours was tore down
    Phoenix DWxC says: on Chessy
    Kyronix says: Certain structures aren't permanent
    Kyronix says: Because we often times run into a situation where we want to do something in a city
    Phoenix DWxC says: But Catskills still has their market?

    Mesanna says: When the new site is released we will have pictures of all the additions
    Phoenix DWxC says: Sorry to interupt
    Kyronix says: it was always on a weeklong timer
    Mesanna says: so you guys can see them and add to it
    Kyronix says: As I was saying the intent was to build a library of these additions that would then be automated
    Kyronix says: But first we needed to build that library and we haven't gotten quite enough to do it yet
    Kyronix says: You can still work with the crown to get these additions
    Kyronix says: And as Mesanna said our new sweet website will have some nice screenshots
    Kyronix says: So you can see what the additions look like
    Kyronix says: But we won't automate it until the library has more to it

    Phoenix DWxC says: So one simple question
    Kyronix says: But we are still building the stuff when requested
    Kyronix says: Sure

    Phoenix DWxC says: if a city needs lighting in a park..for safety reasons I assure you
    Phoenix DWxC says: The King can assist with that (possible timer)
    Phoenix DWxC says: but for player events I go to the PEC?
    Mesanna says: yes
    Mesanna says: go to the PEC for that

    Phoenix DWxC says: but I I need lights in Trinsic for one night as governor the Crown can help?
    Mesanna says: Phoenix
    Phoenix DWxC says: Yes?
    Mesanna says: If the governors want to add to the library
    Mesanna says: the submit to the king the design
    Mesanna says: and we will add it to the library
    Mesanna says: but
    Mesanna says: if the governor wants to do an event
    Mesanna says: go to the PEC
    Mesanna says: along with all players that might want to do an event
    Mesanna says: these are totally seperate from the EM events each shard will see
    Mesanna says: make snese?
    Mesanna says: sense?

    Phoenix DWxC says: It does make sense but oft times
    Phoenix DWxC says: when meeting with the Crown...things come up
    Phoenix DWxC says: and not much notice to get to PEC....sometimes and this has happened
    Phoenix DWxC says: took 2 months to get the PEC
    Phoenix DWxC says: who would set up times to meet and not show
    Mesanna says: umm
    Phoenix DWxC says: so in the councile room a battle ensues
    Mesanna says: then you make sure you cc me on anything you send to the PEC
    Phoenix DWxC says: a person is poisoned
    Mesanna says: I would suggest kick them out
    Phoenix DWxC says: part of a city story line
    Phoenix DWxC says: but we have to wait 2 months to act upon it
    Mesanna says: why are you waiting 2 months
    Phoenix DWxC says: I will send you an email
    Phoenix DWxC says: you can see
    Mesanna says: ok
    Mesanna says: please do

    Phoenix DWxC says: Thank you for your time
    Mesanna says: Thank you Phoenix
    Apple Jax says: Greetings and thank you for comming to Legends Love that Hat Misk :) Would look good on me
    Mesanna says: hi Apple
    Apple Jax says: My question is in regards to Skills
    Apple Jax says: Will there be skill increases or will we have tiered skills in the future?
    Mesanna says: good question
    Apple Jax says: Tiered skills eg. Archery and then you learn specific skills in archery like multi arrow or flaming arrow ect?
    Mesanna says: umm
    Mesanna says: I suggest you stick around for the expansion

    Apple Jax says: oh i plan to never to leave UO :)
    Mesanna says: good !
    Mesanna says: we will be here
    Mesanna says: lol

    Apple Jax says: please no Dinosours :(
    EM Avalon says: man!
    Kyronix says: Pfft
    Mesanna says: you already have the Raptors
    Apple Jax says: ya i guess lol
    Apple Jax says: i do have another question
    Mesanna says: ok
    Apple Jax says: ridable Stags for archers :)
    Apple Jax says: jking but that would be cool
    Mesanna says: lol and painful
    Mesanna says: those antlers are rough
    Mesanna says: Anything else Apple

    Apple Jax says: when we die in combat why do we have to wait 5 mins to rez a pet with the potion?
    Apple Jax says: potions should be on a timer right
    Mesanna says: one sec
    Misk says: it
    Mesanna says: Misk is going to answer this one
    Misk says: that timer was put in to avoid tamers from camping near vet NPCs and simply rezzing their pet
    Misk says: over and over quickly...
    Misk says: the same checks occur with the potion

    Apple Jax says: any way to make non tamers lose the timer?
    Apple Jax says: tamers have an advantage i have to wait or leave the dungen and get mine rezed :(
    Apple Jax says: last question
    Mesanna says: we will look at that but we are talking skill vs potion
    Mesanna says: we will review the timers though

    Apple Jax says: PVP shard Siege is there anything on a NON pvp shard for us old timers that hearts cant handle the pvp
    Apple Jax says: like make Sonoma a non pvp shard?
    Apple Jax says: example
    Apple Jax says: lol
    Mesanna says: well stay in Tram
    Mesanna says: there are alot of them if you look at it that way

    Apple Jax says: we cant do everything in tram lol
    Apple Jax says: but thank you for your time
    Mesanna says: thank you Apple
    Apple Jax says: look forwrd to the new stuff
    Mesanna says: thanks working hard on it
    Mesanna says: hi Jirel

    Kyronix says: Greetings!
    Jirel of Joiry says: Hello M'lady
    Jirel of Joiry says: I have afew questions
    Jirel of Joiry says: First the GM summons gump
    Mesanna says: are you talking about paging
    Jirel of Joiry says: Can we have more room in the box to explain, I feel like I'm tweeting a GM lol
    Mesanna says: *looks to Bleak*
    Mesanna says: Not sure we are going to increase it but I understand the length sometimes
    Mesanna says: hard to get it all out in 200 characters

    Jirel of Joiry says: Well It would help
    Bleak says: We will look into it
    Jirel of Joiry says: I had a blantant exploiter the other day, but I couldn't explain it to GM
    Jirel of Joiry says: So I got canned message
    Jirel of Joiry says: :(
    Mesanna says: if its an exploiter you should use harrassment
    Jirel of Joiry says: I did
    Mesanna says: so the GM's can pull the logs
    Jirel of Joiry says: Still got canned
    Jirel of Joiry says: guy placed a house on top of me and a packie, packie was deleted
    Mesanna says: we have seen that for years now
    Mesanna says: but we have never reproduced it
    Mesanna says: that is many many years old

    Jirel of Joiry says: groovy :s
    Jirel of Joiry says: Okay Bagpipes
    Mesanna says: we have tried to reproduce it
    Jirel of Joiry says: I know it tough to reproduce stuff
    Mesanna says: you want instruments you can equip?
    Jirel of Joiry says: I want bagpipes
    Jirel of Joiry says: We have kilts and longswords
    Mesanna says: would you settle for a song on the harpicord...lol
    Jirel of Joiry says: I checked and Scotland the brave is Publie domian as far as I can tell
    Jirel of Joiry says: okay
    Jirel of Joiry says: Scotland the Brave?
    Mesanna says: ok
    Jirel of Joiry says: And have you reconsider the War Elephant/ Mumakil idea?
    Jirel of Joiry says: *prays she don't kill me*
    Mesanna says: my finger is twitching over slay right now
    EM Avalon says: eek
    Jirel of Joiry says: LOL
    Jirel of Joiry says: sorry Its just soo cool
    Mesanna says: anything else Jirel?
    Jirel of Joiry says: Sorry my stupid Kaspersky went nuts just now
    Jirel of Joiry says: Um there was one more thing but I forget
    Jirel of Joiry says: Oh
    Mesanna says: lol if you remember you can always email
    Jirel of Joiry says: That rainbow thing that look
    Mesanna says: usually when its over you will remember
    Jirel of Joiry says: like horde minon
    Mesanna says: yes the trash man
    Jirel of Joiry says: Will they ever be permant addition to game
    Jirel of Joiry says: I love those crazy things
    Mesanna says: not at this time
    Jirel of Joiry says: awwwww
    Mesanna says: EC can not see them
    Jirel of Joiry says: Awww how sad
    Mesanna says: he is a rather handsome thing huh =)
    Jirel of Joiry says: Okay thats it
    Mesanna says: have a good evening Jirel
    Jirel of Joiry says: Thank you for you time M'Lady
    Queen Arya says: hail all
    Mesanna says: Hi Queen Arya
    Queen Arya says: and thanks to all of you for such a great game
    Queen Arya says: bows*
    Queen Arya says: Mesanna
    Mesanna says: thanks for being apart of it
    Mesanna says: yes?

    Queen Arya says: there is a bug
    Queen Arya says: my special title
    Queen Arya says: given for efforts
    Queen Arya says: for the crux
    Queen Arya says: on atlantic
    Queen Arya says: is broken
    Queen Arya says: I ran for govenor
    Mesanna says: yes didn't I fix you once already
    Queen Arya says: not this term
    Queen Arya says: no
    Mesanna says: ok email me when you will be in game
    Queen Arya says: is that something
    Queen Arya says: that will be fixed?
    EM Avalon says: there's a few here with the same issue
    Mesanna says: yes I can fix it
    Queen Arya says: I hate bugging u
    Mesanna says: I don't mind
    Mesanna says: quick fix

    Queen Arya says: bows
    Queen Arya says: appreciate it
    Queen Arya says: love u all
    Mesanna says: no problem
    Queen Arya says: waves*
    Mesanna says: bye
    Mesanna says: hi AsMoth

    AsMoth says: Hello all
    Kyronix says: Hello!
    AsMoth says: new Haven skill quests
    AsMoth says: how about adding UBWS to weapons
    AsMoth says: so a bush macer can use the reward he gets
    Mesanna says: sorry we are talking
    Mesanna says: one sec
    Mesanna says: you are asking for that skill to be put on the weapon you get doing the quests from haven?
    Mesanna says: if that is what you are asking then its not hard to do

    AsMoth says: use best weapon skill added to weapons
    Mesanna says: ok makes sense
    Mesanna says: and not hard to do
    Mesanna says: I have it on my notes from this evening
    Mesanna says: anything else

    AsMoth says: also a Garg version if a Garg finishs quest
    AsMoth says: armor and weapons
    Mesanna says: we will look at it
    AsMoth says: ty that is all
    Mesanna says: I agree those quests should be updated to include the gargoyles
    Mesanna says: thanks
    Mesanna says: hi Xerulia

    Xerulia says: 'lo
    Mesanna says: hi
    Xerulia says: my question concerns governor council meetings with the king
    Kyronix says: Greetings!
    Xerulia says: which I think are a good idea in principle
    Xerulia says: it is my belief that the EM takes the role of the King, however
    Mesanna says: yes .com Uriah
    Xerulia says: what purpose do they serve if the King cannot respond or interact with the governors and their ideas and thoughts in any way beyond a verbal RP response?
    Kyronix says: The intent was to give the EM, by mechanism of the Council, a core group of players by which to
    Xerulia says: if the governors council doesn't really result in anything then is it any surprise that many governors don't really bother showing up
    Kyronix says: base their storylines so that players can feel like they are more involved in the events
    Kyronix says: On some shards this worked really well
    Kyronix says: On others some took it as an oppurtunity to make game mechanic changes
    Kyronix says: or changes to game policy which is way outside the scope of what they can do
    Kyronix says: At it's core it's a roleplaying tool

    Xerulia says: ok, it is clearly working perfectly
    Xerulia says: that is all
    Kyronix says: That's not what I said at all
    Drex says: thanks for comming
    Drex says: and hail
    Mesanna says: hi Drex
    Mesanna says: one sec

    Kyronix says: Before you begin Drex
    Drex says: I have a simple one
    Kyronix says: What I wanted to say before the previous questioner left
    Kyronix says: Was that it's working better ons ome shards than others
    Kyronix says: and we are open to discussions on how to make it more engaging and more exiting for all those
    Kyronix says: involved
    Kyronix says: by having continued conversations on the topic
    Kyronix says: It was very much an experiment, and still continues to be
    Kyronix says: It will only get better by continued discussion
    Kyronix says: Thank you
    Kyronix says: Please continue Drex, and welcome

    Mesanna says: OK Drex your question
    Drex says: I am wondering if others are having Moble issues in enhanced client
    Drex says: they dont seem to be updateing correctly
    Drex says: not always but most of the time
    Mesanna says: I think Bleak fixed it, we have not put it out yet
    Mesanna says: but he can answer to that

    Bleak says: We are aware of a couple issues
    Drex says: Ninjitsu question next
    Bleak says: we have fixed serveral and will be looking into a few more
    Drex says: thanks for the EC update to come it will make life much happier i am sure
    Drex says: Ninjitsu question in animal form why cant we steal or use any magery in them forms I have racoons in my back yard that steal from me every night
    EM Avalon says: haha
    Drex says: i hate em
    Mesanna says: you get a benefit from these skills
    Mesanna says: and if you can do that plus use skills like stealing it probably would be OP
    Mesanna says: but
    Mesanna says: we can add raccoons so you can steal in that form in the future =)
    Mesanna says: I am kidding

    Drex says: i still hate racoons
    EM Avalon says: oooh raccoon!
    EM Avalon says: hehe

    Drex says: well thank you for your time
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Mesanna says: hi WarHawk

    Evil WarHawk says: Hello Mesanna,
    Evil WarHawk says: ill keep this short will u dye my robe napa valley color like the clown mask :heart:
    Mesanna says: no sir I will not dye robes
    Evil WarHawk says: ok it was worth a shot ty :heart:
    Mesanna says: masks and pumpkins
    Mesanna says: can't hurt right

    Evil WarHawk says: if i bring one to u later will u?
    Mesanna says: we will set up a time
    Evil WarHawk says: i actually have stage freight lol
    Mesanna says: maybe when we do the other event
    Evil WarHawk says: ok :)
    Mesanna says: great
    Evil WarHawk says: ty again
    Mesanna says: most welcome
    Kyronix says: Hello!
    Mesanna says: hi Hephaestus
    Hephaestus says: Greetings and thank you for taking this time. I have three questions, if I may....
    Hephaestus says: I aopologize if these have been covered
    Hephaestus says: First question
    Hephaestus says: Will the nline store be changed to allow
    Hephaestus says: the purchase of more than one legacy token
    Hephaestus says: at a time?
    Mesanna says: we have asked
    Mesanna says: but you also have to understand we do not control the store
    Mesanna says: that is apart of EA
    Mesanna says: and they will never do it

    Hephaestus says: I understand. But as someone who loves this game
    Mesanna says: the store is not set up for it and is a large task according to them
    Hephaestus says: I think the store impedes
    Hephaestus says: its health
    Mesanna says: I can not disagree with you
    Hephaestus says: Second question
    Hephaestus says: EM Avalon is amzaing
    Mesanna says: I know
    Hephaestus says: The reason I took root here actually
    Hephaestus says: aside from the great peeps
    Hephaestus says: however
    Hephaestus says: all EMs are not as awesome as Avalon
    Hephaestus says: is it possible to
    Hephaestus says: volunteer to be n EM
    Hephaestus says: is ther
    Mesanna says: no sir
    Hephaestus says: a policy?
    Mesanna says: its a paid position
    Hephaestus says: Oh
    Mesanna says: yes because I require x hours
    Hephaestus says: Well I hope Avalon gets a rasie
    Mesanna says: can not require anything from a volunteer
    EM Avalon says: haha thanks
    Hephaestus says: This praise for Avalon makes my last question very difficult
    Hephaestus says: You see,
    Hephaestus says: Avalon stole my lantern, can you return it?
    Mesanna says: Excuse me
    EM Avalon says: haha
    Mesanna says: she is not a thief
    Hephaestus says: Just look at his colors
    Hephaestus says: and then at mine
    Hephaestus says: it is clear
    Hephaestus says: that Avalon took my lantern
    EM Avalon says: haha no she didnt
    Hephaestus says: 'despite my great admiration
    EM Avalon says: joking!
    Hephaestus says: for Avalon
    Hephaestus says: I want it back
    Mesanna says: you will have to take that up with her =P
    Hephaestus says: *sigh*
    Hephaestus says: Thank you all for your work
    EM Avalon says: cold dead fingers honey...
    Hephaestus says: and your time
    Kyronix says: Thanks for playing!
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Hephaestus says: I know we are very critical
    Hephaestus says: all of us
    Hephaestus says: but we love the game
    Hephaestus says: and you support it
    Hephaestus says: thanks again
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Mesanna says: Hi Seledor

    Kyronix says: Greetings!
    Lord Seledor says: greetings and well met my lady
    Lord Seledor says: my first question
    Lord Seledor says: what is the status of the stable for the city of Jhelom
    EM Avalon says: I just asked about that too
    Lord Seledor says: wow
    EM Avalon says: thank you
    Mesanna says: one sec looking at something
    Lord Seledor says: oky
    Mesanna says: stuff like that has to be put on all shards
    Mesanna says: but I thought we had world built it into the game

    Lord Seledor says: well vesper has a stable now
    Mesanna says: we can look at it for there
    Lord Seledor says: ty
    Mesanna says: lol
    Mesanna says: next question

    Lord Seledor says: next is there a way to fix the Sea herders title so it will not change
    Mesanna says: you mean to keep it yellow?
    Lord Seledor says: yea
    Mesanna says: we will look into it and see what we can come up with
    Mesanna says: next question?

    Lord Seledor says: ook I am thinking it has something to do with the number of titles
    Mesanna says: not sure honestly
    Lord Seledor says: that is all I hav ty for being here and ty to dev fort making this the best game ever
    Lord Seledor says: oh and ty for ur time
    Mesanna says: thank you Seledor
    Kyronix says: Thanks for playing!
    Mesanna says: Thank you for having us Legends
    Kyronix says: Thank you Legends!
    EM Avalon says: thank you for being here
    Mesanna says: we got some great questions
    EM Avalon says: was an honor to have you
    Mesanna says: Have a good evening all

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