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All For A Seed

I have studied the solen nest several times for the Naturalist. But never had I run into the strange creatures that Rose found when she did the...
By Tamais, May 31, 2019 | |
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  1. I ran into Rose at the scribe shop in Britain. Excitedly she told me the Naturalist promised her a special seed if she studied the strange eggs the solen nest.

    Telling her to be careful, I returned to my studies. Before long a message came, Rose had called for help.

    Arriving at the hall, I was greeted by the sight of a bunny invasion. Bunnies were everywhere digging holes and hopping on laps.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    "Boy they are making a mess," I watched as they began to dig holes in the Virtue Tiles

    Britain's Governor, Mylene was not happy. "Great - I don't have a construction crew on salary to fix the holes those things are digging into the foundation."

    Distracted by the bunnies we didn't see Rose, "oh my, so many pets!


    "Hello friends, I am glad you came, even bunnies," Rose laughed.
    We returned her greeting.

    "Thank you for answering my call," Rose said. "I am so very tired."


    "As you know, I am not much of a fighter." Rose sighed, "In fact, I can't even use magery very well. I can gate off scrolls."

    Several people tried to reassure her. Offering to help train her.


    Dravyn, a fellow gardener, clapped. "I like crossbreeds."

    "But the Naturalist has hired me to do a study on some solen nests during spring. But ants and ant kin have been attacking me," she explained. "And I'm genuinely worn out.

    Having experienced the same during my visits. I nodded.

    "Can you please escort and protect me whilst I work down there," hopefully she asked. "It will take me about an hour to complete my work. I will do my best to act quickly."


    People began volunteering, "Of course we can." Wendy assured her.

    Rose began looking through her pack. Finding one of her gate scrolls she smiled. "I can gate you inside, very close to where I need to go. If you are willing please follow me.

    Salain stood up, "You will be safe under our guard."

    We stepped through the gate into the nest.

    Rose lead us to the closest breeding area. It was full of newly laid eggs. "Right here is good, " Rose took out her parchment to begin taking notes. "They spawn in this area so be alert."

    Expecting the normal solen we were caught by surprise when a crested ink insect attacked.


    8.jpg 9.jpg

    Rose continued to take notes as we fought the bug.
    It was a good thing several of us had stayed close to her. As one hatched right on top. "Whew," Rose panted running to safety.


    Looking over her shoulder, I read her notes...Size of the egg case is as tall as I am. Numbers seem to be higher in springtime."

    As Rose walked past a group of eggs, I saw other strange spawn... roly polys and slugs. I had never seen such large ones.

    11.jpg 12.jpg
    14.jpg 15.jpg

    Rose was studying the movements of an egg sack when a Dungeon lizard hatched. "I didn't know lizards lived down here," she observed writing it down. "Green lizards."

    "Now those are new," I commented. "I thought solen would eat them.


    18.jpg 19.jpg

    Distracted Rose watched as more egg sacs pulsed.


    "I knew it," she shouted! as a huge spider hatched.

    21.jpg 23.jpg

    Examining more egg sacs, Rose kept writing on her parchment. Jumping back in surprise when a baby ant hatched.


    25.jpg 26.jpg
    Taking advantage of a brief lessening of spawn, Rose assured us she was almost finished. Then she returned to examining the groups of eggs.


    Our rest was interrupted by ancient ants lead by a solen princess attacking. Never had I seen such large ants.


    29.jpg 30.jpg

    32.jpg 33.jpg

    Having lost sight of Rose, I began to look for her. I found her staring up at the side of the nest. Seeing me she pointed to a giant solen.
    I made both of us invisible as it rushed down.

    35.jpg 36.jpg 38.jpg

    The nest cleared, Rose reappeared to thank us.
    Then opening a gate she shouted. "Race you to the gate."


    I arrived seconds before she did. " Bet you."

    "You did." she laughed. " I was slow."

    "I have helped the naturalist so many times, I could go there blindfolded." I sighed.

    Rose nodded. " He has promised me rare never before seen seeds. We shall see."

    "Oooo, you will have to let us know what they are." I exclaimed.

    She nodded then hurried to get the seeds.

    March's Drop:

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