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A Letter From Demoss

Demoss's letter was filled with disturbing news. Luna and Umbra had both been invaded. I shook my head...of all times to be sick. More...
By Tamais, Apr 11, 2016 | |
  1. Feeling better, I came down stairs to sit in front of the fire. I had just started to doze when a letter from Demoss arrived.



    Lady Dahlia wanted me to inform you of recent events. You will remember Elowen Redcrest , the Emporium's ambassador. He came to Britain to speak to Captain Corian. No finding him at the castle he came to the Hall. There he found me...I was studying some of the recent artifacts we had discovered. He gave me a letter to give either to the Captain or Dahlia. He even had the nerve to offer me a job which of course I refused.

    Soon after, Dahlia came to see what I had learned. Watching her read Elowen's letter, I saw her become distressed and worried. She shared with me strange creatures had been sighted in Luna. As, she would not be able to investigate, she asked me to find as many of the Royal Spies as I could, meet Evidias, and deal with the problem. Of course I agreed.

    As I began to leave, Dahlia stopped me. It seems that the Fiery Lady and Evidias had meet. I was to discretely inquire and find out what happened and passed between the two. It seems Evidias had asked Dahlia for a favor after the meeting. Dahlia declined telling me what the favor was.

    Having found as many Spies as possible, I returned to the hall. Evidias was waiting for us. While we were alone I took the opportunity to asked about the Fiery Lady. She told me that that her feelings about the origin of the Fiery Lady had been confirmed. As she suspected the Fiery Lady was not of our Sosaria but had come from the Sosaria of the Weld. "

    I paused to take a drink of the herbal tea the Royal healers made for me. Ewww, but no matter how terrible it was, it was still safe than one of Evidias potions. So the Fiery Lady was not from our world...what the Fiery Lady was and where she was from had been the subject of many discussions. I began to read again...a Luna invasion...hum.

    "With the arrival of the Spies, our conversation came to an end. Evidias lead us to Luna. The creatures in Luna were minions of some darkness from Evidia's Sosaria. Long ago, they had been sealed away by the Weld, the Emporium and the Traversis. Faced with this ancient evil, we were unable to kill them only banish them again. Evidias seemed filled with sadness, when she apologized for bringing their troubles here. She told us that we needed to hurry to Umbra. Once released, these creatures would attack all cities in the areas.

    The battle in Umbra was intense. The creatures seeming to draw power from the dark city. When the battle was turning in favor of the spies, a creature, the Devourer, appeared...going from spy to spy...preying on the weakest. It tried in vain to convince them to turn on their fellow spies. Whispering, it told that their pain of living was too great..encouraging them to give in and join it. It would help them escape the sorrow of living to be free and at peace. Demoss had watched as it tried to manipulate them."

    Frowning, I stopped reading. I knew several of the spies were necromancers. Surely they were loyal to the crown. I had never doubted their loyalty...trusting my life to them. It was with dread I read more.

    "I wasn't surprised when all the Devourer tried to turn, refused instead attacked it. At last it was weakened and driven out of Umbra. Checking both the city and surrounding area, to insure they were clear, I came upon odd whispering chimes outside the western gate. They played a haunting melody. Evidias wasn't sure what they were for...perhaps to drive people mad.


    I do wonder if they had an affect on her. I have never seen her give in to a fit of anger. She snapped...shouting that the Emporuim knew this Devourer would come. They knew where the ancient relic used to seal them away was. Growling that they wanted something from the weld. She proclaimed that before they would have it she would, "Tear off all of their faces with her claws before she allowed them to have it." spies return to Britain to find Dahlia. At last she regained her normal calm composure and returned us to the Britain Hall. Embarrassed by her outburst, she apologized. Rubbing her forehead, she left complaining of a sudden headache.

    Not knowing what to think, we left the hall in silence. Outside we found a beautiful Lady In White. She stopped me to ask if I had seen her missing servant. Asked to describe her, she replied that the servant had a temper...burning down a city...feeling the King had insulted her.

    Tamais, could this be the master the Fiery Lady had spoke of? I am will continue to investigate this and will keep you informed.

    Be well,


    Leaning back, I put the letter down. So much information...the Fiery Lady is from Evidias's Sosaria. Who was behind the invasion of Luna and Umbra. Was Evidias right that the Emporuim was behind them? The Lady in White, the Fiery Lady's master, it will be interesting to see them met.

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