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A Valley Of One Quest On Tc1

By Drakelord, Feb 19, 2016 | |
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  1. A Valley of One

    Within the private chambers of King Blackthorn a conversation is taking place

    Hawkwind: I’m afraid I have foreseen a most unfortunate timeline of events...

    Blackthorn: Tell me Time Lord, what is that troubles you?

    Hawkwind: I brought the Britannians to Shadowguard to aid in the battle against Minax, in doing so I fear I may have placed the Native people in grave peril.. The Britannians are a curious and brave people. I fear that curiosity has put the Valley of Eodon at risk. Britannians seek to take advantage of the natural resources in Eodon.

    Blackthorn: Such is the nature of all humans. Surely you knew of this risk?

    Hawkwind: Indeed, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Cause and effect are linked at the most fundamental levels.

    Blackthorn: And so what is the effect of the Britannians’s adventurism?

    Hawkwind: Score of Dragon Turtles lay dead, tiger carcasses litter the jungle floor. Native tribes people have been murdered at the hands of what they only know as foreign invaders.

    Blackthorn: *King Blackthorn looks down solemnly* One must ask whether the ends justify the means..

    Hawkwind: We could not not allow Minax to take hold in Eodon. Our actions were true, and just like other threat, I am certain the Britannians will answer the call.

    Blackthorn: Tis the very nature of my Kingdom and its people to rise in a time of need. What is the call, Time Lord?

    Hawkwind: With so much death and decay the Myrmidex have grown increasingly bold. The abundance of carrion on the surface has lured them from the dark pits to feed and bolster their numbers. The Barrab Tribe has seen this as an omen and have only increased the fervor of their zealotism towards the insectolds. If the Myrmidex are not held in check I fear the entire Valley will succumb to their invasion.

    Blackthorn: Is there no way to stop the Myrmidex invasion?

    Hawkwind: There is always another path on the Time Line. We must unite the Tribes of Eodon against the Barrab. Only then can they gain passage to the Pits and stop the Myrmidex invasion.
    Blackthorn: *King Blackthorn lets slip a grin of hope* Well then! Tis fortunate a bold adventurer presents themselves to us! Take these orders to Sir Geoffrey at his camp near the Barrab Tribe in the Valley of Eodon. Godspeed on your quest, adventurer!

    Image6.jpg Image8.jpg
    This is the begining of a chain of events, more can be read at UO.com

    Thus ends this report
    Signed, Drakelord

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Tamais
    "great guide"
    PROS - good information about the new quest.
    CONS - none
    thank you for a great overview of the new quest. I can't wait to do it.