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A Battle Of Despair.

I stood in the middle of the battle field covered in bones. Did we really win? The dread I felt told me no. We were no closer to knowing who our...
By Tamais, May 10, 2016 | |
  1. Heading to Britain, I decided to use Umbra's gate. An eerie silence filled the town. The people, ever secretive, hidden away. Shivering, I hurried through the gate.

    Arriving at the hall, I found my seat up front. I couldn't shake strange feeling of dread that followed me. I was relived when I saw the Fiery Lady arrive. Though Lady Thalia didn't share my feelings.



    Not wanting to think about Umbra, I asked if there had been any word of Broken Earth.

    "I have heard tremblings, Tamais, but the Elder One stalks it." The Fiery Lady looked at me strangely. "No, I came about the dark presence trying to drag the people of Umbra into it.



    "If this is true, the elder is a danger to all that fled our world to yours. " She paused, "Minax's magic did not just damage a portion of our side... it dredged up other magic deeply sealed into the very ground of ours."

    "Broken Earth hinted of that. " I nodded.


    "Creatures kill and main, scrape and claw their way through the ways left open to your lands." she explained to the now silent room. "You have stopped some."


    She shook her head sadly, "You have been told of the Weld that started their war?"

    "Aye, Evidias showed us." I replied, seeing the Weld Council in my mind.



    "Now the whispers are here." To my surprise the Fiery Lady shivered. "A voice whispering madness, dragging even I down into it."

    "But you can stop it can't you?" I asked with the feeling of dread becoming stronger.

    We looked at each other. Something that even the Fiery Lady was afraid of. How could we possible stop it. "My Lady, what must we do?" a voice asking the question we all had.

    The Fiery Lady nodded with approval. " Drive it back so we can seal our side again. Then when Minax's connection to it falls and the gates close, it will be trapped again."


    Ah, that explained the feeling of dread I felt when I went through Umbra. I saw the others getting ready to face the days battles. I hope we aren't too late.​

    Outside, the Fiery Lady pulled out a scroll. "Evidias has prepared a spell for us. We must hurry."

    Without question we passed through her gate. Looking around I saw that we had arrived back where our last battle had begun. The four black pillars still standing.

    Nervously I watched the Fiery Lady take the scroll out of her robe's pocket. Then she drew a slender dagger. A feeling of horror filled me as she placed a hand on the scroll.

    Wincing, she closed her eyes and began chanting.


    Holding my breath, I waited to see what would happen. I could hear weapons begin drawn, spell books opening, and tamers softly calling their animal friends. We didn't have to wait long.​


    Pushed from behind, I found myself face to face with the creature...the Fiery Lady no where to be seen. "Hum, I do." Just wait until I found that person. The creature turned to me.


    I tried to step back. "Well..."

    "Come then...they will take you to him." The horrible creature smiled and we found ourselves surrounded.




    The ground was soon littered with our bones and those of our dragons. Still we slowly began to win. When from behind me I heard a voice that made my blood run cold. It was back...for me!



    Before I could answer, we found ourselves in front of Umbra. Racing towards us over the bridge, spiders...horrible spiders.



    Soon the spiders were joined by another strange creature. An illusion from the Depths, it's presence filled the air with a feeling of despair.



    The battle over, we returned to the desert. The creature from the depths was surprised yet pleased at our arrival. "You return...how? You didn't go to Umbra then...to frightened."


    "Yes, I will bring you to him...and he will bring me to his side!" The creature shouted madly, "Then he will free me! Oh blessed are you, great sacrifices."

    My curiosity peaked, I had to ask who he was talking about.

    "Who? He is not a thing...let me take you myself." The creature held it's hand out.

    In spite of my better judgment, I closed my eyes and took it. I felt a cold desire...a shock...then nothing. Hearing cries of surprise, I opened my eyes. There at my feet was the creature...dead?

    Turning to the others, I laughed as they stepped away from me.

    "Tamais, you stay away from me if you can do that. "Govenor Jov laughed hiding his hands.

    "Tamias has the GI Joe Kung Fu grip. " Sebben Hilaron added.

    Still we knew that the creature wasn't done. It was merely playing with us. All too soon it returned bringing its deadly pets with it.






    After a bloodbath, the creature was defeated. I could only stand in shock surrounded by the bodies.

    Slowly we regained our strength. The wandering healers helping us resurrecting our dead while tamers resurrected their dragons. Battered we returned to the hall hoping to find the Fiery Lady or Evidias.

    The hall was empty, cold, and silent. We sat for a while...each trapped in our thoughts...knowing the worse was yet to come. At last one at a time we left hoping to find hope by our home fires.

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