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A Halloween Party And Scary Stories.

EM Topaz threw a shard Halloween party. We had food, drink, and a blast. The highlight of the night were the wonderful scary stories that were...
By Tamais, Nov 11, 2016 | |
  1. Halloween was coming, all cross the lands you could find the signs. Skeletons, blood and strange creatures appeared in the different cities.



    Excitedly, I read the invitation from EM Topaz to join her for a Halloween party. Food, drink and a scary story contest. I remembered a tale I had been told by the citizens of Yew. Quickly I put pen to parchment. Then I hurried over to the fair grounds to take a peek. Yep, Halloween had arrived here.​

    That night I returned for the party. On the tables were Halloween treats, cakes, cookies, pizza and special brews...OoooO mist and Mesanna's Death Brew whiskey.
    I joined those who had already arrived. "I think this is going to rock," Idocguy told me. I smiled in agreement.

    We didn't have to wait long before EM Topaz joined us.

    "Hail, EM Topaz." I said waving to her.

    "Hi, EM." idocguy said smiling. "Man, do I got a story for u."

    Happy Halloween!!! "EM Topaz shouted.

    "EM Topaz, you scared me!!" Val exclaimed.

    Nodding, I agreed. "Scary costume. "Happy Halloween to you also."

    EM Topaz looked around. "Yay cake!"

    "Yep and other goodies." I pointed to the tables and the two kegs of brew.

    "Awesome." EM Topaz began to sample, "Dang we are gonna have a great time!"

    "Well you said a party " I winked.

    While we waited she put out the three trophies, strangely colored ghoul statues to be displayed in the trophy hall. EM Topaz explained that we would chose the winners using the ballot boxes she had brought.


    After making sure everyone could here. Idocguy began our scary story night.

    One night, these kids were coming home from a party and there was a cemetery about one block away from home.

    One kid was telling the others about a local legend. If you go and stand on the grave for ten seconds and stab a knife into it, a hand will grab you and pull you into the grave with the corpse.

    One girl was brave enough to do it for $20.00. She got a knife, walked to a grave, stood on it, and stabbed the knife into it.

    Suddenly, her leg felt heavy and she tried to pick it up, but something was grabbing HER!

    She was yelling and crying for help, but her friends thought she was kidding, so they just left.

    The next day, they found out that she had died, of fright. She thought that somebody was grabbing her, but the knife she was using had pierced her pants and held her there.

    The End

    "oh no!" EM Topaz exclaimed. she gave herself a heart attack!"

    Picturing the terror the poor gal felt, I couldn't help but shiver as I clapped. "I'll never be able to look at the graveyards the same."

    Nodding. EM Topaz clapped. "Good story but sorry she had to be so afraid."

    "Yep" idocguy winked. "she did win 20 dollars though."

    "Haha, do you still have to pay when the person dies who does the dare? EM Topaz laughed.

    "Gosh, I am afraid to ask what is next." EM Topaz looked at us.
    Looking around I asked Lady Val if she was ready.

    She nodded. "My story won't be as scary as yours. it's more of cute story then scary... except for maybe the last part. I was hoping maybe to wait until the actual moment happens as the last part of my story."

    Know what the change was, I nodded. "I fear that change might take awhile. Anyone have a time piece? "

    "We will make believe." EM Topaz assured her.
    11.png Lady Val in costume as an Ice Elf Pirate.​

    "O.K. first part the story." Lady Val began. "Back in T2A I first created a character named Casper, the friendly Ghost, naturally I killed Casper too turn him into a ghost, then I ran around town yelling I'm Casper the friendly Ghost,"

    we all laughed. Then let her continue. "Today I recalled into Yew Empath Abbey and spoooked Daphne as I was still in werewolf form , she then screeeched guards !!!"

    When Val wandered the forests one night, she unfortunately encountered a ferocious looking wolf, it was massively drooling at the mouth, and snarled loudly at Val. Val quivered in fear of it.

    The Wolf snarled, again at Val, I see you are very afraid of me. In return for showing fear of me I will spare your life, but, you will be cursed with my vicious werewolf venomous bite... by day a beautiful elf by night a scarry wolf.

    And from that day. Val has transformed back and forth.

    "pooh so you are a werewolf during full moons?" EM Topaz asked. "The wolf turned you?"

    Val nodded, "Ya."

    "For shame, scaring my poor citizens," I winked at her while clapping.

    "That is scary!" EM Topaz said clapping.

    "NIce, I love furies, " Steven told her with a smile. "Can I go next?"

    EM Topaz replied, "Sure Steven! Tell us a story!"

    Before he began his story, Steven handed out pitchers of wine. Looking at them, I was torn. while I love a good wine, what was his plan.
    "Everyone wants wine!" EM Topaz took a drink. *hic*
    Watching as people enjoyed his wine. Steven began his story.

    "One time in Britannia ,a old old couple bought themselves a castle. It was old and by the swamp. but they loved it any ways.

    In the castle they found a wine barrel, the past owner had left. They both tried to moved it but could not. Then they asked friends to come over and try. And still they couldn't.

    So they decided to have a party and drink the barrel of wine. Many people showed up and had a great time drinking wine and partying.

    The next day the old man went down to move the barrel and found he still couldn't move it. So he got his ax and was going to chop it up. He cut the top of first.
    When he did, he found a dead body that had been preserved from all the wine they had drunk.

    "Ewww, "I looked at the wine fearfully. Boy, was I glad I hadn't drank any.

    " ACK, I drank it all." EM Topaz said hiccupping, her face turning a little green.

    "MORE WINE ANY ONE." Steven offered with a wicked grin.
    "OH noooo." EM Topaz replied.*passes out*
    Laughing at EM Topaz, we all clapped for Steven's story.

    Lady Thalia began toasting marshmallows.

    "lol I am glad it's only a story." EM Topaz studied Steven. " It is only a story, right? Haha, we are having great story time."

    Idocguy joined her laughing.

    "Who else has a story?" EM Topaz looked over at Lady Thalia.

    Lady Thalia pulled out some chocolate and graham crackers. "Ummm, let me think. Okay Here's one.

    EM Topaz clapped her hands as Lady Thalia held a torch below her face.
    15.png Lady Thalia in costume as Super Girl​

    "Not many people know this but Destard is a place with more than dragons." Lady Thalia began after handing out s'mores.

    "Many years ago a tamer went to Destard in search of a dragon friend. It was coincidentally the night of Halloween. She braved the darkness making her way into the deepest reaches of Destard looking for ......the perfect Dragon when she spotted a glowing crystal.

    The tamer had never seen something so precious when a haunting voice growled "do not touch it" Now naturally a tamer can never resist such a challenge.

    So after trying to discover the source of the warning, she walked up to the crystal. Carefully she laid a hand on it and was zapped with a charge of electricity

    Immediately she screamed and when she stared at her hand in was now a dragon's claw and worse it was of a shadowy color.

    The tamer was so saddened that she never left Destard and it is said to this day......that you can hear her cries in the dungeon. But each night on Halloween...she wanders free to terrify those who would harm the dragons crystal.

    and if you are not careful she may come for you! GROWLS!" And Lady Thalia turned into a Shadow Wrym.
    As she flew around us, I did the brave thing and hid behind idocguy.

    Where Lady Thalia grabbed me. Then flying back to EM Topaz. pretended to chomp her.

    " hahaha you got me!" EM Topaz laughed clapping her hands. "I was Like did I accidently spawn something!"

    Winking, Lady Thalia handed the torch back.

    "Who is next?" Steven asked still laughing.
    "You." I told him.​

    He began his tale. "There is a factory behind a middle school in Dallas, Texas. One day, four girls were walking home from the movie theater that use to be there before the school. When they were in the middle of the field, two grils said they needed to use a restroom.

    They didn't want to go back to the theatre so they decided to climb over the fence and use the restroom at the factory. The wo girls went while the other two stayed to help them over the fence.

    After twenty minutes, the two remaining girls head deadly screams from their friends. They ran and their friends were never seen again.

    Today, the factory still remains and it is said if you cross the fence border, you too will never be seen again

    The End.

    "ooo." EM Topaz said with a shiver.

    Thinking I heard something, I looked over my shoulder. I would have a hard time sleeping after these scary tales. "I am so never going there."

    "Dang, Me either!" EM Topaz agreed.

    "Interesting," Lady Val grinned. "I'll try anything exciting."

    "These are fun." I joined in the clapping.

    "Who else has a story?" EM Topaz asked looked hopefully around.
    "I'll tell mine, if there is on one else." I replied. "It is just for fun and not an actual entry.

    "Okay, Tamais." EM Topaz nodded for me to begin.

    18.png Myself in costume as the Hag of Yew​

    "As governor of Yew, I often wander the forest and farms. On one of my journeys, I saw a cloaked figure.

    Walking towards it, it disappeared. Puzzled I looked for the person but only found a patch of dead earth and in the middle a single living laurel plant. My interest peaked, I went to Yew Village. There they told me a strange tale.

    There they told me a strange tale. Not long after the opening of Heartwood, the elves took in a young girl, Laurel.

    Laurel had killed her family when she accidently summoned a fierce thunderstorm. The elves knew that without training her nature magic, would endanger the world.

    Tolion was put in charge of teaching her. His teaching of spellweaving often took them to the woods at night. Slowly Laurel fell deeply in love with him and he with her.

    One night, she stayed in the woods after Tolion had return to Heartwood. Walking along the path, she saw a robed figure in front of her. When it beckoned, she was compelled to follow.

    In a clearing, the robed figure pulled back its hood. A man stood there. Bewitched by his eerie beauty, Tolion was forgotten.

    The man, a powerful necromancer, desired above all else to destroy the elves.
    Night after night, he taught her the power of necromancy...all memory of him forgotten in the rising sun's light. Talion seeing a change in her, followed her.

    Seeing the necromancer, he challenged him for Laurel's love. Their battle was long and hard fought.

    Beginning to lose, the Necromancer, called for Laurel's help. Bewitched, Laurel's added spells defeated Tolion.

    Seeing him fall, Laurel's enchantment broke. Rushing to his side, she tried to use her magic to heal him. He died in her arms.

    In grief, she cast what she thought was a spell of resurrection. To her Horror she had unknowingly cast the necromancer spell of animating the dead...Tolioni rose, a dreadful Lich Lord

    Calling to him, he turned his dead eyes on her and struck her down. When she awoke, his corpse was beside her. Madness was her escape from what she had done.

    Now she wanders the lands looking for the Necromancer who took her love. Killing everything she touches and turning it into creatures of the undead.

    Her quest only stopped by the rising sun when she turns into a laurel bush. " I paused, "So beware of walking in the Yew Forest at night. You might cross the path of Laurel the Yew hag and be cursed to wander as one of the undead."

    "ooo that story gave me a chill." said Lady Val with a shiver.

    "Wow!" EM Topaz said. "Oh how sad."

    I blushed as people complemented by story.

    "That was a good story!" EM Topaz told me.

    "Nice," Steve said.

    "Very Nice." idocguy added.


    When no one else volunteered. EM Topaz left to place the ballot boxes. We took advantage to eat and drink.​

    "More dead guy wine any one." Steven passed out more wine pitchers. "Want to make sure u drunk before we vote."

    We all laughed.

    Still leery of that wine, I took a sip of Mesanna's Death Brew. "This is going to be a hard choice. They were all such great stories."

    Before long, EM Topaz returned to inform us the ballot boxes were ready. Going to vote, I knew it was going to be tough. Everyone had told such wonderful stories.

    Returning to the fire, I looked over at Topaz. "No wonder you didn't want to have to judge by your self...very tough choices. Everyone agreed.

    "Very hard to pick...better job for you all." EM Topaz laughed. "Excellent stories everyone. This was fun."

    "I liked the blood wine." idocguy said."

    Shivering I replied, "I'll never drink wine again.

    "Heh, good luck Tamais. You're the city of wine." Lady Thalia teased.

    "I drank some wine that was full of dead body germs and everything. EM Topaz added with a shudder. "Ok, let me go tally up."

    I turned to Lady Val. "You know Val, now I'm going to have to go tell my citizens not to be worried about the werewolf who uses the bank. Just don't let her kiss you."

    "You'll ruin your city's economy if you tell them about the wine. " Lady Thalia reminded me.

    "Very true, so I'll not let them know that." I nodded. "The monks would kill me."
    Soon EM Topaz returned with the results. "We had a three way tie for second place. But I managed to fit all three names on the statue.

    I smile. "I knew it would be hard."

    EM Topaz continued. "First place congratulations Lady Thalia! I think you scared us all!!"

    "And you didn't want to write one." I winked at Lady Thalia.

    "I try." She bowed. "I didn't. I just did that off the top of my head."


    EM Topaz explained that the statues would be going into the reward hall. Which she would be unveiling soon. "I am still making gozas."

    "Are past honors remaining?" Lady Thalia asked.

    "Yes, I saved everything." EM Topaz reassured us. "Mesanna came and put "shard bound" on everything."

    "This was fun I think we will do this every year." she added.

    I nodded, "I think that would be a great idea."

    Hearing a growl, I glanced over at Lady Val. She had turned into a werewolf.

    EM Topaz had noticed also. "Umm I didn't want to mention it. Us ladies do tend to get a stray hair here or there...but um" she laughed. "Okay everyone I am going to call this event to close. Thank you for all the awesome stories.

    "If you see fangs start to grow on Val." EM Topaz laughed. "Run for your lives."

    "Muahhahaha! love ya!" she said before she left in a flash of fire.

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