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A Stolen Treasure

I listened in disbelief...another rare object had been stolen from the King's treasure. I felt sorry for Sherry the Mouse who had been left in...
By Tamais, Oct 20, 2017 | |
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  1. I had just finished watching our victory parada when a King's guard told me that Sherry the Mouse was waiting for us in the court yard. Having no cheese for Sherry, I ran to the inn to buy some then hurried back.

    Already people had begun to gather. I put the cheese on the pillow left for Sherry. "Good to see Sherry has a soft pillow to stand on. That little mouse isn't as young as she use to be."

    Flasath smiled and nodded.

    "Hello," Sherry the mouse squeaked . "Three cheers for the safty of Britannia...Hip Hip Hooray!"

    "Sherry!" Ronan shouted over the noise.

    "Greetings Sherry," I said after the cheer.

    "OMG IT'S A RAT!" Miranda squealed stepping back. Others quickly reassured her that Sherry wasn't a rat.

    Sherry The Mouse frowned at her. "Please allow me to explain... The king, as you saw is well." She squeaked. "But I must tell you we have an adventure."

    I nodded with reservation...adventures tended to wreck my clothes and added to my ever growing collection of death robes.

    "I was left here holding the fort down so to speak," Sherry squeaked.

    Sherry wrinkeld her nose, "And I set upon guarding this artwork by putting two guards in charge in shifts of 12 hours each."

    Vixen Sonoma nodded. "Hopefully they were trustworthy guards."

    Sherry squeaked in distress, "There is a very rare piece missing!"

    "Oh No!" I exclaimed

    "Give her some cheese," Hoping it would help calm her, Demoss passed me a piece.

    Sherry took it and put it down. "I would not have noticed, had the King not recovered to tell me . It is that rare." she squeaked.

    "Do we have clues as to who took it? I asked?


    Vixen Sonoma asked, "The other?​

    "Yes, Tamais." Sherry answered us both. "Vixen, The other guard is missing. I have not been able to find him."

    "Ahh." Vixen Sonoma frowned.

    "This is where you come in." Sherry explained. "I have made questions of all the residents here. " She squeaked. "He was last seen escaping to the dungeon.

    "Which dungeon?" Gwynne asked.

    "Here below us? Vixen added.


    "And you can help me figure what it is." Sherry looked at us hopefully.

    "Sure." Cathy Earnshaw told her.

    Sherry jumped off her pillow. "This way friends, Please I will show you the way.


    We followed Sherry into the depths of the Castle Blackthorn dungeon. "Carefully!" Sherry squeaked. "Carefully!"

    I took her advice...moving quietly I made sure I was hidden by the mighty dragons.

    Arriving in a small room, Sherry pointed to a book. "Can any of you see it or is it just me?"

    Cathy Earnshaw nodded and read what it said, "Speak what you seek."

    Lesser Deamon thought a minute, "We seek gold...treasure...fame...fortune." He suggested.

    Sherry The Mouse squeaked," Gold...treasure." Nothing happened.

    "I seek mouse traps." Lesser Deamon laughed wickedly.

    "ACK!" Sherry scurried behind me. Peek out she frowned at him.

    "Just kidding Sherry." embarrassed, Lesser Deamon assured her.

    "Wait." Sherry wiggled her nose. "What about power.


    Once more nothing happened. "Hmmm," Sherry looked at us. "He wants to be rich...so perhaps riches." Sherry disappeared.​

    "The password is riches." She told us after reappearing .

    The password took us to a small tower. There I was surprised to see Lesser Deamon waiting behind a desk. "You seek my riches?" he asked.

    "Yes." I replied puzzled. He was the person we were looking for?


    "What is your riddle?" I asked just incase.

    "What has many eyes but cannot see?" He questioned.

    Gwynne quickly replied "potatoes."

    He laughed, "Yes, farming potatoes will give you riches."

    Behind me, I heard Vixen Sonoma asking, "Who is Ariana?"

    Turning towards him, I saw him looking at a woman.

    Lesser Deamon couldn't stop laughing at the joke he just pulled on us.

    Scowling at him, I moved over to Ariana careful not to step on Sherry.


    "Ariana." Sherry greeted the woman.

    "Yes, I am Ariana." The woman replied looking down at Sherry." What are you doing here?"

    "We seek a rogue guard." Sherry explained.

    Ariana nodded, "Yes I know of whom you speak, but he is not here."

    "Then where is he?" Sherry asked.

    "Why should I tell you?" Ariana told her

    "Where is he!" Gwynne demanded.

    "Because we work for the king!" Sherry the Mouse informed her.

    Ariana held up her hands "I don't want any trouble.

    "Well you may get the King." Sherry informed her.


    "Password?" Lesser Deamon questioned.

    "Try speaking the name of his favorite city, it should work." Ariana told us.

    "What is his favorite city?" Gwynne asked.

    "This one, Fool!" Ariana laughed.

    Looking around I saw that the tower was just outside Umbra. This was his favorite city?

    Sherry The Mouse called to us, " Let's go!!! A cave south Umbra...Lets find it."

    Following Sherry down the stairs we raced out of the tower in search of the cave. It didn't take us long to find it.

    Stopping at the entrance, Sherry reminded us of the password. "Say Umbra at the entrance."

    One by one we went through and found ourselves at the other entrance to the cave...unfortunately guarded by deadly dogs and poisonous released pets. While inside Titans waited.


    12.jpg 13.jpg

    15.jpg 16.jpg

    Fighting our way inside we found more of them, Spoiled Bake Kitsune and other strange creatures. All intent on killing us.
    17.jpg 18.jpg

    19.jpg 20.jpg

    Seeing that their guard animals were defeated, Fallen Umbra guards rush to join the battle.


    22.jpg 23.jpg

    The cave was finally cleared. We began to heal our wounded and pets.
    Our respite was brief...roars filled the air and we found ourselves surrounded by released dragons.

    Once again we fought for our lives...all the while the dragons taunted us.


    25.jpg 26.jpg



    The last dragon defeated, people stopped to catch their breath. I decided to searched the cave for the guard. Not finding him, I decided to go outside.

    Hearing a rock fall, I looked up to find him looking down at me. His smile made me shiver. I rushed back into the cave to alert the others.


    He was waiting for us. While throwing infernal ooze on us he summoned death vortex!

    30.jpg 31.jpg

    32.jpg 33.jpg

    34.jpg 35.jpg

    At last we were able to return the hall in victory. Sherry was waiting for us with the item the guard had stolen...the rare statue of the trammel waning crescent moon.


    Looking at it I could see why he had stolen it. Even my fingers itched to hold it. Reading my mind, Sherry smiled and wiggled her nose at me. Sighing I bowed and left in search of a good glass of wine and tailor. Adventures were so hard on clothes.

    Tonight's drop


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