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A Weld Magic Conduit? Pt. 2

We followed the Fiery Lady once again into the depths of Destard. There she summoned the Mysterious green beetle.
By Tamais, Aug 26, 2015 | |
  1. The Fiery Lady rubbed her temples. "Why do I come to them for help. So helpless and boring." Where she had been standing a gate opened.

    Leading the others, Arca stepped carefully through the gate. Looking around he found they were in the Dungeon Destard. The Fiery Lady stood tapping her foot waiting. "The magic goes all the way to the back of the dungeon. she pointed as she walked away.

    Nervously the Royal Spies began to follow. "Be on your guard for the dragon kinds." Arca told them. "the Fiery Lady doesn't seem worried about them.


    Laughing the Fiery Lady stopped and began to pet a Greater Dragon. "But they are so adorable, little dragons and wyrms.


    "Interesting the magic is getting stronger. This way." Soon the Spies found themselves in a room, in the middle a large group of boulders surrounded by pillars."

    "Yes the little one was here... but left the way we came in." The Fiery Lady studied the pillars then touched one. "Ouch! Well that's not nice."


    Arca held back a laugh. "Seems the magic we couldn't see is protecting something."

    Smacking one of the magic pillars with her staff, the Fiery Lady glared at him. Walking to another pillar she smacked it harder. "There is some thing here, I can feel it." She hit a pillar harder. "Hey! wake up...I know you are there."



    As she walked from pillar to pillar, the Royal Spies moved back. Hitting the last pillar, the ground shook and rumbled exposing a tunnel.


    Streaming out of the tunnel, an army of strange beetles. At first the beetles wandered around seeming confused. Not waiting to be attacked, the Royal Guards struck.

    [ 6.jpg

    [ 8.jpg


    The Fiery Lady glared at the beetles. "Sending out your pets, bugs I swat out of the sky. they can't even kill. Come out and play whoever you are."


    Annoyed she killed a pillar again. "That's it. If you won't come out, I'll burn your little pets.



    Arca moved back as the air began to heat up. Watching the Fiery Lady point at one of the beetles it began to boil in it's shell then melt into a puddle of goo. "Well done my lady! Arca cheered.


    Suddenly there was loud shriek in the distance. "Do you think melting them is wise?" Arca asked nervously.

    The Fiery Lady laughed and melted another. "Ooooh...do you feel that? Now it's angry."


    The ground began to shake and crack until a large hole appeared. Angrily rushing out, a large Beetle.


    "You cannot comprehend my power!" Looking around at its followers...it called to them. "Give these fools sweet death. Embrace Ikkidikdvid's enemies. Encouraged by their leader, the strange beetles attacked in force. Arca and other mages quickly focused their healing spells on the dragons and warriors.


    The Fiery Lady watched as the Spies began dying to be resurrected by healers who had followed. Small groups surrounded each beetle...killing them one by one.


    At last, they were able to focus the attack on the leader.


    The battle was over in a seemingly short time. On the ground, a single scale all that was left of Ikkidikdvid.

    The Fiery Lady kicked the scale. Shuddering when it made a creepy insect noise.


    "Scales shouldn't make noise." Turning she studied the boulders once more. "Clever...come here and look...its some sort of a tunnel I wonder where it goes?"


    "We can follow it and find out." Arca said approaching. "But it seems to be incomplete."

    The Fiery Lady knelt down and touched it. "I wonder if they sensed us and shut it down?"

    "Or perhaps it was you striking the pillars." Tamais suggested.

    The Fiery Lady glared at her. "This is not my fault. It was broken when Igot here. It had to be one of you. What did you do."

    Arca stepped in front of Tamais. "Well, we didn't do anything. I wonder if Evidias did. She keep saying, 'they must not get through."


    The Fiery Lady looked once more at the scale. "The pretty one...she might have done it. No matter you can keep that thing. I've helped you now you can help me."

    What can we do for you, my Lady? Arca asked. Is it will the surprise you have for Evidias?"

    "No! that isn't ready and I won't be rushed." the Fiery Lady smiled slyly at Arca. I need a few stone pillars moved. They aren't very large only as tall as this and she held her hand over her head. Can't weigh more than several tons.


    Arca laughed. "I'm not a super human. I am unable to move that much weight. Perhaps you could use your magic?"

    The Fiery Lady frowned. "You won't help me. You creatures are so boring. I'm going back to Felucca to burn down another city of Minax." In a flash of fire she was gone.

    That night Arca meet with Dahlia reporting what had happened.

    "You say Evidias said that the magic was like that of the Weld?" Dahlia asked. Puzzled, I'll ask Agaris, or Adama. They came with the Weld. I can't help think the pillars have something to do with the rift between Trammel and Felucca...may an accident." Dahlia sighed. "I'll let the Royal Mages know. Pehaps the can find the answer."

    Dahlia stood to leave. "I am worried about Evidias. Keep watch over her."

    "Always my Lady." Arca replied bowing.

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