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Adiad's Secret- Part 2

We found Adiad waiting for us in the Lost lands. To our surprise, he didn't attack. Instead he asked a simple question, "Do you know my secret?"
By Tamais, Dec 4, 2015 | |
  1. We found Adriad waiting for us. To our surprise, he made no move to attack us.

    Carefully Evidias approached him. "What do you want Adriad? Why do you help Minax?"

    "My life..my body...can you give those to me? Adriad answered. Can you take away my pain, make me forget what happened? Minax can."

    Shaking my head I told him, "No, but neither can Minax."

    "Oh You cannot...then go away!" he shouted summoning Asiriawn Spectres.


    Noticing Adriad watching us expectantly, I left the battle to talk to him.​


    "Yes," you are a memory of what was." I told him

    "You do not... you are worthless! he shouted at me. Come find me in Ilshenar when you understand, until then you are useless to me!"
    Before I could reply, more Asiriawn Spectres appeared to attack.​




    When the battle was over, Evidias joined me. "We can not help him, he is dead." she said sadly.

    I nodded, "All that is left is his memory and pain."

    "Or he was changed into something that granted immortality." Lady Thalia added.

    Evidias shook her head slightly. "I need to follow the magic that is around the tree. I need your help to find him."

    "Where should we look?" I asked.

    "Yes!" shouted the gathering. "We will do it."

    Lady Thalia paused, "I will go as long as you are safe."

    Evidias smiled at her. "Ever my protector...I will be careful."
    Agreed that we would seek Adriad, Evidias opened a gate for us.
    He was waiting on the other side.
    "To break your curse." Lady Thalia replied.​

    Adriad turned to her. "You know my secret, that I cannot speak... can you end my suffering?

    No one spoke. "We need to know more." I said at last.

    Sadly shaking his head, Adriad turned and fled. We followed close behind.


    Seeing us, he stopped once more confronting us. "You can not help me, leave."

    Remembering what Evidias had told us before she left, I stepped forward. "I know your secret. You are dead."

    Adraid looked at me, "Yes that is my secret. Can you break the curse?


    "How can you break the curse...How? Adriad asked with anguish,"Tamais, do you know what keeps me trapped?"

    "I can listen." I said gently. "And tell the story that you can't."

    He turned to me. "Oh, what is my story?"

    I closed my eyes to recapture the visions, "You were a child, left parentless. A curse trapped you so that your magic could keep your people alive."

    Adriad nodded, "Yes a curse. Can you break it and set me free?"

    I had hoped that remembering the past would have released him. I looked at the others for help.

    "Your regret traps you." Dark Syde suggested.

    "You need to see your body." Lady Thalia said. "Then you can be free."

    "Yes! Yes." Adriad shouted. Release me, put be to rest."

    Even knowing we couldn't kill him, we attacked. Our only hope to drive his life force out.

    It was a strange battle. Our weapons, spells and pets were unable to kill him. Slowly he seemed to fade...falling at last...a shade appeared and looked down at the body.

    "Ah...I feel lighter." Adriad sighed. "Thank you, thank you, the curse is broken."

    "The Tree is collasping into this place." he told us. "But it is not my magic.

    "Whose magic is it?" Firestarted asked?

    "The answer is in the codexis." Adriad replied.

    "But we haven't been able to read it." Lady Thalia exclaimed. "What is the key?"

    Adriad had begun to fade...his voice soft as a breeze, "Listen to the dreams."

    "Listen to the dreams?" someone asked. "The visions we saw?"

    "Not much to go on," I shook my head remembering the visions. "Evidias might have found more."

    Returning to the hall, we found her waiting for us. She looked exhausted. "Are you okay?" I asked worried.

    "Yes, just tired." she replied. "What did you learn?"

    Taking turns, we told her of our meeting with Adriad.

    Lady Thalia explained that we were to listen to the dreams and reminded her of the marker that had said "The Right mind."

    Evidias listened carefully, "Ah...I do remember that. She frowned hearing that the magic pulling the tree was not Adriad's

    "Adriad said we need to stop the corruption of the tree."I added.

    Evidias paced as she thought about what we told her. "So it wasn't just the tunnels, but the tree itself."

    "Is that why the beetles are fleeing?" I asked.

    She stopped. "Yes...if they are trapped when the tree comes through..they won't survive."
    "Once before we tried to remove the magic." She told us sadly

    "We warred over the decision." Evidias looked at an old scar...from the Weld wars.
    "Minax knows what she is doing. I know you will stop her. Now I need to rest."

    As she turned to leave I heard her say "So many old memories. They trap us all."


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