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A Pas Christmas Party

By Drakelord, Dec 20, 2017 | |
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  1. A PAS Christmas Party

    Egg Nog, cookies, trivia contest, give away, war stories of the glory days of Sonoma from the one and only King David (PAS), presents exchanged and the big man himself, yep you guessed it “Santa Claus”. When and where was this you ask? Last night in Luna at the PAS Auction/market house.

    Queen Mum was there as well, who do you think brought all those cookies. She was also the one that did all the decorations on the roof of the PAS Auction house for this party.
    Santa has been very busy this month there was a huge block party at Zento this month (December 9th) where he and his elves passed out gifts to all present then to come to Luna last night for the PAS Christmas party.

    Chalnoth did a trivia contest, a lot of very hard questions, that did require many if not all of us to put on the old thinking cap, many of an answer (some wrong) were shouted out its a wonder that poor Chalnoth (and the rest of us) are not deaf this day.

    Gifts were exchanged by all there, Drakelord had a giveaway of a mounted Dread Horn, using the lucky dealer the highest person winning. SWEAVER GAL took the prize with her high score of 81.

    The showstopper was Santa passing out gifts to all that were present. His last words before he left, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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