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Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1

By Drakelord, Mar 15, 2017 | |
  1. Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1
    The night we lost our Commander to the Darkness​

    Another night of summons from the commander. Far to few arrived this night, and I could see the commander’s eyes do the math. Would it be enough for this mission? Sadly I blame our lack of numbers for what happen this eve.
    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1a.jpg

    *clears throat*

    Commander Chimaera: Tonight, we destroy the darkness the darkness that has plagued out lands and caused so many deaths. We know the darkness is We have slain the guardians and thwarted attempts to create void rifts... King Blackthorn has been able to summon rifts to the three areas of the darkness.

    Where the final three champions live. Many of us traveled to these areas, last night. But the champions were yet to be found.

    Though elements for the void were present. We must travel there again. Once these champions are defeated the gate to where the darkness is hiding will be opened. Very powerful paragon elementals. Guards, are you prepared for battle?

    Shouts of “Aye! Yes!” were all he needed from us.

    I'll lead the way.

    With those words a portal was open, and we quickly traveled to the Isle of Moonglow.

    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1b.jpg
    Once there we then used the telly tiles in the park. Our first location was near the Island’s Telescope.

    Enter the black rift we found ourself once more in the world of Darkness, for many this was a second trip in that many had explored these gates the other evening.

    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1d.jpg
    This battle proved to be far to easy. But the RBG was in high spirits and nothing (so we thought) could damper that high they had.

    Back to the city park and another city telly, another location of a rift to enter.

    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1e.jpg
    Another area of Darkness another Boss to fight, a little harder a little longer, but the RBG prevailed.

    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1f.jpg
    Once more a quick return to Moonglow city park another city telly, another location.

    The third boss we faced was also dispatched quickly
    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1g.jpg

    Quick return to Moonglow another quick trip to the telly, once more another location Here we had to speak a secret word to enter a dungeon, not in darkness but an older one we had been to before when we first started this mission to remove the Alchemical from our lands.

    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1h.jpg

    The battle here was a bit harder, but once more we managed to reach the end where we found another rift.

    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1i.jpg Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1j.jpg

    It was here that it all went south, from good to bad, somehow Eric was there to greet us, the same that had been slain so long ago. Even our Commander was in shock to see him here. It was impossible he was dead.
    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1k.jpg Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1l.jpg

    What happen next left us all in shock, none could stop it, we seem frozen in place all we could do was shout NO! over and over, but alas it failed to stop and it was here we lost our commander.
    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1m.jpg
    We had to fight our way out of that dungeon without our leader.

    We managed to make it out, but you could see that the RBG had left its heart and soul back there, all wanted to return then and there, but wiser heads voiced to wait a day, seek rest, repair thy armor, for tomorrow we shall seek our Commander.
    Alchemical Energy Finale Part 1n.jpg

    Special thanks to our guest EM for his help with this evening event.

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