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A Secret Fellowship Book

I still don't trust the Fellowship especially after the murders. Perhaps the secret book that Lady Harriet was told about will prove me right.
By Tamais, Nov 1, 2019 | |
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  1. Lady Harriet was met with shouts of greetings and waves. "Greetings friends."


    "As you know we have investigated the murders of several of our citizens through the realm," Lady Harriet explained. "Some especially close to yours truly."
    Lady Harriet paused, "Okay I have under my protection a voice in the chaos."


    "In it supposedly lists the names of the murder victims, as well as some others who are also presently under protection." Lady Harriet turned towards me and raised an eyebrow.

    "Yes?" I asked blushing.

    "There are those of you who have said your piece regarding the Following." Lady Harriet said.

    Meeting her eyes, I sat up straighter, "Yes, I did. I just don't trust them."

    Michey smiled.

    "Agreed," Vixen Sonoma stated.

    Demoss nodded. "Ah, that cult."

    "Those cult-like members of a collection of folks who seem as though they just want to help and quite honestly I have been unable to uncover anything nefarious." Lady Harriet stated.

    Vixen Sonoma looked over at me and muttered, "help you to a hole 5 ft. deep."

    "They are a careful group." I commented.

    "Indeed," Vixen Sonoma agreed. "To bad we have no fly on the wall in their meetings.

    "For shame," Sphinkter frowned at us. "How about some faith."

    "Which leads me to believe we need to keep an eye out," Lady Harriet said thoughtfully​

    "be vigilant for sure." Sphinkter commented.

    Lady Harriet nodded, "With all that is happening on our seas. They have really helped give the refugees somewhere to sleep and food in their stomachs." Lady Harriet told us.

    Sphinkter nodded. "True humanitarians."

    Cry More-Stnk spit in in disgust

    I shook my head "But at what price, nothing is free."

    "Right," Michey agreed.

    "I have to say the young man in my care mentioned a book they had out. He believes it has secrets." Lady Harriet explained. I haven't been able to obtain a copy.

    "I am told by several that we are not the only ones who seek this tome. " Lady Harriet warned us. "I have created a special gate for you and i have hired the usual EMTs to help us.

    "So we may have other that wish not for us to get it." Vixen Sonoma said.

    "Do not attack unless you are provoked." Lady Harriet said firmly.

    Igneous and Michey nodded in agreement. Others of us also agreed though reluctantly.


    "Remember they might just be really good people and you all are just so used to evil lurking your are cautions"

    I shook my head, "Right..."

    Sphinkter glared at me. "Yes, kill unless not harmed."

    Michey smiled. "Uh hum."

    "I mean don't Kill!" Sphinkter shouted.

    Lady Harriet held up her hand for quiet. "Being careful is good...just treat everyone fairly."

    "We will give them a fair chance." I said.

    Vixen Sonoma stood up. "Ok, we are ready."

    After everyone had arrived, Lady Harriet lead the way.


    Following her we soon arrived. All was quiet so we began searching for the book. Lady Harriet called to us. "Has anyone found anything at all?"

    Wendy and Demoss replied at the same time, "There is a grate in the south east corner."

    "A sewer grate out here?" Puzzled Lady Harriet came to look.

    I was pulling on the grate. "I was thinking of exploring, but haven't been able to open it.

    "Maybe someone doing nothing can put their fat pet on it. " Starlynn suggested with a smile. "Weight may get it open."

    I jumped back quickly. A creature had just come out of it...An All Seeing Eye. The battle had begun.


    8.jpg 9.jpg
    Demoss and I had stayed guarding the grate. He just had time to warn me "Demons are coming from the sewer grate."​
    Hidden I watched as Fiends rushed out.


    11.jpg 12.jpg

    Without thinking I was standing on the gate when the Boneless came out. "Oops, bad idea to stand on the grate." I said grabbing my bag.

    "Ya think?" Skeptamystic laughed.

    "Vixen Sonoma just shook her head at me. :You just had to take that 2nd look in the sewers didn't you??"


    14.jpg 15.jpg

    Staying hidden I watched as more and more strange creatures came from the depths.
    16.jpg 17.jpg
    18.jpg 19.jpg

    21.jpg 22.jpg


    24.jpg 25.jpg

    At last we found the commander. To our shock it was a machine...An Artificial Intelligence. It was not happy to see us.


    27.jpg 28.jpg

    29.jpg 30.jpg
    Lady Harriet searched the body of the AI. "Friends, I have found the book of secrets. the artificial intelligence had it but it is totally empty I wonder if pages were torn out or if it has never held any secrets."

    "So what are the secrets??" Vixen Sonoma asked.

    "Hum I wonder if that book is a decoy." I mused. "Like the book of truth.

    " I will see if I can get the blue prints of the sewer system before our next meeting." Lady Harriet told us before she left.. "And I will get back with you."


    Nodding I muttered, "Yuck, and my cobbler told me no more exploring sewers!"

    The drop for August 32.jpg

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