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A Visual Tale By The Fiery Lady

Sneezing by my fire, I thought about the strange adventure the Fiery Lady had taken us on. She had woven a story about our battles as if they had...
By Tamais, Apr 6, 2016 | |

  1. 1.jpg
    We had gathered at the hall hoping to meet with Dahlia. Instead the Fiery Lady appeared. I couldn't help but notice she had on a new robe. One that shimmered and glowed. Curious I asked about it. A question I soon wished I hadn't asked.

    "You are correct, Tamais" She smoothed the robe down. "It is pretty isn't it."

    Several of us nodded in agreement. Still I couldn't help but think that robe was trouble. May I ask what happened to your other one?"

    "Ah yes... my other one is... how do I put it?" she frowned, "It's frozen in a block of ice at the bottom of the sea off Fire Island."

    Knowing how the Fiery Lady hates any thing cold, I could only wonder how the robe became frozen. "Frozen? how did that happen?" I asked.

    The Fiery Lady replied with a smirk. "Funny you should ask. I was just about to tell you all a visual tale... when we killed some monstrous freezing snakes, lopped off their heads, made them into a stew, and ate them at the foot of a volcano.

    "Ewwww." I shivered. "That doesn't sound familiar. I'm sure I'd remember eating snakes."

    The Fiery Lady shook her head, "Well surely you remember the part where one of you jumped into the freezing water...swam to the bottom and retrieved my lovely robe?

    Puzzled we shook our heads . "No my lady," someone answered. "I don't remember that at all."

    The Fiery Lady frowned. "I can't remember which one of you lovely people did it. " She lifted an eyebrow and looked around."

    "Surely it was me. "Bree Bloodband said with a smile. "I always die."

    The Fiery Lady turned to Bree. "Maybe, I'm starting to remember. Your name is familiar, " she studied her. "Yes, you were the one who almost drowned trying to get it. That was my favorite part.

    The Fiery Lady returned her icy gaze on us. "Doesn't it sound like it is a grand adventure?"

    Hum, I thought to myself...a grand adventure...sure. Before I could answer, several others agreed with her. So began our strange adventure.

    Outside the Fiery Lady opened a age. "Where were we...oh yes, the City of Nu'Jelm. I remember the citizens were screaming when I lef...I mean, when we arrived."

    Left? what gave was she playing?" I looked at her carefully, then followed her through the gate. Arriving we searched the city without success.

    Leading us to the chess board, the Fiery lady seemed surprised that we hadn't found her prey. "The city guards must have killed them...But that's alright! we ventured onward. " Opening another gate she lead us to the frozen lands of Dagger Island.

    "Oh Yes, that's right. We encountered them here at this very spot." The Fiery Lady announced with glee. "How brave we were!​

    Part 1: Dagger Island











    Part 2: Hyloth and Fire Island








    Part 3: Northern Winds the Frost Dragon







    An Ending




    We looked at each other in disbelief, now she is saying she killed it? Once again the Fiery Lady had tricked...used us and now was taking the credit for killing the dragon.

    "The Wrong Robe!" I shouted. "You lied to us again!"

    "I didn't lie, just told you a story. The Fiery Lady replied. "Beside I might have over heard him say he was attacking Trinsic." She explained. "and maybe I didn't kill him my self...it did freeze me in ice.

    "I think you wronged him and wanted us to do your dirty work." Vyxen glared at the Fiery Lady.

    "I wronged him? He laughed at me." the Fiery Lady glared back at Vyxen. "Telling me my flame isn't fiery enough to put him out. How rude. He sure isn't laughing anymore."

    I shook my head when would we learn. The Fiery Lady always has her own purpose.

    Prompted by the Fiery Lady's suggestion, we returned to the Britain hall to find Dahlia waiting.

    "How did you know I wanted to see you?" She asked in surprise. "I've not sent the messengers out yet."

    "The Fiery Lady," I replied. "She hinted that we should return here."

    "I wonder what her game is this time. "Dahlia muttered, "No matter it is good you are here. I've received reports that a rouge Weld has been attacking the city of Trinsic."

    A rouge Weld...could it be Northern Winds. I thought as l listened.

    "Evidias informed me that the Weld would be grateful if we took care of this matter quietly... " Dahlia added.

    "Excuse me my Lady, "I interrupted her. "But I think we have already resolved the problem."

    Dahlia looked at me in surprise. "How have you done that?"

    "Well the Fiery Lady took us to a Weld, named Northern Lights." I paused. "I'm afraid we had to kill him.'

    "The Fiery Lady?" Dahlia scowled. "Now what is she playing at?"

    "She tricked us." Vyxen said angrily. "Told us it took her robe."

    "Yah," someone added. "And now she is at some bar telling everyone she killed it. "

    "She's been trying to get an audience with Evidias for weeks." Dahlia
    sighed pressing her hand to her head, "So she tricks you into killing Northern Winds, claims credit and hopes that will get Evidias to see her."

    "That would make sense, "I told her.

    "Trinsic has been being attacked by the creature for weeks. " Dahlia frowned. "But how did the Fiery Lady know where to find the Weld. We just learned of it's location. "

    "I don't trust her. She should be locked up." Vyxen growled

    "I doubt we could find a cell that would hold her. "Dahlia said. "Plus the King would never lock someone up for helping the realm."

    Dahlia's answer didn't stopped the angry muttering. She took a deep breath. "Now if you'll excuse me I have some damage control to handle at the Weld village. Then I have to inform the King."

    I bowed as she left. "Fare thee well and be safe my Lady."

    "Thank you Tamais. I shall try." Dahlia returned by bow. "I will call on you soon."

    After she left, I returned home. Sneezing I lite a fire and made some mulled wine. Shivering I sat down. Stupid frozen lands, just once I wish someone had told us to bring heavy cloaks. I leaned back knowing I was catching a cold.

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