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Alchemical Energy, Episode Ii: Radiation

By Drakelord, Dec 8, 2016 | |
  1. Alchemical Energy, Episode II: Radiation

    Prior to meeting with our Commander I took a little side trip to Skara Brae with our EM. Here he got to meet one of its most famous attractions, Pembroke.
    EM Chimaera: salt
    Pembroke: *shivers and Trembles*
    Drakelord: in this corner
    EM Chimaera: pembrook
    Pembroke: *looks about wondering why Daniel has not come to feed him
    Drakelord: in this corner
    Skara Brae Hall.jpg
    The last time we had used the Skara Brae Hall was 2006-2007, when the War room on Serpent’s Hold was made it seem that time forgot that hall. Glad to see Pembroke is still there along with the fun tellies within the bars and the armor suit that takes you to the war room on SH. If you have to get to SH use the armor suit at this hall.

    Returning to Serpent’s Hold we waited for the arrival of Chimaera Ready for Battle.
    12-7-16EM Event1.jpg
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Thank you all for joining me, this evening How is everyone tonight?
    Drakelord: very well you?
    Briar Rose: Very well. How are you?
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: I'm doing well, thank you. I have one announcement before we get started King Blackthorn has moved Sundays governors meeting from 7pm to 8pm Pacific Time. If anyone has issue with that, you can take it up with the King. *smiles* Do you have anything to report?
    Drakelord: We have found the horse and the sleeping dragon.
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Darkmane yes. Have you spoken with the dark steed?
    Drakelord: yes
    Drakelord: the void Dragon he spoke of is in a mining cave
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Ahh... you found the location of the sleeping void dragon
    Drakelord: My miner dropped a rune at the reward hall mailbox
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Were you able to wake him?
    Drakelord: no he did not wake up
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: Interesting. I suggest speaking with Laura, the Herbalist in Moonglow
    Cinderella: he only shakes his head
    Drakelord: my miner was scared
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: She may hold wisdom on how to awaken the dragon
    Drakelord: Ahh
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: This is crucial, as the void dragon must have insight regarding the alchemical rift. For those of you that were unable to meet last week. We successfully defeated the alchemical energy in our lands. Melanosis, the energy of decomposition. Leucosis, the energy of purification. Xanthosis, the energy of wisdom and Iosos, the energy of self. We were able to capture the essence of these energies *points to floor*
    Drakelord: *nods*
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: as they may prove vital in closing the alchemical rift. It should be noted that there was one final energy type that revealed itself. There is no word for it. The best way to describe it is void energy or antimatter.
    Cinderella: poison
    Drakelord: *looks toward the rear of the room*
    Cinderella: aye saw the puddle
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: I was unable to capture the essence of this energy, as in a way, it doesn’t really exist... You say you saw a puddle?
    Cinderella: outside the cave
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: made up of antimatter?
    Cinderella: aye
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: *nods*
    Fisner: ewww
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: That must be the center of the rift. This type of energy is something I haven’t seen before in our land. And this is something I ask that our citizens keep a lookout for. Keep an eye on the "puddle" as you called it. If it changes shape or grows, that will worry me...

    Fisner: should it be destroyed now ?
    Chimaera Ready For Battle: I can't even begin to think about how to destroy it

    Chimaera Ready For Battle: In all my research, I've never come across a substance... or lack of substance like antimatter. *nods* We must find a way to awaken the dragon. For tonights quest, we will be eliminating the residual radiation. Though the energy has been eliminated, the alchemical radiation was left behind. The radiation is clustered in three locations where alchemical rituals have taken place. The graveyard near Britain where we defeated the undead alchemist, Eric. The shore east of Yew where Tomas the traitor was slain. And the swamp north of Jhelom, where the void energy was found. Ive already encountered this active radiation first hand. And was able to capture some of it. *points to back of room* It is highly lethal and extremely toxic. So keep your cure and healing potions close at hand. Keep a distance if you can, but be warned it pulled me closer to it when I tried to move away.

    Chimaera Ready For Battle: *takes deep breath* Alright friends are we ready for battle?
    12-7-16EM Event2.jpg 12-7-16EM Event3.jpg 12-7-16EM Event4.jpg
    And with those words we went on a roller coaster of a ride with our commander, same three locations as last time, but with a twist and a lot more deaths. Believe me when I say deaths. It was hard to count the bodies as time there was more dead then those alive fighting. Does EM Bennu teach seminars on how to kill? I wonder? A few times we had to fall back, res our people, heal, regroup and charge once more into the mayhem around us. In the end we were *Victorious* and the Boss fell.

    12-7-16EM Event5.jpg
    Note: Tonight drop was a set of bottles, a total of 20.

    Thus ends this report!

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