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8/10/15 Dev Meet And Greet On Atlantic Transcript (incomplete)

This is a transcript of the Atlantic Dev Meet and Greet that took place on 8/10/15. ***This is only a PARTIAL transcript. If anyone has a full...
  1. This is a transcript of the Atlantic Dev Meet and Greet that took place on 8/10/15. The dev statements are color coded for easy reference.

    ***This is only a PARTIAL transcript. If anyone has a full transcript and/or a screenshot from this Meet and Greet that you wouldn't mind me using, please PM it to me and I will add/update with appropriate credit.***

    *****Still no hot air balloons.

    Mesanna says: hi Duane did you have a question?
    Lord Duane says: Hows it going>?
    Mesanna says: good and yourself?
    Lord Duane says: Yes I keep hearing that duped gold will get wiped.
    Lord Duane says: If i have anyy will it be deleted?
    Mesanna says: Are you talking about checks or piles of gold?
    Mesanna says: Checks most likely

    Lord Duane says: I guess all of it I keep hearing that a lot of gold is duped
    Mesanna says: piles of gold I have never seen any duped piles of gold
    Lord Duane says: ok i dont have much im just wondering whats going to happen
    Lord Duane says: ok
    Mesanna says: ok
    Lord Duane says: thanks
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Mesanna says: have a breat day

    Lord Duane says: good to see yall
    Mesanna says: nice to see you also
    Mesanna says: use the teleporter to leave
    Mesanna says: Hi Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg says: hello
    Bleak says: Hello
    Blitzkrieg says: will you ever resign? I think its time for new management
    Lord Kirito says: Hello! :D
    Mesanna says: Ask one and we will be happy to answer it
    Mesanna says: Greetings Kirito

    Lord Kirito says: Could you please tell us more about the tamable avail in the Time of Legends expansion? :D
    Lord Kirito says: tamables*
    Mesanna says: we have tameable tigers
    Mesanna says: differen than the vet rewards
    Mesanna says: plus
    Mesanna says: and this is the first time we have talked about this part

    Lord Kirito says: O_O :D
    Mesanna says: One of the spawns is going to be a new mob
    Mesanna says: its a dragon turtle
    Mesanna says: so
    Mesanna says: that turtle will drop an egg
    Mesanna says: if you get one you can raise your own dragon turtle

    Lord Kirito says: #NAME?
    Lord Kirito says: There also seems to be some rumors about dreadmares being retamable would it be possible to clarify that?
    Mesanna says: those are the only two tameables in this one
    Mesanna says: not true
    Mesanna says: viscous rumor

    Lord Kirito says: Thank you for confirming that :D
    Mesanna says: most welcome
    Lord Kirito says: Thank you very much for your hard work too
    Mesanna says: Thank you on behalf of the whole team
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: hello all
    Mesanna says: Hi Supsoc
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: how are we?
    Mesanna says: we are wonderful
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: i wanted to ask
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: how will multiple vendors work with the new gold system?
    Mesanna says: what do you mean multi vendors
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: the gold on each account is to be seen by each toon correct?
    Mesanna says: Bleak is typing
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: sorry if i am confusing you... trying to figure out how to say it properly
    Bleak says: All character gold will be available to the account
    Bleak says: per shard

    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: how does that look with multiple vendors
    Mesanna says: are you asking how to pay a vendor?
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: is it based off whats is your bank?
    Bleak says: So you have an account balance for each shard
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: ahh that answered my question, ty for your help
    Bleak says: when you place gold from any character into your bank it will be placed in that account
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: ahh, so if its on a vendor
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: it is not seen
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: its only once you put it in the bank
    Bleak says: correct. So when you claim the gold it will go into your account
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: excited for the new changes... ty for what you do.
    Mesanna says: Thank you
    Lord SupSoc Inc. says: ty
    Hue Flung Poo says: when will glacial pigment will come in the cleanup? and im in the new group.where is the new spawn
    Hue Flung Poo says: hi
    Mesanna says: never
    Mesanna says: you are in the focus group?

    Hue Flung Poo says: yes
    Hue Flung Poo says: i just cant find it
    Lord Kyronix says: Well considering you are under an NDA we can't talk about it here
    Lord Kyronix says: But if you look at the forums you'll have more information for that when it's time
    Hue Flung Poo says: oops
    Mesanna says: lol
    Hue Flung Poo says: sorry
    Mesanna says: no worries
    Hue Flung Poo says: for sorry
    Mesanna says: its ok
    Hue Flung Poo says: :)
    Hue Flung Poo says: thats all
    Hue Flung Poo says: i will focus u
    Mesanna says: lol
    Hue Flung Poo says: and my prize please
    Mesanna says: thanks
    Mesanna says: anything else

    Hue Flung Poo says: just amy prize
    Hue Flung Poo says: :)
    Mesanna says: have a good evening
    Hue Flung Poo says: :)
    Mesanna says: hi Vic
    Vic says: first, thanks for all that you do. my question is on currency conversion
    Mesanna says: ok
    Vic says: so lets say i have three accounts, and one stores 500 gold in a house
    Vic says: one has the same on a vendor that he rents in luna
    Vic says: one has 100 mil in the bank
    Mesanna says: all different accounts?
    Vic says: how do each of those scenarios get handled?
    Vic says: correct
    Mesanna says: its done by account
    Mesanna says: until the gold or checks are put in the bank they are not added to the system

    Vic says: ok, so if i have 500 mil in a house
    Mesanna says: in checks?
    Vic says: it will stay as 500 mil in checks?
    Mesanna says: they will stay in check form till you put them in the bank Vic says: i see
    Vic says: so rumors are that duped checks will go poof too
    Mesanna says: yep
    Vic says: is taht true? i am sure that in 12 years, i have gold that is illegit
    Mesanna says: yes sir
    Mesanna says: who do you know you have duped checks?
    Mesanna says: how sorry

    Vic says: i dont, i just read stratics and believe everything there
    Vic says: so i know that everything is duped :)
    Mesanna says: not sure I would believe everything I read all the time
    Mesanna says: if you have concerns I will be happy to address them outside of this
    Mesanna says: just email me

    Vic says: ok lady
    Vic says: thanks for the time
    Mesanna says: welcome
    Elite says: Mylady, goodevening... gentlemen... goodevening too you too...
    Mesanna says: Greetings Elite
    Elite says: Hello :)
    Elite says: ihave one doubt
    Elite says: which is..
    Elite says: ALL KILL
    Elite says: ALL KILL
    Mesanna says: umm what?
    Elite says: taking n account we are very interested in this semi skill-item base new version on uo
    Elite says: ALL FOLLOW ME
    Elite says: ALL FOLLOW ME
    Elite says: will there still brittle cthegory of items exist in time of legends
    Lord Kyronix says: Yes
    Mesanna says: Yes they do
    Elite says: ALL FOLLOW ME
    Mesanna says: you will see new items
    Elite says: so no clean legendaries will be released
    Mesanna says: but those properties still exist
    Lord Kyronix says: Clean legendaries are available now, however they are rare
    Lord Kyronix says: As will be the case in the Time of Legends

    Elite says: ALL KILL
    Elite says: oh my mistake mylord havent seen one yet hehe
    Elite says: ALL KILL
    Elite says: ALL KILL
    Elite says: ok thanks to you all
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Elite says: good job guys congratulations
    Mesanna says: have a good evening
    Elite says: :)
    Elite says: bye
    Mesanna says: bye
    kalarak says: Hi
    Mesanna says: Hi Kalarak
    kalarak says: My question is on PvP champ spawns
    kalarak says: 1 will there be new ones with the expansion and 2 will there be new replica items like the most knowledge person etc?
    Lord Kyronix says: One of the encounters, which is a traditional champ spawn
    Lord Kyronix says: Will be replicated in Felucca
    Lord Kyronix says: So that will provide a PvP experience for those that are interested

    kalarak says: Alright, will it include any new replicas?
    Lord Kyronix says: There will be new artifacts to get from those encounters
    kalarak says: Cool. My last question, will EC be getting some of it's bugs ironed out any time soon?
    Bleak says: We have a couple more bug fixes coming for the EC
    kalarak says: Alright, thats all I wanted to ask.
    Bleak says: Which ones are at the top of your list?
    kalarak says: The top of my list would be targeting issues, corpes names disappearing from show all after being looked into and the paperdoll
    Mesanna says: Kalarak please email me some details on those bugs
    kalarak says: Alright, can I find your email on uo.com or. 0 .?
    Mesanna says: I will review the data base and make sure they are in the system if they are not already
    kalarak says: Where can I find your email?
    Mesanna says: [email protected]
    kalarak says: Okay. Will do.
    Mesanna says: thank you
    kalarak says: You guys have a nice night.
    Mesanna says: you also
    Bess GreenLeaf says: Good evening Ladies and Lords, My question is: How will you put funds on vendors without checks?
    Mesanna says: use the vendor gump
    Mesanna says: it will be an option

    Bess GreenLeaf says: Ok Thank you
    Mesanna says: Bleak put in a nice system for that
    Bess GreenLeaf says: awesome
    Bess GreenLeaf says: Are there gong to be any improvments to the fishing system
    Mesanna says: not this publish
    Mesanna says: but it is a system we would like to update in the future

    Bess GreenLeaf says: Thats too bad. It does need a little push
    Mesanna says: we agree
    Bess GreenLeaf says: But Thank you for your work on this new system :)
    Mesanna says: most welcome
    Bess GreenLeaf says: ok thats all I have )
    Mesanna says: have a good evening
    Atlantic Realtor says: Good Evening Mesanna and UO Team
    Mesanna says: hi
    Lord Kyronix says: Hello
    Bleak says: Hello
    Atlantic Realtor says: 1st off, are you showing this new cloth bc they will be available with new expansion?
    Atlantic Realtor says: :)
    Mesanna says: nope
    Atlantic Realtor says: haha
    Atlantic Realtor says: now for the main question
    Mesanna says: nice try though
    Atlantic Realtor says: Are we going to have a new land to Plot new houses or castles?
    Mesanna says: nope
    Atlantic Realtor says: i wish to secure this
    Mesanna says: no new lands for house placement
    Atlantic Realtor says: I had to try that too
    Atlantic Realtor says: i wish to secure this
    Atlantic Realtor says: all I need to know
    Atlantic Realtor says: Thanks everybody
    Atlantic Realtor says: Good Night
    Atlantic Realtor says: :)
    Mesanna says: night
    Mesanna says: hi Carter

    Carter says: hello ladies
    Lord Kyronix says: Greetings
    Carter says: so what are you going to do about all the non vendorable duped items
    Mesanna says: one sec
    Mesanna says: We are generating reports of these items
    Mesanna says: just know they will be addressed
    Mesanna says: I would rather not go into details as of yet

    Carter says: Well
    Carter says: I know when you transfer from shard to shard, the item cant be vendored like ti has been duped
    Mesanna says: yes we know this
    Mesanna says: and it will be addressed

    Carter says: results
    Carter says: we want results
    Mesanna says: hi Arya
    Queen Arya says: hiya guys
    Lord Kyronix says: Good Evening
    Mesanna says: psst gal
    Queen Arya says: I wanted to thank you for
    Queen Arya says: the new event
    Queen Arya says: coordinator
    Queen Arya says: for players
    Queen Arya says: I used wraith help
    Queen Arya says: couple weeks ago
    Mesanna says: good
    Queen Arya says: it was great
    Queen Arya says: thank you
    Mesanna says: it opens the door for players to be more creative
    Queen Arya says: now
    Queen Arya says: points to my title
    Queen Arya says: yes
    Queen Arya says: it was great
    Queen Arya says: we got to lock things down
    Queen Arya says: griefers
    Queen Arya says: couldnt move it
    Queen Arya says: pssst
    Queen Arya says: can you fix my title
    Mesanna says: what did you do to break it
    Queen Arya says: um
    Queen Arya says: its your fault
    Queen Arya says: lmao
    Queen Arya says: yikes
    Mesanna says: excuse me
    Queen Arya says: its a bug
    Queen Arya says: i ran for govna
    Queen Arya says: cant fix it
    Mesanna says: after this is over I will
    Mesanna says: if you can stay

    Queen Arya says: appreciate
    Mesanna says: if not let me know when you are in game
    Queen Arya says: again thank you all
    Mesanna says: and I will fix it
    Queen Arya says: for what you do
    Mesanna says: thank you
    MAPBOY says: hi how are you im thinking that ill not get you to make my glasses that color of your boots?
    Mesanna says: hi Mapboy
    Mesanna says: you are correct

    MAPBOY says: then
    MAPBOY says: can you work on making imbuing mods in the loot table MAPBOY says: for sos
    Mesanna says: we don't understand your question
    Mesanna says: can you explain a bit for us

    MAPBOY says: the sos chest
    MAPBOY says: can you work on adding imbuing ingrdeance like contoll or outher to the loot
    Lord Kyronix says: Ahhh, ingredients then?
    MAPBOY says: yes
    MAPBOY says: i have like 1000s of sos
    MAPBOY says: i dont do becuse there not worth the time
    Mesanna says: thank you for the suggestion, but know that sunken ships they might decay
    Mesanna says: understand

    MAPBOY says: ty just had to ask
    MAPBOY says: have a good night
    Mesanna says: you also
    Andrasta says: *smiles* Good Evening
    Mesanna says: hi Andrasta
    Lord Kyronix says: Hello
    Andrasta says: I have 2 quick questions
    Andrasta says: I am wondering if our citizens could please pick whatever trade deal they would like
    Andrasta says: and still remain with the same city
    Lord Kyronix says: Here's the thing about picking your own trade deal
    Lord Kyronix says: As opposed to the way it works now
    Lord Kyronix says: If we wanted to allow players to be able to pay some price, whatever the resource for that price
    Lord Kyronix says: may be, we could easily do that. And that's essentially what allowing a full selection of buffs from
    Lord Kyronix says: the trade deals
    Lord Kyronix says: However, the spirit of the Governor/Town system was an attempt to get people together

    Andrasta says: tthat would be awesome
    Lord Kyronix says: To rally in their cities and increase the level of interaction between people
    Lord Kyronix says: Because that's when the most fun and interesting stuff happens

    Andrasta says: that would only make them more loyal
    Andrasta says: they wouldnt have to leave their city to get another deal somewhere else
    Lord Kyronix says: Well the expectation is that if you want a different trade deal you'd speak with the person who
    Lord Kyronix says: Picks it, which is a push for the Governor and the citizens to interact

    Andrasta says: its hard to make everyone happy with only one choice
    Lord Kyronix says: This has worked well in some spots, but no in others
    Lord Kyronix says: So there's a balance we need to find in allowing freedom of choice

    Andrasta says: can we try it?
    Lord Kyronix says: But also not just making it an arbitrary buff getting mechanism
    Andrasta says: pretty please?
    Lord Kyronix says: In the future we hope to address the Governoships and that is certainly a topic
    Lord Kyronix says: We'll reexamine come that time

    Andrasta says: part 2
    Andrasta says: thank you
    Andrasta says: is about the gold on the townstones
    Andrasta says: will we ever be able to spend it on improvements and events?
    Lord Kyronix says: We've been building a library of town additions
    Lord Kyronix says: You may have seen them on other shards
    Lord Kyronix says: A jail in Britain, a market in Trinsic

    Andrasta says: oh they exist already?
    Andrasta says: how do we get access?
    Mesanna says: some are in the library
    Lord Kyronix says: As this list expands we hope to automate it and then you'd be able to use town funds to buy the
    Lord Kyronix says: Petition the Crown at a Governor's meeting

    Andrasta says: i have done that for a few years now
    Mesanna says: also if you have a design you would like to add please let us kmow
    Andrasta says: and have had no answer
    Lord Kyronix says: What have you tried to get done?
    Andrasta says: i have proposed the same thing a few times over my four terms
    Lord Kyronix says: And that is?
    Andrasta says: i will write in to Mesanna and try again
    Mesanna says: send me a design
    Andrasta says: a meeting place for New Magincia
    Andrasta says: we have our events in the streets as we have few buildings left
    Mesanna says: we will look into this further
    Andrasta says: thank you i will send one in
    Andrasta says: thanks for taking the time with us
    Mesanna says: most welcome
    Andrasta says: have a good evening
    Mesanna says: you also
    The FAMILYofWAR says: Hails Seeking to please the Gamers is wrong.(they will always be looking for the next Hot Game)
    Mesanna says: hi Family
    The FAMILYofWAR says: have u considered thjose that play for yers vs 30 day want to beat the gamers?
    Mesanna says: Are you still typing?
    The FAMILYofWAR says: just asking basically
    Mesanna says: but that is something we are always aware of
    Mesanna says: not sure I have a specific answer for you

    The FAMILYofWAR says: are you looking for loyal players, or just new players...done
    The FAMILYofWAR says: question
    The FAMILYofWAR says: is are you actually looking at subscriptions from a marketing point of veiw
    Mesanna says: We look at all these points every day
    The FAMILYofWAR says: ....100 players who will play for 10 yeara is better
    Mesanna says: and yes we would love to have both types of players
    Mesanna says: we do our best to put in good content

    The FAMILYofWAR says: then 10000 who lay for 30 days
    Mesanna says: and show our players how much we appreciate them
    Mesanna says: otherwise we would not do this on our own time
    Mesanna says: to answer questions and make ourself available to the players
    Mesanna says: we apprecdfiate all our players
    Mesanna says: appreciate too
    Mesanna says: I hope that answers your question

    The FAMILYofWAR says: sort o9f
    The FAMILYofWAR says: sort o9f
    The FAMILYofWAR says: will send an email, ty
    Mesanna says: ok
    Mesanna says: hi Doc

    Doc Holiday says: hail all. multi clienting -0 people running multiple accounts at once...not looking for a ruling here
    Doc Holiday says: i am genuinely curious as to your take on the subject
    Mesanna says: I have already made a statement on this
    Mesanna says: Multi clienting was put in the game by Supreeme
    Mesanna says: a while back so no that is not illegal
    Mesanna says: BUT

    Doc Holiday says: would you rather limit how it works or move to make it easier?
    Mesanna says: if you are doing this we can get you for macroing if you are not at your keyboard
    Mesanna says: everyone knows its easy to see who is doing what

    Doc Holiday says: i run 6 accounts, and if i am logged into game, i am normally logged in on four of them
    Mesanna says: ok
    Mesanna says: make sure you are there with them then

    Doc Holiday says: so your default assumption is that multiple accounts equals illicit activity
    Mesanna says: that is not what I said
    Mesanna says: I do not assume anything

    Doc Holiday says: again, only asking your opinions on the subject as a whole
    Mesanna says: I am just saying that players that multi client
    Mesanna says: if they are macroing
    Mesanna says: they can and will be actioned
    Mesanna says: if a GM catches them
    Mesanna says: unattended
    Mesanna says: sorry

    Doc Holiday says: macroing can be done just as effectively on one account as on several
    Doc Holiday says: the question was not about macroing
    Doc Holiday says: it was about your opinions on multi clienting
    Mesanna says: ok so I already answered your question then
    Mesanna says: multi clienting is not illegal

    Doc Holiday says: lol, if you think so, then ok :)
    Mesanna says: what is your question then
    Mesanna says: if that doesn't answer it
    Mesanna says: maybe I misunderstood you

    Doc Holiday says: what is your opinion on multi clienting in up
    Doc Holiday says: *uo
    Doc Holiday says: again -0 not looking for a ruling
    Doc Holiday says: we know its legal and can be exploited
    Mesanna says: you are paying for the accounts you should be able to play them
    Doc Holiday says: fair enough. i just hate that every time"multi" is mentioned -0 macroing come up immediately
    Mesanna says: *nods*
    Doc Holiday says: that sends a message as to how you view them and how the community does as well
    Doc Holiday says: thanks for the time and effort you guys rock. go get a beer :)
    Mesanna says: thank you
    Mesanna says: lol

    Deus says: hey, long time no seen
    Mesanna says: hi Deus
    Deus says: fast question or suggestion
    Deus says: there is couple gathering tools
    Deus says: skinning knife, butchers war cleawer, harvester blade
    Deus says: i would like menu to them chooche what to gather
    Deus says: harvester blade useless now cause meeat it gathers
    Deus says: well
    Mesanna says: hrm so for the blade you want to choose if its leather or scales?
    Deus says: yes leather scales or meat, all types
    Deus says: colours
    Deus says: litle nice addon
    Deus says: but would help greatly
    Mesanna says: we will add it to our list of suggestions
    Deus says: thanks no more
    Mesanna says: have a good one
    That Dude says: Hey babe
    Mesanna says: hi
    That Dude says: and good evening gents
    That Dude says: Money question again..
    Mesanna says: ok
    That Dude says: sorry if it been answered already i missed the first questions
    That Dude says: With this new currency system
    That Dude says: will you still be able to transfer your money from one shard to another?
    Mesanna says: yes
    That Dude says: well thats all
    That Dude says: easy enough
    Mesanna says: all or a portion but there is a system
    That Dude says: now
    That Dude says: nice
    That Dude says: Thanks. that's all )
    Mesanna says: we will be on TC1 towards the end of the month
    Mesanna says: please check it out there

    That Dude says: will do ma'am
    Mesanna says: anything else?
    That Dude says: that would be all
    That Dude says: thanks
    Mesanna says: have a good evening
    That Dude says: a kiss maybe?
    Mesanna says: *hug*
    That Dude says: fair game
    Mesanna says: lol
    That Dude says: )
    Mesanna says: hi Shane
    Shane McCulloh says: How are y'all doing this evening?
    Mesanna says: we are great
    Shane McCulloh says: I just wanna know if gear is going to change in the upcoming expansion, new properties? Splinter changes? Anything like that?
    Bleak says: Good
    Shane McCulloh says: Cuz I'm in the process of piecing together suits and whatnot, and don't wanna spend my gold if there's changes coming
    Shane McCulloh says: And I figured since everyone else got up here and asked their selfish question, I'd give mine a go as well.
    Lord Kyronix says: There won't be anything wildly revolutionary
    Lord Kyronix says: That would effect your suit building
    Lord Kyronix says: We will have two new armor types however

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