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A Meeting With King Blackthorn And Frosted Dreams

Gravely I watch the meeting between King Blackthorn and Frosted Dreams. An agreement seemed to be reached...but could the Elder Ones be trusted?...
By Tamais, Feb 24, 2016 | |
  1. I joined the others at the Royal Spy hall and the quiet discussions about the meeting between Frosted Dreams and the King. People looking to me for the answer. Having not received word, I was relieved when Dhalia entered the room. She looked around surprised to see us.


    "Unless you would rather stay and help clean the hall." She added with a wink. "If you will wait here, I'll return with buckets and mops."

    "My lady, we were not told when the meeting would be." I explained quickly standing up. "With your leave, we will go to attend the meeting."

    "I see, the messengers must not have been sent out." she replied. "Go now the King is waiting for you in the throne room."

    Hurrying to the throne room, we found that Frosted Dreams had arrived.


    "Welcome Frosted Dreams," the King greeted her, "Demoss told me of your request to meet with me."

    Frosted Dreams nodded to Demoss then returned the King's greeting.


    "King Blackthorn, you know why I have requested an audiance?" Frosted Dreams inquired." I have the authority to speak for my people."

    "Yes, word has reached me." the King replied. "Demoss did you have something else?

    "No Sire, merely wanted to offer our services, how might we help? " Demoss said caught off guard.



    King Blackthorn looked at the reports he had been given. "These reports tell of events...attackes that state otherwise. Can you explain that?"

    "True our arrival caused events to unfold strangely." Frosted Dreams paused, "I assure you, we do not wish to harm your people. We seek only a peaceful place to live."


    The King studied Frosted Dreams. Told of Tirest accusations against the weld...what was the Elders intent towards the Weld. "The other Weld have been accepted into our lands and are under my protection."


    King Blackthorn pondered Frosted Dreams answer. "What of the items the Weld their possess you have accused them of stealing?"

    Frosted Dreams frowned, "That is a matter for another time.

    "And yet would this debate spill blood...strife into my cities?" questioned The King.


    "Given a peaceful refuge...we have no intent to dishonor your laws...we dare not." Frosted Dreams tried to reassure King Blackthorn. "To the matter at hand. I remind you that we were not the only ones who passed through the rift."


    King Blackthorn nodded "We will not hold you responsiable for their actions. Still I worry about your old our rivalries."


    "We can again." Frosted Dreams said begrudingly. "those rivalries will be put aside...but the old artifacts belong to us also."

    King Blackthorn frowned at Frosted Dreams. "How do you plan to address this concern?"

    "I'm not so uncivil. Perhaps a more pleasant way can be found to settle our rivalries" he responded disgustedly. "Elder ones don't lower ourselves to petty warring states."

    From the corner of my eye, I saw Lady Thalia start at the reply. she seemed surprised by Frosted's reaction...after the reponse given to her offer to help the Elders.

    "My Liege," Demoss interrupted them. "May I ask a question of Frosted Dreams."

    Both the King and Frosted Dreams scowled at him. "You may."

    "Frosted Dreams, those who came through the rift before you, " he asked concerned. "Can you tell us of them?"


    Demoss nodded. "We did meet the insects."

    Before Frosted Dreams could return his attention to King Blackthorn, Sebben quickly asked if Frosted Dreams and her people were indeed accepting the King's authority over them.

    Frosted Dreams turned her attention to Sebben. "I fear we must."


    "There are others of my people who think otherwise." Sadly she bared her teeth. "A wise ruler is more than her sharp claws.

    "And what of Tirest?" King Blackthorn asked. "She attacked and killed several of my Royal Spies."


    King Blackthorn nodded, "Yes a wise ruler must see all perspectives. I'll give no fault to the past actions...but will not abide it happening again. You understand and accept this?"


    Hearing Hydra Shock mutter to herself, "Me thinks that one says what our King wants to hear." the King and Frosted Dreams looked at her.

    "I speak sincerily...others of my kind would choose to spill blood to carve a place for us." Frosted Dreams paused. "After long centuries of strife dividing our breathren...we don't wish to repeat it."


    The King sighed, "That went rather well...better than expected."

    "He seems sincere...but others of his kind could be trouble." Sebben said.
    We nodded in agreement.

    "I believer you are correct Sebben." the King agreed. "Frosted Dreams seems to hold sway among them."


    "Still there will be trouble between them and the Weld." the King sighed again. "Frosted dreams didn't attempt to hide that or apologize for it. I must think upon this."

    What ill news is there now. I thought waiting for the King to explain.

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