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A Weld Magic Conduit? Part 1

Strange green stones have appeared in the lands. Are they a magic conduit from the Weld world? How do they summon strange beetle like creatures
By Tamais, Aug 25, 2015 | |
  1. Answering Dahlia's summons, the Royal spies gathered at the hall. Arca Mydian watched as Dahlia scratched her chin in worry. "What is the matter my lady?"

    "I just read the report about the strange bugs you found." she replied. "There have been reports from the Citizens of Trinsic. More bugs have been spotted in the swamps."

    The room was quiet while people took in what Dahlia had just said. "Have they been spotted in the city?" Arca Mydian asked.

    "No not yet, but still they are distrubing as we don't know where they came from or why?"

    a plan of minax.jpg

    "That is troubling." Tamais said worried. "Though Govenor Rowan said the creature they meet seemed to be looking for something."

    Dahlia frowned. Minax's plans are maniacal and twisted. But these seem different somehow.

    Arca Mydian thought for a mounte. "Could Minax still have caused them?"

    Dahlia nodded, "Odd things have been happening since Minax opened a rift between the lands.

    unintenede affect.jpg

    "I hope you are wrong." Arca shivered. "If they are a consequence...what else will come through the rift. Has the Fiery Lady mentioned anything?"

    "No, she seems to be keeping out of sight. We are looking for her." Dahlia frowned again. "But I am more concerned about Evidias. She has been different since she fought the bug." Dahlia stood to leave. "When you meet with her again, please watch her and protect her if needed. Even if it is from herself."

    After she had left, the room buzzed with discussions of the new developments. Why had the strange bug affected Evidias? Evidias in danger, that was was worrisome. Arca looked around the room where was Lady Thalia? She always protected Evidias. Arca left the hall to find Lady Thalia.

    "Hurry! Arca called to the others. "The strange bug is here outside the hall."

    beetle at hall.jpg

    Quickly the Royal spies rushed out of the hall. Tamers commanding their dragon to attack giving the warriors and mages time to prepare. Once they joined the battle...the creature was quickly defeated.

    battle in brit.jpg

    Looking around for more, Arca noticed that a strange green stone had appeared. Evidias was standing next to it talking to herself "The energy...so...familar...but why?"

    Arca approached her. "My Lady, are you alright?"

    Evidias turned in surprise. "Can you feel that?

    approaching the brit stone.jpg

    Arca shook her head. "No. Wait my lady," Arca moved to stop Evidias as she moved toward the stone.

    "I can't Arca...it is pulling me to it. " Evidias slowly walked towards the stone. Her eyes widening in surprise when she touched it. "But how...it is like the ones at the botton of the tree."

    "Tree? My lady Evidas? Tamais asked puzzled. "What tree?

    Seeming not to hear Evidias continued speaking more to herself than the gathering. "Hum, the magic is the same. This stone is from home. How did it get here?

    Even more puzzled Arca asked, "From your home? Where the Weld came from?"

    Evidias blinked as if she had forgotten she was not alone. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to confuse you. This stone is like the ones under the roots of the Tree." She touched it again. "Yet not the same. It seems like it is a conduit.

    under the tree a condut.jpg

    Arca Mydian reached out to the stone "Is it safe to touch?"

    "Yes, it isn't powerful enough. But it is drawing power from some where. Evidias started to wander off deep in thought.

    Following her, the gathering found more of the stones... a trail that Evidias was following. Arca Mydian hurried to catch up with Evidias. When she was beside her, Evidias was smiling. "So nice to see something from home."

    trial to despise.jpg

    Passing through the passage to Despise, Evidias stopped at another stone. "No...not here...it's...this way." Turning around Evidias went back down the passage. "The trail must be around here."

    wrong way.jpg

    "Over here." Tamais called. Hurrying over to her, Evidias began running following the trail again. Afraid she would get to far ahead, people began running after her. Arca Mydian caught up as Evidias entered the maze to Wind.

    A short ways up the trail were two stones. One like the one found outside the hall. The other a group of stones.

    corrupted pillars in wind.jpg

    Studying the larger group, Evidias touched it. "The magic is stronger...but still doesn't feel right. Looking around Evidias seemed to see something. "Can you see it?

    "See what my lady?" Arca Mydian asked.

    "The trail of magic coming from the conduit. It seems to be flowing back through the stones." Suddenly she stopped and began pushing at the stones.

    can't let them out 2.jpg

    Arca and Tamias hurried to help. The stone wasn't moving. Then Sylvar ordered the dragons to help.

    dragon help.jpg

    Moving out of the way, Evidias watch as the stone slowly moved. "Thank you Sylvar, the dragons made the difference."

    Sylvar bowed to her, "My dragon is ever at your service.

    "Good the magic is starting to dissipate...but some is still traveling down the chain of stones. We must go back. Evidias quickly stepped through the gate she openned. The Royal spies following her.

    To everyones surprise they were at the Britain Moongate. Waiting for them, several of the strange insect creatures.

    attacked at brit gate.jpg
    "Jjafluoo. Pa zugikk! Dakba! " one of the creatures shouted. Its cry answered as warriors and dragons surged forward. The mages summoning energy vortexs and rising colossuses. Thought there were many creatures, the battle was controlled by the Royal spies. One by one the insect creatures were surrounded and defeated.

    battle for gate 2.jpg

    Looking around Arca found Evidias gone. "Tamais did you see where she went?"

    "No, I heard her mumble that she could see something then wander off. Arca behind you!"

    Arca turned quickly to find the the mysterious green beetle. Watching it, Arca saw it raise a clawed arm while making clicking noises.

    commanding 2.jpg

    The clicks seemed to be a command. Turning to the battle, the other strange beetles were ignoring its commands. The mysterious beetle grew more and more angry. Blinking one of its many eyes.

    commanding 1.jpg

    It hit one of the beetles makind a high pitched sreech. Angry the mysterious green beetle stomped on the ground and vanished.

    "Such interesting creatures arent' they?" a voice behind Arca asked.

    Turning around she found the Firery Lady watching the battle. "Where did you come from?" Arca demanded.

    The Fiery Lady smirked. "I'm looking for the pretty one. I heard she was looking for me.

    fiery lady arrives.jpg

    Noticing the large number of guards, the Fiery Lady frowned, "Surely those aren't here for little old me? "

    "No, my lady," Tamais answered, "They joined to defeat the Strange beetles."

    "Ah, you mean those silly purple things I would love to burn them up for you." the Fiery Lady stabbed one with a stick of fire.

    fire resistane shells.jpg

    "Well how rude! Their shells are fire proof." Angerly she walked back to where Tamais and Arca were standing. "My fire just slipped off it's shell." She studied the beettles then shrugged, "No matter the problems in Trammel are not my concern. Now where is the pretty one?"

    "We don't know where she is, She wandered off following something. Jason explained, "She said that the beetles' and stones' magic felt familar." .

    "Oh," The Fiery pointed at the air. "Then why didn't you just follow the trail of magic to find her?" Seeing the puzzled looks, she began to laugh. "You can't see it can you."


    "Arca shook her head, "My magic is limited so the trail is unseem. Perhaps you could lead us.

    The Fiery Lady rubbed her hands together. " I can, but you have to do something for me. It is such an easy thing." Her smile devious.

    Arca frowned not trusting the Fiery Lady. "Tell us first what you want."

    "Such a innocent request. I have a surprise for Evidias, but I can never find her. Could you show it to her after I set it up? Its not dangerous." The Fiery Lady answered with a wicked smile.

    "We can do that, but only after the King's mages look at it first," Arca said firmly.

    don't trust her.jpg
    I'm not asking to burn down a city. The Fiery lady sighed angerly. My surprise is not dangeous."

    "And we thank you for not burning our cities. But can you follow the magic trail? Arca asked again.

    "Not even able to see the magic?" The Fiery Lady shook her head. "How do you get around."

    "We use moongates and recall spells." Arca answered annoyed. "Can you take us or not."

    To be Contiuned​

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