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A Meeting With Em Topaz And Advisor Geralt

On Monday, September 12th, EM Topaz had her first official Meet and Greet. During the meeting she discussed the time and dates of future events...
By Tamais, Sep 19, 2016 | |
  1. Today two very special people visited our shard. EM Topaz and Advisor Geralt.

    I met Advisor Geralt at the Luna Bank when he popped in to say hi to the shard. I was able to visit with him and ask a couple of questions.
    Geralt: hi
    Geralt: :)
    Geralt: I will be here more and more to assist players with their needs

    Tamais : with all the returning players that is needed

    Geralt: you know how to page an Advsior right
    Geralt: go to Help menu
    Geralt: you see Contact Advisor
    Geralt: you can contact at any time
    Tamais : what types of problems can you help with?
    Geralt: if you see that option ON
    Geralt: means I am online

    Tamais : good to know

    Geralt: been helping few players with the ingame store
    Geralt: how to purchase sovereigns
    Geralt: and the new things of UO

    Tamais : ah yep and I bet not just new players

    Geralt: no no
    Geralt: Believe me

    Tamais : most of us old timers aren't use to having a store

    Geralt: lot of old players have more questions than new ones

    Tamais : alot has changed since they have played

    Geralt: :)
    Geralt: I will be here more and more. Is there a specific time when I can catch more and more players.

    Tamais : well most players here are on eastern and central time
    Tamais : since our EM events are now going to be on Thursdays
    Tamais : I'd say Thursday through Saturday will be when most are on

    Geralt: taking notes

    Tamais : today we have our official meet and greet with EM Topaz
    Tamais : if you can you should join us in welcoming EMTopaz

    Geralt: so spread the word
    Geralt: you have a new Advisor and his name is Geralt :)
    Geralt: well, I will go pooof now
    and he did.

    Later that night, EM Topaz had her official meet and greet at the Britain EM hall.


    EM Topaz: Hi Everyone

    Tamais : hum so we are going to use a real EM chat channel
    Thalia: Well, since this shouldn't involve fighting, I can lag my way through it
    Rasesar Wej: Hello Topaz
    Tamais : greetings
    Thalia: Hail Topaz

    EM Topaz: There wont be any fighting tonight no worries

    Thalia: (hotel connection)

    EM Topaz: I'm glad you all came

    Tamais : *smiles*
    Tamais : wouldn't miss it

    EM Topaz: As you can see I am EM Topaz

    Tamais : welcome again :)
    Restless: hi

    EM Topaz: I started playing UO in January of 1999
    EM Topaz: Have a little history here and there when Mesanna told me there was an opening here on LA
    EM Topaz: I am very excited to be here

    Restless: what shard do u play?

    EM Topaz: Thank you for the cake Mylene!

    Tamais : don't think they are suppose to say
    Restless: ya, prolly not
    Restless: :)
    Tamais : besides that shard doesn't matter
    Tamais : she is ours now *smiles*

    EM Topaz: This is my shard now!
    EM Topaz: I do have to ask
    EM Topaz: what does

    Restless: nuh uh, this is my shard
    Tamais : *claps*
    Thalia: only LA has Blue Weld Stuffy Dolls!
    Mylene: You're welcome - I decided to do a few trade contracts while waiting, and since I had to deliver
    Mylene: muffins, and the cakes were right there, I grabbed some

    EM Topaz: DOrest Pel Aghaim mean?
    EM Topaz: *looks confused*
    EM Topaz: DOOrest Pel Aghaim?
    EM Topaz: Its on the signs outside

    Tamais : i have no idea *frowns*
    Mylene: I never noticed it before

    EM Topaz: lol

    Rasesar Wej: No idea
    Tamais : I noticed it the other day, but have no idea when it began to say that

    EM Topaz: both signs say the same thing
    EM Topaz: Ok so if I changed that you all wouldn't be upset

    Thalia: Its a leftover from an event

    EM Topaz: Thats not some sort of shard history?

    Tamais : i wouldn't mind
    Rasesar Wej: Go ahead
    Tamais : Mylene,Thalia do you know?
    Restless: set them on fire
    Restless: fire is fun
    Mylene: not a clue
    Thalia: that was from when we were chasing all those code words
    Tamais : ah

    EM Topaz: On the 15th I am going to gather you all together again so you can show me the important stuff

    Thalia: the Weidt language if I recall
    Tamais : i put three runes in the mail box for you
    Tamais : going to add some more
    Restless: i dropped a rune with a book of history for ya in the mailbox
    very old storyline, before mesanna

    EM Topaz: Awesome I want to see all the important shard locations so I know not to mess them up
    EM Topaz: Nice!

    Tamais : ooo i want a copy for the historic library Restless
    Restless: k

    EM Topaz: Hmm what else

    Thalia: You did the weld camp, the weld council, shining path, etc. Tamais?
    Tamais : yes

    EM Topaz: I heard over chat someone call this the Spy Hall?

    Tamais : yes the royal spy hall

    EM Topaz: Do we have Spies and guards or just Spies?

    Thalia: Well, the Order so to speak.
    Rasesar Wej: Do whatever you want
    Mylene: There's a couple locations that date back to the 2006-2007 era in Malas
    Tamais : those are the ones I need to get runes for
    Thalia: Historically, there was a spymaster who occasionally needed our help
    Mylene: and the rarely used fairgrounds
    Thalia: you gave her Schloss Morte?
    Tamais : no
    Restless: I did
    Tamais : cool then I won't
    Thalia: ok. we'll have to show her that one too
    Mylene: was the Headquarters for the EM of that era's evil character, when he was running events for both good and evil sides of community.
    Mylene: Schloss Morte is on the island where the Labyrinth is. it predates the Labyrinth

    EM Topaz: Good, good we will check out those locations on the 15th

    Restless: yes. that is the storyline I left in the book
    Tamais : *shivers*
    Tamais : bad bad place​

    Thalia: ok. question.

    EM Topaz: Sure
    EM Topaz: Whats your question

    Thalia: are events to be regularly on Thursday nights?
    Thalia: i noticed that was the case on the calendar

    EM Topaz: That was something I want to bring up
    EM Topaz: The date and time should be what is best for the shard residents I think

    Tamais : a lot of them can't make it during the week

    EM Topaz: I thought 8pm was late enough to be after dinner but not bed time

    Rasesar Wej: 8pm is good, has been standard event time here
    Thalia: *nods* Historically Augustus did Saturdays @8p
    Tamais : the time is good just not the best day

    EM Topaz: So Saturday or Sundays are better ok
    EM Topaz: Do you all hold regular governor meetings?

    Restless: Sundays better than Saturday for me
    Tamais : the governors have only been meeting once a month
    Restless: that is normal
    Mylene: and Britain is currently vacant
    Rasesar Wej: and game of thrones is off air so no problem there
    Tamais : Saturdays are better for me
    Thalia: I can't do Thursdays which is why I ask. So I will have to miss the tour.
    Rasesar Wej: and game of thrones is off air so no problem there

    EM Topaz: lol Game of Thrones

    Thalia: But I think Tamais can tell you what I would say is LA special.
    Tamais : *laughs* got to set your priorities there Rasesar
    Rasesar Wej: Mondays and Wednesdays are usually quiet
    Tamais : usually it was right before another event

    EM Topaz: ah

    Mylene: there's a few things I can relate about the older events before Pallando and Augustus
    Tamais : again most of the governors only play on Saturday
    Thalia: GoT is Sundays. so if we do Saturdays we are still fine.

    EM Topaz: and what about stories did Augustus wrap up all of his stories in a neat little bow?
    EM Topaz: Probably not right?

    Rasesar Wej: do your own thing
    Tamais : yes and you have most of the stories at the trophy hall
    Thalia: Actually, he ended the last arc.
    Tamais : lots and lots of stories
    Thalia: its open ended but more for the imagination of where Dahlia may be.
    Tamais : so you can continue with the Rabid dogs *Winks*

    EM Topaz: I had planned on introducing different characters and stories throughout the year

    Tamais : thats good
    Thalia: Just don't change the weld camp or take the Blue Weld Stuffy Doll =)
    Tamais : a new chapter in our history *smiles*

    EM Topaz: Maybe we meet a certain character frequently others not so much
    EM Topaz: I will do my best to put our fiction on lakeaustin.uoem.net

    Thalia: Augustus tended to change the stories to what we did.

    EM Topaz: I just got access to that yesterday and put all our events up for this month
    Tamais : I saw that
    Tamais : when it posted to stratics

    EM Topaz: I enjoy role play but I promise I will try not to be long winded in my story telling

    Tamais : well as long as i can keep it down to 1500 words

    EM Topaz: and I'm told you all enjoy puzzles and clues and creating your own realities
    EM Topaz: haha

    Thalia: Well, let's just say the "mind readers" influenced the plots at times
    Tamais : boy did they ever

    EM Topaz: Its ok I think with the lakeaustin.uoem.net site feeding to the forums we should be fine
    EM Topaz: *nods*

    Rasesar Wej: yea use the website and the UOcalendar you'll be alright :)

    EM Topaz: The site feeds directly to the LA forum and the UOcalendar and town criers will be updated

    Tamais : I'll put the events on the Stratics calendar

    EM Topaz: Are you all interested in things like hunting contests or fishing contests?


    Tamais : both​

    EM Topaz: Reward hall plaques?
    EM Topaz: Shard races?
    EM Topaz: Things of that nature?

    Rasesar Wej: personally no

    EM Topaz: In addition to the smash and grab monster mash murder and mayhem
    Restless: I'm not
    Restless: but others do

    EM Topaz: *nods*

    Mylene: I like other types of events
    Tamais : I actually prefer those types of events over the killing stuff
    Diggy: sorry I am late
    Thalia: Some people are kill and event drops. Some prefer all the events.
    Tamais : archery contest are good also
    Rasesar Wej: I like events that involve things I couldn't do without an EM
    Rasesar Wej: kind of the purpose of an EM no?

    EM Topaz: I will try to round it out then have at least one of each every month

    Tamais : *waves to Diggy*
    Diggy: waves back

    EM Topaz: Dungeon crawls?

    Tamais : yep
    Thalia: well, let's take some of the events that Augustus did. they altered because of how we RP'd
    Thalia: not just because of what we killed
    Tamais : you'll find that we are pretty easy to please

    EM Topaz: I have a few ideas

    Mylene: One of my characters is the shard guildmaster for THB, and this character is a fisher.

    EM Topaz: If you all bear with me I may try some things in the coming months that don't work so well
    EM Topaz: But they might also be fun as heck and we will do them more often

    Mylene: would love to see some public T-Hunts and fishing contests again

    EM Topaz: Treasure hunts public net tosses things like that are always fun
    EM Topaz: Plus there will be a story line that takes place. Sometimes just for a month sometimes longer
    EM Topaz: Sometimes we will think we are doing one thing and a citizen may show up and ask us for help

    Restless: I wonder if nets can be tossed from my sweet island house
    Tamais : oh that does sound fun

    EM Topaz: Of course we must help the citizens first!
    EM Topaz: *winks*

    Mylene: I once invited people to help with a level 7 T-map that was INSIDE the Ilshenar Champ at Valor

    EM Topaz: If there's deep water you should be able to toss a net
    EM Topaz: Oh wow
    EM Topaz: that must have been hilarious

    Tamais : eeek that's worse than the casino
    Restless: I dunno if it is considered deep water
    Mylene: local paragon Greater dragons kept people from making it to chest area
    Tamais : give it a try with a regular net and see

    EM Topaz: Hmm what else
    EM Topaz: Drops
    EM Topaz: One drop a month

    Restless: I want an EM drop mailbox
    Restless: :D

    EM Topaz: either through killing a mob or from stealing

    Tamais : wow that's new
    Tamais : stealing

    EM Topaz: Until we can figure out some other way
    EM Topaz: I have been to some stealing events

    Restless: me too
    Restless: they can be fun
    Tamais : those sound interesting
    Restless: if done right
    Tamais : I might even live more
    Restless: if done wrong they are horrible

    EM Topaz: hah

    Thalia: We've seen festivals. Trinsic is still all decorated from last ones.
    Diggy: well I guess we have a lot of thief shard jumpers now
    Thalia: Also dungeon crawls. So if you see pink lanterns around, delete them =)
    Rasesar Wej: Stealing events, ug So much bad memories of the Atlantic stealing events recently

    EM Topaz: Well the stealing wont be frequent but I don't see why we couldn't have one here and there
    EM Topaz: pink lanterns got it

    Tamais : lol

    EM Topaz: I did see a couple of those and were wondering about that

    Tamais : long story about those lanterns. They can go poof
    Thalia: yep. there is a whole trail of lanterns Augustus never got around to deleting in Ilsh
    Thalia: LA isn't really a PvP place. so no real events on that historically.

    EM Topaz: Oh good that was one of the things I was going to ask about
    EM Topaz: No big Fel guilds here?

    Tamais : not really
    Rasesar Wej: Not really so no need for fel events! yahoo

    EM Topaz: *laughs*

    Thalia: the largest guilds here are all PvM. Its also the majority of non-shard hoppers at events.

    EM Topaz: Is Fel so empty that we could do some shard spawns?

    Restless: yes
    Tamais : I don't see why not
    Rasesar Wej: That's a good idea!

    EM Topaz: I think that would be fun

    Mylene: There were some Fel-side events back about 9-10 years ago, but many of those that participated

    EM Topaz: We could get all the skulls and then do a shard harrower

    Thalia: were reds
    Mylene: have either left UO, left la, or DIED in RL
    Tamais : :(
    Tamais : to those who left
    Tamais : :) for the harrower
    Tamais : have never even seen that one

    EM Topaz: I'll write that down

    Diggy: well I would like to say not to post a shard harrower so we do not get the hoppers
    Tamais : they will come any ways
    Mylene: my alliance lost 1 entire guild to people dying, and another guildleader was last seen telling us about her skin cancer

    EM Topaz: I would have to ask Mesanna about that. As I understand it I am required to post all events

    Tamais : the word always gets out
    Diggy: but if giving them a heads up they will
    Diggy: if we just do it another story
    Restless: most wouldn't bother with a shard harrower

    EM Topaz: That's very sad I am sorry to hear that Mylene

    Restless: shard hoppers I mean

    EM Topaz: What I could do is just post it as "Shard Hunt"
    EM Topaz: And it can be random shard hunts

    Tamais : that would work

    EM Topaz: sometimes we do despise and sometimes we do a spawn

    Diggy: anything to keep the good stuff on this shard
    Thalia: yes. when we try to do shard hunts, even player led, we don't get hoppers appearing
    Restless: post it as a player event and not an EM event and it would get pretty much just the shard peep
    Thalia: they just show for event rare drops
    Tamais : if she posts from the EM site

    EM Topaz: No, I will be honest about it so Mesanna doesn't get nasty emails

    Tamais : she can't put it as a player event
    Mylene: It's so quiet in fel here that I've done spawns up to the boss pop and left because I couldn't hurt

    EM Topaz: And we will decide on the shard hunt day what we feel like doing

    Tamais : I could but she can't
    Mylene: the boss - no sign of raid
    Tamais : that sounds right
    Mylene: and it was at spots you could walk to from Papua and Delucia

    EM Topaz: Sometimes we can get keys to peerless

    Tamais : the pvp crowd have moved again
    Thalia: you'll get nasty emails if every event doesn't have a drop anyway.

    EM Topaz: Do some new stuff in Eodon
    EM Topaz: Throw some spawns in the mix

    Tamais : this will be great as it is sometimes hard to get enough people otherwise

    EM Topaz: we will collect the skulls as we go
    EM Topaz: we might get raided anyway depending on who shows up
    EM Topaz: Don't forget to give me runes to your houses too I want to see all your deco
    EM Topaz: Put them in the reward hall mailbox

    Fink u Freeky: so if we don't like the drop we should email her?
    Tamais : that's one I need to do
    Tamais : give you one for UMP Town
    Fink u Freeky: like if we don't like the color or something?

    EM Topaz: Well I don't know why you don't like her but if you have creative ideas you should mail her yes
    EM Topaz: remember you get farther by being nice than by being rude though

    Fink u Freeky: i came late topaz
    Fink u Freeky: you may have already said
    Fink u Freeky: but where will you be announcing the events primarily?
    Fink u Freeky: uo.com? Facebook? Stratics? will some be un-announced?
    Restless: calendar
    Restless: and la event site
    Rasesar Wej: Facebook is blocked in my country

    EM Topaz: uo.com calendar and lakeaustin.uoem.net which should automatically post to Stratics

    Fink u Freeky: I also don't use Facebook
    Diggy: welcome
    Fink u Freeky: is why I ask

    EM Topaz: Um
    EM Topaz: I hit the wrong macro

    Tamais : lol

    EM Topaz: HAHAHA

    Diggy: i like that teleport
    Fink u Freeky: noob
    Tamais : practicing sneaking in
    Diggy: really off screen

    EM Topaz: I am a noob!
    EM Topaz: I ended up in Luna

    Tamais : *laughs*
    Restless: trying to hang out at my house I guess

    EM Topaz: Oh gosh I hope I don't accidently gate to illegal locations!
    Restless: it is pretty neat ;)
    EM Topaz: Can you imagine if I gate you all into a mountainside

    Tamais : if you do we won't tell unless you leave us there

    EM Topaz: You'd all be stuck there

    Mylene: at the 15th anniversary and coronation of Starr Long/Blackthorn there was a cake that was
    Mylene: an IDOC castle

    EM Topaz: There was an idoc castle cake?
    EM Topaz: Cake is like
    EM Topaz: my favorite thing

    Tamais : I saw a picture of that
    Tamais : then be prepared to get them for special occasions
    Fink u Freeky: I dunno that's pretty depressing

    EM Topaz: I like looking at the cool cakes online

    Tamais : see the one for Augustus's birthday back there

    EM Topaz: people make some crazy stuff

    Rasesar Wej: I like turtles
    Fink u Freeky: celebrating with the houses of a player who quit the game?

    EM Topaz: I moved Augustus' cake to behind the bar

    Fink u Freeky: that just seems wrong
    Mylene: I even brought a piece back for my mom's boss at the time, who was the wife of the person who brought me into UO

    EM Topaz: Over there

    Tamais : hum now we need to find out your birthday

    EM Topaz: I figured we could keep the cake in honor of him

    Tamais : we love celebrating them

    EM Topaz: Myyy birthday?

    Tamais : yep

    EM Topaz: I don't have birthdays anymore haha

    Tamais : just the month and date

    EM Topaz: *hides*

    Tamais : sure you do

    EM Topaz: no way!

    Fink u Freeky: he turns 21 next month I hear
    Tamais : just like I do we are getting younger every year
    Tamais : *winks*

    EM Topaz: I stopped at 29
    EM Topaz: I have a gift for you all

    Rasesar Wej: I like gifts

    EM Topaz: i tried to make it a color that you cant get in a dye tub
    EM Topaz: Which is HARD
    EM Topaz: This is my horsie

    Tamais : ooooo i love horsies

    EM Topaz: If you click it you will get a sash

    Mylene: next mark I turn 25 for the second time
    You see: Rasesar Wej

    EM Topaz: Like the on I am wearing
    Ima Noob: can we get horse?
    Ima Noob: instead of sash?

    EM Topaz: Now lets see how long it takes for all the people to log on

    Tamais : lol

    EM Topaz: I wish I could have given horses

    Thalia: Heh

    EM Topaz: Its a cool statue right?

    Tamais : sashes are good also
    Tamais : it really is

    EM Topaz: I love that graphic

    Thalia: Actually, can we get tossable Blue Weld Stuffy Dolls? =)
    Mylene: I've got like 3 or 4 other EM's sashes

    EM Topaz: I am interested to see how many people show up

    Mylene: one day I'll have to put them on display.

    EM Topaz: Which one of you is ICQing friends to come click the horsiie

    Mylene: not me
    Restless: not me
    Tamais : not me

    EM Topaz: Hehe

    Restless: but I am gonna get one on my other accounts

    EM Topaz: WELL

    Thalia: not me. I'd just change characters

    EM Topaz: It should turn off automatically because it's on a timer
    EM Topaz: I can't see the timer though so I don't know how long it has left
    EM Topaz: or how many sashes its set for

    Tamais : too bad it won't stay after it turns off
    Restless: who has a regular fishing net they wanna try and toss at my island house?
    Thalia: it says 1 week
    Tamais : it makes a nice addition to the hall
    Tamais : sorry I don't have a fisherman

    EM Topaz: I mostly use what's app on my phone
    EM Topaz: to talk to just about everyone
    EM Topaz: I should get an EM Topaz account
    EM Topaz: that would be cool

    Tamais : that would be cool

    EM Topaz: people from LA could msg me

    Tamais : *smiles* and they would
    Mylene: I barely have the ability to use Skype, and even then it's just to talk to other Stratics staff
    HonorFace: where is sash?

    EM Topaz: the horse Honorface

    Mylene: and play D&D with a homebound friend
    Tamais : same here with skype

    EM Topaz: I might do that. I will run it past Mesanna see how she feels about it
    EM Topaz: Come here and click the yellow horsie
    EM Topaz: Oh my goodness

    HonorFace: English not good

    EM Topaz: Honor how did you hear about this

    Restless: click horse
    Tamais : here
    Mylene: One of the events that Augustus' predecessor Pallando did was have an event where all the

    EM Topaz: *wonders how someone who doesn't speak English could possibly know about the sash*
    EM Topaz: confused

    Mylene: monsters attacking us were named for the regular event attendees, as a sendoff
    Thalia: give it time, there will be a line of hoppers soon
    Tamais : come

    EM Topaz: Yes that's something else I wanted to talk about

    HonorFace: where is sash?
    Tamais : come
    Mylene: click horse

    EM Topaz: I know shard hoppers are an issue with lots of local smaller shards

    HonorFace: ??
    TOTO: touch the horse
    Restless: without them the EM system would shut down
    Thalia: telestormers are an issue too

    EM Topaz: Not much we can do about them but they do pay a price for those accounts

    Tamais : gold horse
    EM Topaz: Right Restless
    Restless: I do events on 14 shards
    Tamais : up here
    Restless: but this is my home shard

    EM Topaz: So we don't have to like it but we do have to deal with it

    Thalia: are we going to do something about telestormers finally then?

    EM Topaz: I can't change how the rewards are given out
    EM Topaz: telestormers?
    EM Topaz: Not familiar with that term
    EM Topaz: Other than old school UO when we'd get shipped to a "safer location"
    EM Topaz: Oh man that was a long time ago

    Thalia: telestormers are multibox macroers who spam up the place and get us all disconnected.

    EM Topaz: Ohhh

    Tamais : yuck I hate that
    Thalia: while they get all the drops when we cannot relog

    EM Topaz: I didn't know that was possible

    Restless: I don't get disconnected
    Restless: sounds like a computer issue
    Thalia: yes. it got to a point where Augustus made monsters that peaced spellcasters
    Tamais : it happened to several of us including Augustus

    EM Topaz: If that's a thing you should message mesanna and also put in a bug report

    Thalia: so they couldn't knock us all off

    EM Topaz: Please send an email to Mesanna and let her know it is happening

    Tamais : we did

    EM Topaz: If it happens to me I will write a report

    Thalia: we've asked for GMs to watch events before

    EM Topaz: I was moved from a different department when this spot opened up

    Restless: mesanna specifically stated that she will do nothing about the multiboxxers

    EM Topaz: I had been wanting a more hands on with the players

    Mylene: I got telestormed at an event this year, for the first time since a Trinsic invasion event 11 years
    Tamais : you are going to have fun then

    EM Topaz: But if there's a way to interact with another players client then the team needs to know about it

    Tamais : just think of all the ways you can kill us and get us lost

    EM Topaz: I was telestormed maybe a year ago? It is an old script that moves your character to a random
    EM Topaz: location
    EM Topaz: but it shouldn't be able to affect another players client

    Tamais : hum

    EM Topaz: So I will tell Mesa too expect an email from you
    EM Topaz: And ask her to look at it

    Tamais : I'll let you do it Thalia
    Restless: it is just too much going on at once and the player's computer not being able to handle it
    Mylene: oh, LA has never had a way to that hidden beach in Ilshenar like other shards. We may have had
    Tamais : since I just had terrible lag
    Mylene: an event there. but no permanent way there like some others
    Tamais : the one where they moved that one dragon?
    Restless: sudiva
    Mylene: I think so

    EM Topaz: I recall that

    Tamais : we have a way to get to her

    EM Topaz: Welcome Savannah
    EM Topaz: Hello Kristen

    Tamais : there is a statue at compassion
    Tamais : i can show you after this
    Tamais : poor gal is very, very lonely

    EM Topaz: I saw a dragon
    EM Topaz: I think I was there while I was looking at possible event locations

    Mylene: and some hidden areas like the pirate cave have multiple passwords now from multiple EMs

    EM Topaz: I wrote down the name but I'm not sure...

    Tamais : a lot of people don't know about that statue
    Mylene: those might need cleaned up
    Tamais : they kind of snuck it in

    EM Topaz: I wouldn't worry too much about the dragons though they can fly
    EM Topaz: I am sure if she gets bored she will fly off
    EM Topaz: Find some friends

    Tamais : she doesn't

    EM Topaz: Do some Dragon stuff

    Tamais : just mopes around

    EM Topaz: Aww

    Savannah Rose: can't have a mopey dragon
    Tamais : I visit her as much as I can

    EM Topaz: No we can't
    EM Topaz: I will have to see what I can do about that

    Tamais : even had a picnic with her
    Mylene: A couple of events got jumped a few years ago, when players knew old passwords to areas and
    Mylene: wiped the spawn before the mass of players got there
    Tamais : awww
    Tamais : hate when people do things like that

    EM Topaz: Ok so to recap
    EM Topaz: Events on Saturday nights
    EM Topaz: One Governor meeting a month
    EM Topaz: Mix of shard-centric and smash and die events
    EM Topaz: And cake for birthday parties

    Tamais : which we will provide if it is your birthday :) *note to self see what month has topaz as a birth stone*

    EM Topaz: Hmm
    EM Topaz: It might be my birthday soon
    EM Topaz: haha

    Thalia: We're pretty creative. We got Mesanna to make something for Augustus once.

    EM Topaz: We are going to have fun

    Tamais : you'll see it on the tour
    Thalia: though it did take 7 months of nagging
    Tamais : yes we are *smiles*

    EM Topaz: Ok ladies and Gents
    EM Topaz: I am going to put this pony outside so you all can get a sash on your other accounts if you have
    EM Topaz: them
    EM Topaz: and I will see you all on the 15th for the World Tour

    Tamais : *waves to Vixen*
    Thalia: its it per character or per account?
    Restless: lata

    EM Topaz: Honestly not sure
    EM Topaz: Could be character

    Tamais : I'll find more places to show you

    EM Topaz: Probably is account though
    EM Topaz: Yes please lets get those rones!
    EM Topaz: erm
    EM Topaz: Runes

    Tamais : do you need an atlas for all of them that we gave you?
    Thalia: trusts Tamais to show you all the great LA things

    EM Topaz: Meet you all here and we will go from here

    Tamais : k

    EM Topaz: I don't have an atlas yet
    EM Topaz: If someone would make me one I would be grateful

    Tamais : be right back
    Mylene: oh, there is a tradition on LA, for player weddings, going back to our founding
    Mylene: it goes back to at least the people running our original auction

    EM Topaz: Thank you!!

    Mylene: if not further
    Tamais : any time

    EM Topaz: Thank you all for welcoming me so warmly

    Vixen Sonoma: One quick question for you, have you been taking death lessons from Bennu yet?

    EM Topaz: No I did take a couple of murder lessons from him though!
    EM Topaz: muahahahaha

    Tamais : Tamais : oh I hope not, he is evil
    Vixen Sonoma: Murder ooo hummm

    EM Topaz: I had said before you arrived

    Vixen Sonoma: *back up behind Tamis*
    Mylene: I got books on one of my characters where I played a game of death with Mesanna and lived
    Mylene: err boots
    Thalia: well, we know she knows EM guidebook page 1- Crimson Dragons. =)

    EM Topaz: I am going to try a few things and see what works
    EM Topaz: Some things might not
    EM Topaz: But some things might be great
    EM Topaz: I have to see how tough you guys are and how many people show up

    Vixen Sonoma: Sorry need to run grandson needs me glad to meet you

    EM Topaz: Have a good evening

    Tamais : *waves bye to Vixen

    EM Topaz: I am going to wrap things up here

    Mylene: I wonder - how thick the kotl city spawn would be if you had an event of cross-sharders in there
    Thalia: You mean Augustus didn't give you secret files on us all?

    EM Topaz: Nope
    EM Topaz: Everyone gets a fresh slate

    Tamais : *laughs* Thalia and Demoss shard mind readers
    Tamais : espcially Thalia never know where she will find you
    Tamais : me I'm just the bossy mom
    Thalia: *really will go into Blue Weld Stuffy withdrawals*

    EM Topaz: aww

    Tamais : maybe she can throw a golden horsie at you

    EM Topaz: Hopefully you find something just as fun with me!

    Thalia: its an inside joke. Augustus used to hit me with Blue Weld Stuffies for outguessing the events

    EM Topaz: oh oh my email
    EM Topaz: [email protected]

    Thalia: So then I got Mesanna to make a real one
    Diggy: topaz do you play on ec or old client
    Thalia: Its now in the weld camp. Tamais will show you on Thursday.

    EM Topaz: there
    EM Topaz: hah
    EM Topaz: I'll dye them a crazy color later
    EM Topaz: in case anyone needs me that's my email boots
    EM Topaz: haha

    Tamais : *laughs*

    EM Topaz: Ok Im getting silly so I'll let you guys get to your monster murders

    Diggy: em do you play on cc or ec

    EM Topaz: Classic
    EM Topaz: I am old school

    Diggy: I am going to ask a weird one for you

    EM Topaz: *tilts head to the side*
    EM Topaz: I'm not weird enough?

    Diggy: is there any way to make your chat color very different from any other chat

    EM Topaz: Is my chat color hard to read?

    Tamais : not in the journal
    Diggy: no it gets confusing when everyone else is chatting

    EM Topaz: hrm

    Diggy: okay tamis what i was trying to find out
    Tamais : ah needs a bright bold color

    EM Topaz: testing
    EM Topaz: What about this
    EM Topaz: Am I feeling Blueeeee

    Diggy: just hard to keep up when everyone is casting spells and trying to read journal
    Tamais : lol
    Diggy: oops spelling I did

    EM Topaz: Blue is better yes?

    Diggy: yes
    Diggy: thank you

    EM Topaz: good!

    Tamais : well we should probably let you go
    Diggy: what a weird request
    Tamais : if you don't watch us, we'll keep you here all night

    EM Topaz: Alright thanks for coming and I will see you all on Thursday I hope!

    Thalia: I can't. Travel day for me.

    EM Topaz: The horsie will be just outside the door if any of the other locals want a sash

    Tamais : I will be there
    Diggy: I will try
    Thalia: But Tamais knows what I would show you.
    Tamais : I'll pass the word on the horse

    EM Topaz: I will hopefully see you soon then Thalia
    EM Topaz: Yes tell your guildmates

    Tamais : yep I just hope i don't forget any

    EM Topaz: Have a great evening see you all next time!!

    Tamais : Thalia we want to keep Evidias in the city don't we?
    Thalia: In both places. She is in the weld camp too.
    Tamais : where she is with Agarias
    Thalia: thats Jhelom
    Tamais : k i'll make a rune for there and give it to EM Topaz

    EM Topaz: Goodnight everyone!


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