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Alchemical Energy Episode Iv: The Guardians 2-22-17

By Drakelord, Feb 24, 2017 | |
  1. Alchemical Energy Episode IV: The Guardians
    2-22-17 Alchemical.jpg 2-22-17 Alchemical1.jpg

    The Royal Guard is called to Arms in Serpent’s Hold. The was the battle cry from all the town criers. Arriving early I watched as others arrived, getting seats up on the front rows so they could see and hear better when the Commander spoke.
    2-22-17 Alchemical2.jpg

    A local Fortune Teller ask if I wish to have a card reading, thinking it would not hurt to maybe get a glimpse of a possible future I accept.
    2-22-17 Alchemical3.jpg
    From her reading a picture formed in my mind, The Void Dragon! Quickly using my spell book I traveled to the City of Moonglow, rushing to the Governor Office I saw that he was awake, but would not speak to me, so once more I cast a spell and traveled back to the War room on SH. There the Commander had just taken a place to the front of the Guards, I made sure to announce that the Void Dragon was awake. He glances at me and a small nod assured me that he had heard my words.
    2-22-17 Alchemical4.jpg
    Commander Chimaera: *Looks across room* Evening, guards...Good to see you. How is everyone doing? To stay in contact with each other, we will use the communication channel EM Event. If someone gets lost or stuck, reach out, and I will assist you. *smiles*
    Some of this may have been informed... But for those that were unable to attend the Kings meeting earlier this month. We have seen no trace of the alchemical antimatter anywhere in our realm. The King and I thank you all for your bravery and service.
    This is good news, indeed. The threat is out there the fight is not over. We may have protected our realm from the darkness, but we must stop it from destroying others
    We are stronger than it. And it is our duty to destroy it. The King has learned that in order to face the darkness, itself, we must gain access to the dark forest, dark lake, and dark temple.
    Where we can collect antimatter to create a spell powerful enough to destroy the darkness. Each of these areas is guarded by a powerful elemental. There is a forest, lake, and temple guardian that must be defeated in our realm.
    Once they are defeated, we can gain access to the protected areas of the dark void. The problem is, we don’t know where to find the guardians.

    Charlie Murphy: Commander I have a question

    Commander Chimaera: Yes, Charlie?

    Charlie Murphy: what is the Dark Void?

    Commander Chimaera: It is the area in between realms, it steals our light and destroys the living. The guardians are hiding around Britannia
    But the void dragon whom has become our ally. Believes we can bribe the inhabitants of the void to reveal where the guardians are hiding.
    And it has offered to help us return to the darkness... I suggest we speak with the void dragon and figure out how to bribe the dark creatures. Is everyone ready? Let's go speak with the void dragon. Let's try to communicate with it

    You see: Void Dragon *Awake*

    Void Dragon *Awake*: The void is strong, and the rift remains open. You must travel to the Darkness... To truly defeat the darkness, you must defeat the Guardians found in this realm...To find the guardians, you must bribe the Spiders in the void...The spiders feed off of light. Bring a lantern with you to offer. Tell me when you're Ready

    Many were carrying Lanterns already and spoke up letting the Dragon know they were ready. Others quickly left to buy one.

    Commander Chimaera: When you have your lanterns, tell the void dragon that you're ready to enter

    Drakelord: I am ready to enter
    2-22-17 Alchemical5.jpg

    Void Dragon *Awake*: When you're ready to enter the darkness, close your eyes and tell me "my eyes are closed"

    Commander Chimaera: Speak what the dragon says near the portal

    Deep within the City of Darkness the Spiders seek light of any source and several were willing to give information.
    2-22-17 Alchemical6.jpg
    The Dark Stablemaster: Delicious Light! The forest guardian you seek can be found on an island near a town called Yew

    It was not long to have all the information we needed to seek out these Dark Guardians.

    Commander Chimaera: But they are greedy... They want more than just light from lanterns. Have we uncovered where any of the guardians are? The alchemist spider said one is tricking us! The lake guardian is by justice. So we have a lake by Justice, an island by Trinsic... And an island by Yew? Let's go to the forest guardian first in Yew! Let's try to find the forest guardian first in Yew! The only Island I can think of is where the old jail is! Search the island
    2-22-17 Alchemical7.jpg

    We soon located a Dark Rift near the northern coastline of the island. Here we met our first Guardian.

    Next, we moved to the lake near the shrine Justice, here we found the second one. Once more there was a battle, much like the battle in Yew.

    2-22-17 Alchemical8.jpg

    Our last battle took place on an island off of deep waters. Most know of this island as Portal island. This was the quick’s kill this evening as the island guards jump the guardian before we had a chance.

    2-22-17 Alchemical9.jpg
    Thus the battle with the Guardians was finished we all returned to the War room where the commander said his piece before releasing us, then our EM return to give us further information regarding a special event for the next day, I shall post on that in another article till then I close this post.

    2-22-17 Alchemical10.jpg

    Thus ends this report.

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