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A Message On A Homing Pigeon

By Drakelord, Aug 28, 2019 | |
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  1. A message on a Homing Pigeon
    homing pigeon.jpg
    search for Forskis.jpg
    Malag aste: *looks at Pigeon to see if its carrying a note*
    Kittie: *eyes the pigeon with interest, her eyes wide*
    Malag aste: No Kittie
    Kittie: but.. but!
    Malag aste: No.
    Kittie: Hrmph.. If they were carrying a note, I would spit it out..
    Vixen: has everyone seen the homing pigeon on the table yet??

    Sarah Paumera: *smiles at everyone*
    Magnus Grey: Any news to report?
    Kittie: That bird looks tasty?
    Magnus Grey: I heard the raid a few days ago went well.
    Fallen Angel: I'm in a good mood today
    Magnus Grey: I had planned on having you follow up on information gathered there. But something else has come up... *points to the bird* One of my scouts had been following Forskis into the mountains.
    search for Forskis1.jpg search for Forskis1a.jpg search for Forskis1b.jpg search for Forskis1c.jpg
    Vixen: I hope we are going after him
    Magnus Grey: He was tracking him through the Serpent's Spine.
    Vixen: *nods*
    Magnus Grey: His latest message is a day late.
    Vixen: ohoh
    maints magic: "sighs"
    Magnus Grey: And the pigeon came back only with a piece of a broken crossbow.
    Vixen: sounds as if we are one scout less
    Magnus Grey: The scout in question doesn't use a crossbow.
    Crystal: *frowns*
    Magnus Grey: Vixen, that is my worry. The mountains are dangerous.
    search for Forskis2.jpg search for Forskis3.jpg
    Malag aste: *furrows brow*
    Kittie: *frowns*
    Magnus Grey: And I don't wish to have half of you walk off a cliff. But desperate times.
    Kittie: *looks at her claws* Glad I sharpened these..
    Magnus Grey: I will gate you close to the scout's most recent base camp. But after that, you are on your own. You may need to climb a few rock faces. Those of you with experience may need to throw rope down those who are less skilled. If Forskis killed my scout, he is even more dangerous than I believed. So don't let your guard down. Don't get caught on a rock face with an armed gargoyle killer. Your cover in Britain and beyond is important.
    Malag aste: *quirks a brow*
    search for Forskis4 IoIo.jpg search for Forskis5.jpg search for Forskis6.jpg
    Magnus Grey: But with Forskis, bring him in or put him down.
    Malag aste: I'd rather put him down at this point...
    Magnus Grey: If he is part of the Fellowship conspiracy, he is willing to kill it's members. Better to fight back first.

    Fallen Angel: We should take the whole lot down at this point
    Magnus Grey: Fallen Angel, that would be my way, but there are already lawyers and public statements involved. Apparently no one in Britain "knew anything about events in Minoc"

    Fallen Angel: I hear that the lawyers are part of the Fellowship
    Magnus Grey: It being "a distant backwater" or something. Tonight, focus on the murderer. Any final questions?

    Magnus Grey: Good hunting!

    *Exiting the gate at the scout’s base camp the Royal Spies were met by some very shading characters, After dealing with them clues were found that Forskis was on a hit list to prevent him spilling the beans to the RBG if capture. Looking around we found a goat trail leading around and over the mountain. Following the trail led the Royal Spies to Iolo*
    Duncan: "Climb these rocks. Looks like the mounts can handle it.

    Iolo: *humming comes from up the mountain* *sings a song about climbing rocks and great falls* Hail friends! I seem to have gotten a bit stuck. Reminds me of a story about Shamino and a bucket. Teach an old bard to go after a killer alone!
    Vixen: are you pinned under a rock?
    Duncan: "can we pull you out?" 'You're the scout?'
    Iolo: Scout?
    maints magic: we are here to help no worries
    Iolo: Is that whose bird that was?
    Duncan: "Aye."
    Vixen: did you send a homing pigeon to Brit?
    Iolo: Bird wandered up here, so I tied a message to its leg.
    Vixen: that bird is why we are here?
    Duncan: So, ah. Let's pull those rocks off you.
    Vixen: well we got the message
    Iolo: Forskis dropped half a mountain on me, but he didn't finish the job!
    Vixen: where is he?
    Duncan: * starts to and pull*
    Iolo: *wiggles free* *winces* That's a nasty break...
    maints magic: "tosses heal spell"

    Iolo: I'm not going to be able to help you much. But I can tell you about the gargoyle.

    maints magic: directions will suffice
    Vixen: no worries
    Iolo: He's clever.
    Vixen: give us all you got we will avenge you
    Iolo: Likes to make false trails and double back. Ambushes and traps. You need to take care going after him.
    Kittie: We will, thank you Iolo
    Malag aste: Certainly will
    Vixen: well he has two worries now on his trail, there a kill on sight order from others that are after him as well.
    Iolo: Good luck, friends! Oh wait!
    Vixen: yes?
    Iolo: The gargoyle can't fly!
    Vixen: good
    Iolo: I noticed that from days tracking him.
    Malag aste: Did you rip his wings?
    Vixen: injured wings maybe

    Martyna Z'muir: His wings are scarred.
    Iolo: He leaves a trail like any humanoid on land.
    Vixen: from the fire he set?

    Iolo: I don't know the reason, but use that to your advantage.
    Vixen: indeed thank you sir
    Iolo: He has been killing to eat as he Messy hunters are easy to track.
    Vixen: *nods*
    Kittie: *nods*
    Iolo: You all get justice for Feridwyn.
    Vixen: ok point us in the right direction sir

    Duncan: I think I see what he means
    Iolo: I think west and then north for now.
    Duncan: This way....There's blood.
    Iolo: Follow the blood.
    Duncan: Follow the blood trail to a blocked tunnel
    *Of course nothing would be so simple to follow the trail without something wishing to stop us* After dealing with that we found the tunnel that was sealed, and had to improvise using the horns of a goat to clean the area*

    Iolo: Follow Forskis's trail of blood!
    Vixen: following the blood
    Iolo: Careful for the wild animals!
    Angry Mountain Goat: * Angry Mountain Goat is wracked with extreme pain. *
    Iolo: These goats are feral beasts!
    Duncan: "All the goats dead now?" "Seems not."
    Iolo: *limps over*

    Vixen: strange bird over here
    Duncan: "Umm....Should you be here?"
    Iolo: I was feeling better. Show this old bard the trail.

    Duncan: "Know a way into this tunnel>"
    Iolo: Digging? If you don't want to dig, please stand back.
    Spoonman: dogs like to dig looks like a few dogs here
    Iolo: Are you going to have the lame old bard do it?
    Duncan: We could cut off the goats' heads and use the horns. Aye, like he said, dogs like to dig. Who here can go into dog form.
    Iolo: That's a story...goat horn shovels! *starts to dig*
    Duncan: * digs with a goat horn shovel*
    Spoonman: good job Duncan
    Fallen Angel: Where to dig?

    *Clearing the tunnel was done so swift that we surprised Forskis*
    Forskis: *snarls* Brought friends too.
    Vixen: Forskis there a kill order out on you come with us willing or dead
    Forskis: *growls*
    Kittie: *growls back* *points* You're using innocent felines for your own agenda!!!!
    Fearful Mountain Lion: * Fearful Mountain Lion is wracked with extreme pain. *
    Kittie: I won't forgive you for that!!!!!!
    Forskis: *shrugs* Kill you too.
    Spoonman: your a wanted man, Forskis, and not just by us
    Forskis: I am a gargoyle, not a man. *well dud we know that*
    Kittie: For what you did to these poor felines, I'm going to personally enjoy clawing your eyes out!!!

    *Things were going from Bad to Worse for Forskis and it was not long that he was looking for his escape tunnel*

    Forskis: Let them come. Kill them too. *snarls* Lot of you. Too few knives.
    Duncan: "Basically your one chance to live is to come with us, and quietly." "And quickly."
    Malag aste: Now like I said you can come quietly or die
    Forskis: Forskis not weak. Not live in human iron cage.

    Duncan: Oh, nono no....You're not weak....We're just betting you're smart.
    Therrick'Kar: Assassins are always weak, cowardly and vile.
    Forskis: Insult my wings!
    Duncan: "Don't prove us wrong."
    Forskis: Kill you one at a time. *runs down one of two tunnels*

    *Splitting forces was the only option left, half down one tunnel the other half the other tunnel*
    The battle was swift and quick, Forskis was dead* Reporting back to HQ we were debriefed*
    search for Forskis7.jpg
    *here we discussed the Minoc Fellowship house being closed, the land being returned to Minoc, which of course would make a certain Governor very happy. Our continuous missions of spying on the Fellowship, and not leaving snacks (Homing Pigeons) unguarded when Kittie was around, and the sighting of a Strange Bird, it being sometimes an ill omen*
    strange bird.jpg
    *The strange Bird*

    Thus ends this report!

    (tonights drop) search for Forskis the drop.jpg

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    Boy, glad I wasn't there. I have a phobia about falling. No goat trails for me.
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