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A Tale Told By My (siege) Daughter;

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  1. A Tale told by my (Siege) daughter;

    The Town Criers had predicted this day.

    Arriving at the schedule time at Castle Blackthorn, I was not alone, others Citizens of Siege were there ahead of me. As we waited for word as to why, where and when, word came that there was some delay so we waited, chatting among our self, small talk, cookies and chairs just everyday life for these folks here on Siege.[​IMG]
    Suddenly there was a stillness in the air and where once was no one was someone, the timelord all known as Hawkwind was in our presence. Without a word, he laid out four color gems in front of us, you could see the eyes of all present light up, one alone would bring enough wealth to their house for years, but four such beauties! A life time for the house!

    "Greetings. Thank you all for coming. Three months ago I first called on you for help. And since you have faced every adversities. The claws of the Black Dragon, The Labyrinth of Wolfgang's Crypt. The Ikuchi in Tokuno and the King of the White Dragon in Castle Salle Dacil.

    The Battles were tough but you came out victorious every time. Now you see here before you the results of all that hard work.

    The Sapphire eye of Dungeon Doom. The Lesser Wolfgang Ruby. The Emerald of the Roadorin Empire. The Despair Diamond of Ilshenar.


    These are the four magical Gems we require to create a passage to Minax's Shadowguard. But as you all know reagants alone don't make a magic. The same holds true for these gems.

    An incantation is what we need now. A magical spell to activate the gems and create a portal. Mariah, The Mage, will help you obtain this incantation.

    Mariah, The Mage, is waiting for you at the Moonglow Lyceum. Get Ready


    Hello Everyone.

    Hail, my name is Mariah The Mage. I will be your guide on Hawkwind's final task. (Final Task? So Ominous!)

    Our quest tonight is to learn the Incantation Hawkwind needs to open the Portal to Shadowguard.

    This incantation is a very ancient ritual, lost and forgotten on all the shards.

    But the Ritual may not be Completely lost..

    A long time ago I learned of three sacred books held by the Gargoyles of old.
    The book of Circles, It contains the Gargoyle's Interpretation of that Virtues.

    The book of prophecies. I translated this book and uncovered it's Prophecies a long time ago.

    It speaks of this moment in time and prophesised the solution would be found in the third tome.

    The third book is the Codes of ULTIMATE wisdom. A very special tome.

    The codes of ULTIMATE wisdom contains all knowledge that has ever existed!

    The prophesy says that we can recover the incantation from the codex of ULTIMATE wisdom.

    The prophesy also predicted a being from the Xorinite Dimension would guide us to the Codex.

    Wisp are from the Xorinite Dimension...

    Holy Magical Mysteries Batman! To the wisp dungeon!

    Opening a gate, she led us to the entrance of the Wisp Dungeon, only to see it blocked off as we emerged. Standing above the entrance we noted another individual, whom we found out was an agent for Minax. Sensing ill winds heading our way we all quickly prepared for battle.

    (Anous Enchanted)


    *Turning to Mariah*

    Be a good student and listen to your teacher. (*GULP* we were facing her teacher?) Turn back now, while you still can.

    You know we cannot Anon. We have to stop Minax! If Minax succeeds to manipulate time, it will be the end of all of us! Of you too Anon!

    (Anon) With a wave of arms and a spell we cannot hear we are suddenly facing his pets!

    It was only our skills and being prepared that we managed to beat off his pets. Anous flees, perhaps to be seen another day. Once inside we sought clues to the cube there, alas we had learned little before entering here and could not solve this mystery.
    Quit trying to guess the word, we seek clues to the letters and monsters to kill.

    (Mariah The Mage)
    The Vortex cube will activate when the right word is spoken. And the Xorinite wisp will help us learn the word! Just as the book of prophecies predicted.

    At each landmark you will find a letter. Combine those letters into a word.

    Again there is a stillness in the air and again where once was no one was someone, The timelord all known as Hawkwind.

    Let me guide you to solve the clue.

    Yes indeed!


    Gate after gate he castes, at each location we sought a clue to a word we needed, at each location the minions of Minax sought to stop us. Brave folks fell to these monsters. But the monsters also fell to the magic, the warriors and pets that day. Finally we learned the word. ULTIMATE!...

    Quickly we returned to the Wisp dungeon, and speaking the word ULTIMATE we were in a chamber above the stars! Hawkwind took a place center of diagram looking like a star in a circle. There he speaks to all of us.

    As did the stranger so many centuries ago, I too do now.

    Quickly he moved around the circle placing the four gems, north, west, south, east. Once more taking a place center of it all.

    I whisper the name of the creatures of Doom so they may not hear. I invoke the name of Wolfgang and long lost Akalabeth. I salute the names of those who defended Castle Rondorin to the last. I weep for Shamino and Beatrix and what they could have been. Repeat after me. Everyone. Vas Rel Tym Por Ort.

    *like a wind, we followed his words with our own, repeating it over and over again!* A huge circle of us are all around him repeating it! When suddenly there was a gate, then no gate, then a gate, then no gate, then a gate followed by a huge flash of flames and light all around us, when it cleared there was a grey flaming mist in front of us.*


    I cannot finish the casting at this time or in this place. I will carefully move the magic of the spell to Stonegate, but I need your help. Touch the time gate before you leave this place. The essence of a Nascent time gate will infuse your spirit.

    When you return to your home and cites form a circle of gems around the essence. And again speak the words Vas Rel Tym Por Ort. Place your hand against each gem and finally the silver essence to infuse it with your Mana. If enough do this on every shard, Minax's Shadowguard will be moved into alignment. Then I will be able to mend the Connection formed by the stranger so long ago. Then the time gate will be stable enough for passage!

    *Doing as he said we all waited for him to move the gate, then one by one we touched it, claiming for ourself a part of it. Then moving to the return point we quickly exit the the chamber of stars to find ourselves at a moongate in Ilshinar.*


    Thus ends my daughter's report of this evenings event.

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