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A Crimson Dragon Trivia Hunt

This week EM Topaz had a deadly trivia event for us. After each clue, a crimson dragon waited for us. We also surprised her with a 1st...
By Tamais, Oct 27, 2017 | |
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  1. Meeting at the hall early, we prepared a special surprise for EM Topaz...her 1st year celebration. She received congratulation books that people had signed, a special cake, brew, and robe.


    EM Topaz: My anniversary was last month but we didn't get to celebrate it. Everyone thank you so much

    Melodie: Congratulations!

    Epona: congrats...I hope you stay forever

    Tamais : thank you for all the fun

    Gwynne: hehe

    Ronan: yes, congrats




    Cowboy: yipee

    EM Topaz: So lets call this our anniversary event. We are gonnna be rocking tonight!

    EM Topaz: Ok, So I have placed in random places through the world.

    EM Topaz: Dragons for us to hunt or you to hunt

    Gwynne: CRIMSON dragons? :p

    EM Topaz: So along with each dragon is a clue giver. The clue giver will give the location to the next clue in trivia form.

    EM Topaz: if you are a baddarse uo player these trivia questions may be too easy for you. If you just started yesterday, bring a friend

    Melodie: So, whoever figures out the clue first gets to die first?

    Tamais : lol

    EM Topaz: Right!

    Melodie: :)

    EM Topaz: Ok now some of the dragons are super hard and some of them have been nerfed a little because of the location.

    Gwynne: what other facets do you mean Fellucca or Illshenar or Eodon

    EM Topaz: That's for you to figure out!

    Sphinkter: please can't do puzzles.

    Tamais : we'll help each other I promise.

    Demoss: general chat?

    EM Topaz: I think we can use general chat

    Tamais : then we can use call a friend ;)

    Gwynne: lol

    EM Topaz: you can call as many friends as you like

    Melodie: Use a "lifeline"?

    EM Topaz: And I will have a surprise waiting at the final location

    Epona: a bigger dragon

    EM Topaz: Here's the easiest clue for the first location...Ready

    Ronan: Yep

    EM Topaz: This first location... A Cave west of the dungeon of dragons
    Easy peasy Go!

    Epona: ok Destard

    Ronan: west of Destard?

    Tamais : yep there is a mining cave there

    Epona: omg...just west of Destard

    Vixen Sonoma: there a CDragon inside

    After getting my rune book, I joined the others. Going into the cave I met the first dragon and clue giver.

    Ronan: that dragon underground? hehe

    5.jpg 6.jpg



    Tamais : hum ra... any one know?

    Epona: what is the second location?

    Epona: shrine with mantra ra...chaos? lol, dont know

    Ronan: Valor, Jhelom

    Demoss: Valor

    Skeptamystic: soooo this isn't a regular event just a crimmy hunt

    I hurried home to find the rune book then opened gates for those who didn't have one.

    EM Topaz: I love how you all work together

    Tamais : lol I just wish I had all the rune books I needed

    Gwynne: oh pretty!

    8.jpg 9.jpg

    EM Topaz: btw you can get a confirmation on most of these npcs if you give the correct answer. I think from here on out they will say "correct" if you are right.

    Tamais : ooo good to know


    Epona: dungeon Wrong

    Location Giver: Correct!

    Epona: this one isn't the shrine, wrong dungeon is the next place.​
    The dragon was waiting outside for us.​

    11.jpg 12.jpg

    EM Topaz: You will want to name them in front of the clue giver so she can give you part two of the clue. You have to spell them correct.

    Tamais : Trammel Felucca

    Tamais : k next stop a city with a moongate on only one facet (this one took some brainstorming to figure out.)

    EM Topaz: Let me know when you need a hint

    Epona: must be Britain

    Gwynne: could be Occlo then

    Tamais : Haven

    Demoss: or Buc's Fel lol

    Location Giver: Correct!

    Sphinkter: gotta be Buc's Den Fel

    Kristen: no Buc's Den has a Trammel and Fel

    Gwynne: she said correct. There is no trammel Buc's gate?

    Kristen: no

    Tamais : now to figure out which one

    Gwynne: its Fel Buc's

    Gold Rush: den is right

    Gwynne: it's here

    Ronan: Fel side of Buc's?
    14.jpg 15.jpg


    Epona: sport in history

    Tamais : bag ball for the win

    Location Giver: Yes, find the court where it is played.
    17.jpg 18.jpg

    Ronan: think he burned down the stadium

    Gwynne: yep see the death robes :)

    EM Topaz: wow this one is like bouncing all over the place

    Gwynne: oh, it's hopping around

    Epona: u think lol

    EM Topaz: I'm not moving it its jumping all on its own lol

    Ronan: hehe

    Arriving at the entrance to Doom we found the dragon trying to hid, Tamais : lol he is half buried

    Ronan: hehe

    Bloody Mary: doom entrance has Dragon

    Gold Rush: next doom
    20.jpg 22.jpg

    Vixen Sonoma: so who has a rune to the HAG?
    Tamais : I do, and went home to get it

    Tamais: eeeek! gate to monsters!

    EM Topaz: whoa talk about a bad place to gate in lol

    Ronan: ouch, hehe

    Gwynne: uh oh missed the gate

    Tamais : lol be glad

    Gwynne: lol

    Tamais : my gate took us right on top of the dragon(I apologize again that my gate put us on top of the dragon.)

    Ronan: gonna have plenty of deaths for bones
    24.jpg 25.jpg
    At first the location giver refused to talk to us.

    Tamais : Topaz she is on strike and won't talk to us

    EM Topaz: hmmm, let me fix it

    Epona: give her the cure

    Ronan: hehe

    Tamais : lol

    Grea: location


    (After a little discussion we found the correct location)

    Ronan: what will res red char?

    Epona: the shrine with Adreille in Fel, must be that one. I don't have a rune

    Gwynne: where the heck is that

    Epona: oh god, thinking, let me load map

    EM Topaz: this npc will say "correct" when you name the place

    Ronan: chaos? It's chaos, she said correct to it.

    Ronan: that is north of wind entrance? north of Solen near wind or the Ilsh one?

    Gwynne: its Fel Chaos. It's here

    Epona: it's for chaos
    27.jpg 28.jpg


    Epona: wind

    Location Giver: Correct!!

    Vixen Sonoma: dragon nine is at WIND

    Ronan: Tram Wind
    30.jpg 31.jpg
    Tamais : location

    Vixen Sonoma: location

    Ronan: location

    Sphinkter: location

    Dellmagic: Location


    Gwynne: next?

    Tamais : Maginica

    Epona: city of Humiity, is that Trinsic?

    EM Topaz: All I can say about the final location is "BE CAREFUL"

    Sphinkter: Magincia

    Vixen Sonoma: yes Magincia

    Location Giver: Correct!

    Sphinkter: New Magincia

    EM Topaz: Like... um... I have a surprise waiting for you and it may be... daeth! muahahahaha

    Tamais : eeek

    A Shoelace: new mag docks

    Epona: ah 2 dragons

    We soon found that there were in fact several crimson dragons waiting on the docks for us.
    33.jpg 34.jpg

    Kristen: I'm so hungry I can eat a dragon :)

    Vixen Sonoma: dragon ten on the docks

    A Shoelace: didn't we just kill ten?

    Vixen Sonoma: nope

    Tamais : lol 10a and now 10 b
    35.jpg 36.jpg
    Ronan: dragon east too, 10 c,and west
    I found myself caught between both of the dragons Ronan spotted, "wow i'm a dragon sandwich."


    A Shoelace: I want a dragon samich!

    Tamais : lol, stand where I am. Dragons on both sides.

    EM Topaz: I'll keep that in mind when making up drops

    A Shoelace: That would be best drop ever

    Tamais : ooo how about a rancid dragon sandwich

    Vixen Sonoma: *Looks at the burning Docks and the Deep water and is glad she can swim*

    After the last dragon was cleared, we returned to the bag ball court where EM Topaz was waiting.

    EM Topaz: That was fun!! ((for me))

    Tamais : that was fun

    EM Topaz: Maybe this should be a monthly event?

    Tamais : but boy I need to make a whole bunch of runes books. lol had to keep popping home and running to Lady Keira's Library

    EM Topaz: I like something different that isn't all smash and grab

    Vixen Sonoma: it was fun :) and I thank you for have this event for us

    EM Topaz: And the trivia helps folks learn more about the game!! I will start making a trivia file

    Gwynne: happy one year anniversary

    EM Topaz: Thank you for all the anniversary wishes!

    Vixen Sonoma: may you have many more. I honor thee

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