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Adiad's Secret Part 1

Eagerly I waited to hear what Evidias had learned from the Adaris Codeix. To my disappointment, she had only been able to read a small portion....
By Tamais, Dec 2, 2015 | |
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  1. Having given Evidias the Adaris Codeix, I eagerly waited for her at the hall.​

    When she arrived, several people asked the question we all were thinking, "What did the book tell us about the recent troubles."

    "Time Without Dreams and I were able to read some of the book using the tapestry and the lesson in silence." she glanced at the objects. "But there are still parts that we haven't been able to read."

    As one the gathering sighed in disappointment.

    "However something strange happened while we were working on the book."


    "Where the paint had been spilled, the words began to fade." Evidias opened the book and showed us the page.

    "Odd," Demoss remarked.

    "Yes," she agreed. "See all that remains is this thin line and a rough grainy patch," She turned the page, "and a large area that looks like an island."

    Studying it, I suggested that it might be a hidden map."

    Evidias nodded, "I think so also. I have an idea how to bring back the words so we can read it."

    "How?" Lady Thaila asked.

    "I hope pouring ink on the page, the words will return. Do you want to join me?"

    "Sure" replied Firestarter, as everyone stood.

    Outside, Evidias stopped at a strange reading circle. Nervously I looked at the others.

    "Are you sure this is safe?" I asked staying outside the circle.

    "I think they are harmlesss...I hope." Evidias said

    Not reassured I moved a little farther away.

    Evidias pulled a bottle of ink out of her pocket. "I've changed the spell a bit...to force the ink to adhere to the words."

    Chanting the spell, she poured the ink. But instead of the ink staying, Dark wisps appeared and attacked.

    "Strange."Evidias mused. "Was that how the wisps were corrupted."

    Studying the circle, she saw 5 skulls instead of 4. "Did someone put another skull down?"

    Everyone shook their heads no.

    "No matter..lets try that again." This time the ink soaked into the paper...revealing the lost words.

    Before she was able to read more, the paper aged and crumbled. We watched it turned to sand and fall into a strange pile.


    Evidias looked up " A large continent with rivers and a desert. But what are the two serpents?"

    "The Serpent Pillars?" I suggested.

    "The map does look like the old lands...the ones you call lost." she said.
    "Those little buildings are between the river and the desert...towns?"

    "Papua or Delucia." Goji suggested.

    Evidias frowned, "But which one?"

    "Papua is closer to the desert." Lady Thalia pointed to the map. "That might be the best place to begin."

    After discussion...a flip of a coin, we left for Papua.


    Arriving Evidias looked at the map "It shows the desert and the river."

    I handed her my notes. "West of the winding river, below but not beneath the desert sand."

    "A river is below the desert north of here."Lady Thalia said thoughtfully
    "She pointed to a blotchy dark spot. "Its beneath the buildings."

    "The swamp?" Firestarter suggested.

    Evidias nodded in agreement and lead us across the swamp.

    Arriving at a clearning, Evidias opened the Adaris Codexis. "Hum I still can't read it....oooh...the pages are ...glittering?"

    Seeing they were, I looked around for the cause. Not far from where we stood, I saw a tree root. "Could that be affecting the book?"

    "No idea," replied Dragon of Fire.

    "A root from Sky Bark?" I suggested.

    Evidias was visable shaken, "Not possible...the barrier would be weaking even more...but." Touching it she disappeared. Looking at each other, we touched the root and followed her.

    We arrived by a huge tree and were attacked by
    Arriok Horrors and Dark Wisps.






    Battle won, Evidias approached the tree...only to step back quickly. "I can't approach it...I was burned by a magic spell."

    "Let me try." I said approaching the tree. "Strange, I passed under the branches."

    Evidias tried again, only to be burned. "This is Adriad's magic....we are going the right direction...but how to follow the map?" She took out a map of Britannina and tried to match it with the book's drawning. "

    "Volcanoes, could be the Island of Fire." Demoss suggested. "But what do the colors yellow, green, and purple mean.

    While we searched the tree branches and roots for clues. I noticed one root that was different. "Lady Evidias, look at this branch."

    Prepared for an ambush, we arrived in Felucca. Evidias was looking at the yellow dot...it was now glowing and flickering oddly. Moving different directions, the glow was brightest in the west.

    Following the glow, we arrived at a beach.
    "There is something wrong. Adriad is trying to deceive us." Frowning, Evidias opened a gate.

    Stepping through we found ourselves on the same beach... the Trammel side.

    Evidias was standing by a strange skull that said "Remain until you are of a right mind."

    Yellow fish were by the shore. Listening to them, I had a vision.





    Evidias blinked several times, "Did you also see the vision?"

    I shuddered in horror. "Who would give a child such power?" The look of the others' faces. told me they also had the vision.

    Then we noticed the skull pulsing. That meant trouble. We barely had time to prepare when we were attacked again by the Arriok Horrors.


    Enemy defeated, Evidias followed the glow of the purple dot.

    At last we arrived at a spot below a volcano. This one had strange purple stones with glowing words; "Thoughts Floating in a Dream."

    Evidias stopped by a stone on the beach.

    Once again I began to have disturbing visions.

    I watched the man hold a torch in front of him. Uttering a spell, the vines burned away leaving the earth bare. Then holding up a dagger, he cast another spell summoning a cloud where several mean could be seen.

    "Elliam, is it done? Have we finished the task?" asked one of the men.

    Stunned, my face pale. "The visions are of the past. Who is showing them to us and why?"

    Evidias looked over, "Elliam wrote the book didn't he?"

    "Yes," replied Firestarter. "We met his shade."

    Evidias nodded thoughtfully, "Who is the child?"

    "We don't know." Psycho Realm shrugged.

    "Elliam's son?" Deb suggested.

    "Could the boy be Adriad? we know little about him except he was once one of the Havadri." I added.

    Our discussion was interrupted by another attack by the Arriok Horrors. Knowing their power now, the battle was neither long or deadly.

    It was after the battle that Evidias found the words "A Stray thought" on the stone. Touching it, she disappeared.

    Shaking my head, I touched the stone. Arriving in front of green pillars engraved "Pillars on which time sleeps." Knowing that more visions were coming, I moved closer to Evidias.



    Vision fading, I heard a voice say, "Yes, he is an orphan now."

    Next to me Evidias was shuddering at the words. "Why did they kill so many Havadri...his parents...how could they."

    I sighed, "I don't know my lady. The Havadri have never trouble our lands." I paused in thought, "This might explain why Adriad the Cold wanted them dead." Having said this the visions returned.


    Tearfully, Evidias looked at us. "I knew Minax would do anything...how she condone this? She paused to wipe her eyes. " She gave him the Havadri, to stop us.

    "They must present a danger to her plans, my lady." I said. "It is the only reason I can think of."

    "Indeed, Tamais. Things are beginning to make sense." She opened a gate, "We need to return to where we started."

    To be contiuned​

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